Adam Rain

Adam fans have been feeling as though they’re in a drought – Adam was barely using his Twitter, hardly ever going places where he’d be seen and even studio tweets were few and far between. We were living on rumors, true and false.

Is that true? Well. Sort of. Most of Adam’s tweets, and he did tweet on average every other day, were retweets, “pimps” of other people’s works (famous and/or his friends)or replies to other people. And we really didn’t know who he was working with in Miami (and only really got confirmation about Miami when he left.)

It was frustrating. I had nothing to wax wordy about, for example. Oh, poor, poor me. We are thirsty – we want news so we can speculate, wildly or carefully.

But we also know this – August is going to be busy for him. There’s a concert in Quebec at the end of the month. There’s an award banquet and a different awards show, and an MTV-Playground show with a friend from Skingraft. There’s also the Behind the Music. There may be more that we don’t know about yet, but these events are enough to make a fan’s heart beat faster.

We also know other things – his personal life has changed in a big and positive way, but one that needs time and space to solidify. He’s working hard on his album to get it out in a timely way. And he gets tired of paparazzi following him around. I’m sure he’s cherishing those last few weeks of privacy because once the publicity cycle began, he’d be back in a fishbowl – and he won’t be alone this time.

But it has been a drought, and a long one. And to extend the metaphor – when a drought ends, you do NOT want a deluge. You do not want floods and storms. That can cause more damage than the drought.You want a gentle rain, to open up the dry soil and get the roots strong before storms come.

And I think that’s what’s going on now. Because we have gone from nothing at all to something. It started last Sunday when he posed for club pictures – professional pictures, not from someone’s cellphone. Thursday night, he confirmed he was in New York City, and was going to a Nikka Costa concert – an engraved invitation for paparazzi. And there were both amateur and pap pictures after that, plus he went clubbing afterwards and there were pics from that. He also ran into a friend on the streets of NYC on Saturday – Jackie Tohn, who became his friend during Hollywood week – and we have a very cute picture of them. And paps found him strolling along inappropriately dressed for a heatwave in NY in July.

Best one? Sunday night. Adam went to Harry Potter, and he went to a place known for papparazzi. To make it better, when he left the theater (and to his brother’s disgust and his boyfriend’s amusement), he actually video’d the paps himself. It’s very funny – both the pap pics and videos and his own (which is terrible – full of flashes, upside down and sideways. Adam, stick to music.)

Plus he had a twitter party on Saturday and he’s been fairly chatty since, including an announcement that he was applying for the Illuminati, which is clearly a joke because the first rule of Illuminati is that you don’t talk about Illuminati. But this was out of the blue, not a reply or anything else. Just Adam playing with us.

We also got the gift of an interview that a lovely person translated from the Japanese which gave us some tantalizing hints about his album (after telling them he didn’t want to say anything at all. This is telling. This is telling that he’s maintained twitter silence so he won’t say anything.)

And one more tidbit – we got a very strong rumor, even before we knew for sure Adam was in NYC, that Adam was doing Project Runway. And then Adam said he was in NYC, and the next day, Nina Garcia (one of the permanent judges) followed him on Twitter, and told everyone else to, as well. Which would be a huge coincidence.

And this would be a dream control for me and it’s perfect for him. I’ve been dreaming of this forever. It’s not confirmed, but it does seem likely.

This is the gentle rain after the drought. This is Adam easing himself back into the fishbowl, with jokes and smiles, and us into getting more news that we can handle so we don’t flail ourselves to death. But mostly, it’s Adam being in control of his own publicity as it builds to a level visible to non-fans. Because in the end, it’s all Adam’s decision.

Me? I don’t use umbrellas anymore, and I like walking in summer rain.


About mamadeb

I'm a devoted fan of Adam Lambert, but also of cooking, knitting, science fiction and pretty anything pop culture. I'm @_mamadeb on Twitter.
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13 Responses to Adam Rain

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  2. rihannsu says:

    Beautiful post and so right on target. I’m enjoying the rain as well but still prepping for Hurricane Adam season. LOL

  3. unu44 says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. It will be worth the wait. Then Let it Pour !

  4. Nice blog -your read makes sense to me!

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  6. Diana says:

    WOW! That was beautiful! So true Adam is always in control of everything isn’t he? Like a puppet master conducting his next scene.I believe he knows us bout as well as we know him. (Or so he thinksK LOL He certainly knows how we R gonna react before anything even happens.he has certainly been a GR8 conductor of my life for the past 2or more yrs.I so adore this MAN!

  7. barbara kleinschmidt says:

    beautifully written..i hope adam reads your blogs

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  9. DeeDee says:

    Beautifully written and enticing article about the one & only Adam Lambert. Let the raindrops fall on our heads ever so gently now and after, let Typhoon Adam hit our shores with a ferociousness that is equivalent to the passion with which Adam performs! We are all going to be in for a really wild ride once Adam’s new single and album are released, and I, for one, am ready for the deluge to hit!! I adore and love this man with every fiber of my being and can’t wait for the new music and videos and the new tour!

  10. EllenKate says:

    Very nice metaphor. This soft summer rain will be a winter blizzard before we know it. I’ve got my shovel and knitted knickers ready 😉

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