Project Runway S9Ep2

I skipped the first episode to watch So You Think You Can Dance. And this is a liveblog. It’s the best way for me to do these recaps.

First twenty designers arrive. One woman canceled her wedding. They gather together to meet the judges and see which four are eliminated.

They have racks of clothing with them. Kimberly works out in sequins. Bryce has feathers. Heidi wears them. Anya is Miss Trinidad and Tobago. Just learned how to sew. Tim checks out her sewing. Tim is horrified because she’s handicapped by not having sewing skills. Most of the panel want her to go, but Heidi wants her.

Becky makes nice lining. Olivier makes menswear and womenswear. Josh does menswear but made an amazing gown. Former banker. Laura has a bright green dress. David is nervous. Inspired by cocoons. Very same-same. Viktor has something that looks eighties. Julie has a collection with lots of outerwear. Amanda’s most favorite piece is her romper which looks like a dress. Fallene has a feathered dress. Likes menswear for women. Gunnar made a dress for the Kentucky Derby. Danielle made a sheer line. Joshua made an upside down lapel. Cecilia is showing her sewing skill more than design skills. Rafael has an adorable jacket. Serena has another romper. Bert is old. Hasn’t designed in a while. Lost people including his partner, to AIDS and found alcohol. Loves designing again. Anthony had testicular cancer. Makes cute clothes and is color blind. Heidi loves his knitted scarf.

Everyone is nervous and on edge. Judges discuss (Judges are Tim, Heidi, Nina and Michael.) David is out. Gunnar is out. Darn. He had the BEST name. Amanda is out. And so is her romper. Celina is out.

Tripping over her tongue, Heidi tells them they’re in the Atlas apartments. The women have a pink room. They have gorgeous views. Josh is a Mormon. Laura Kathleen has two first names. And is called Barbie.

Tim wakes them up at 5AM. They have to come as they are – even braless. And take one sheet. Ryan is happy he didn’t sleep nude. You’re in NY. You notice Red Lobster? Really?

They’re at Parsons. They get an HP tablet. They need to make a look using their sleepwear and the sheet. They provide scrubs for clothing plus sewing notions. They have until 10PM. Having fun with the tablets. Laura wore satin lace. Bert is using his boxer shorts. Cecilia dyes her fabric. So does Anya.

Anya is teaching herself sewing as she goes along. Julie has bows and candy on her pants. I don’t remember her… Anya is making pants for the first time.

Anthony wants to use feathers on his tank top. Tim thinks they look pubic. Fallen using a puking clown. Julie is making snow boarding pants. She has time. She is kookie.

Bert has a nice dress. Joshua M doesn’t want to make a hooker dress. Tim is impressed with Anya. Josh C wants to make a knockout.

I like that some designers have altered their scrubs.

Tim wants Rafael to use his headscarf. And tells him that he was in danger of leaving.

Models coming in – randomly selected. Josh’s shorts are too tight. But he’s confident. Rafael is demoralized by what Tim said. Anya is behind.

Next morning. All dressed up.

Rafael is adding the scarf to the outfit. Sort of an accessory. Consulting with the make-up people. Product placement. Hair consultance.

Runway show

Heidi has messy hair and a drapey dress. Judges are Nina, Michael and Christina Ricci.

Josh M is showing a mini dress, tank and vest.

Laura’s wearing pants, jacket and tank.

Danielle’s is wearing a adorable blue shorts, and a cute top.

Oh, adorable. Viktor’s model is wearing a white sleeveless shirtwaist with black trim.

Becky’s is a blue one shouldered dress.

Bryce’s has highwaisted black skirt and gray blouse with floppy sleeves.

Anya’s has a print cropped top over loose pants.

Julie turned her pants into an asymmetrical top plus pants. She doesn’t like it.

Olivier has a brown skirt, and a blouse with a gray center and darker sleeves.

Kimberly has an ugly top and ill-fitting pants.

Anthony Ryan has really ugly skirt with a panel front and back and tank top.

Rafael has tight gray pants, a vest and a necklace of his scarf.

Fallene has a dress with black lines and a yellow belt, plus the clown.

Bert’s dress is adorable – boxer panel in a a pretty dress. Love it.

Josh C has shorts, a top and a poorly made shrug. Shirt is different front and back.

I don’t like Cecilia’s skirt. Top and shrug over it.

They call Anthony Ryan, Rafael, Josh, Anya, Bert, Julie. The others are safe. So Viktor’s dress didn’t win.

Bringing out models. Anthony is first. Covered yellow stripes with black lace and made a short skirt. Unrecognizable from pajamas. They like the way he used the trimmings and the proportions are good.

Rafael shows off his elaborate back. Heidi thinks she looks awful. Michael thinks it’s unflattering. Nina thinks it’s dated. Christina hates the pants but likes the shirt.

Julie talks about her pajama pants and the snow pants. Heidi had high expectations. Thinks it’s bad. Christina wouldn’t wear that shirt. Nina doesn’t like the construction. Michael doesn’t like the pocket placement.

Anya used her silk nightdress. Pants are from the sheet. Nina is impressed by the pants and loves the top and loves the back of it. Christina loves it. Michael is impressed. I’m impressed.

Bert talks about his boxer shorts. Made a bit of tension and using colors. Heidi loves it. Nina thinks it’s adorable and feminine and sexy. Christina loves the proportions. It’s pretty in back. Michael loves the asymmetry, but wants her styling better.

Josh was looking for an athletically inspired look. There were design issues. Heidi doesn’t know which is worse between him and Rafael. Christina hates the top. And Josh wishes he’d been told, which Michael scolds him for. Nina hates the orange top and white shorts.

Josh is terrified.

Josh – really bad. Garish.
Rafael’s was just as bad. Christina likes the shirt. Nina doesn’t think Rafael knows what the problem is. “Fashion backward”
Julie should have altered the print. Nina hated the pant.

Anya – was smart and made the gorgeous pants. Christina loves the top. Heidi is smug.

Anthony – thought the t-shirt was adorable. Not too embellished. Christina liked the styling. I still hate the skirt.

Bert – listened and turned the volume up. Michael thought he had the most interesting dress in the show. Hated the styling, but the dress made up for it.

I think Bert is going to win.


Josh and Rafael at the bottom. Josh is safe. Rafael is going home.

Wow. Five people go home.


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