Project Runway S9Ep3

Josh doesn’t want to get sent home – playing it safe. Bert knows he’s hated. It’s cute.

Heidi – unleash creativity. Josh M thinks it might mean S&m. They go to an address to meet Tim. They’re at a pet store – unconventional challenge. Source of materials. Not dressing dogs. Warns them about using a lot of fabric. Can use muslin as infrastructure.

Anya is sure she’ll work it out.

Can’t use live animals. Tiny cute boy is looking for anything different from the others. Bert is grateful for immunity. He won’t be goofy. Bad idea. They get toys and leashes and wee wee pads and whatever else they can find.

They have until 11 tonight.

I’m glad they’re getting the unconventional challenge out early.

Julie is texturing pet food bags.

Striped shirt is using bird seed to make beading.

Cecilia is using dog food as beads.

Bryce is using bedding and wee-wee pads.

Laura K is using a dog cone as a skirt. Fallene is using orange, which she doesn’t. Bert restyles his winning dress’s mannikin.

Olivier has lived in 20 countries. Josh M. didn’t get the connectors that Viktor didn’t. Yeah,

Kimberly is cutting up stuffed pet toys. Anya thinks everyone is about equal.

Julie is weaving pet food bags. Becky is using leaves. Josh C is dying fleece.

Laura K thinks her wealthy background is an advantage. I do not like her.

Fallene is a hairstylist and is as lost as anyone.

Josh is making fun of Bert for using conventional materials. Bert is resting on immunity.

Stripped shirt is Anthony. And he thinks Olivier is skilled. Bryce, who reminds me of Richard from Top Chef, is amused they all are using wee-wee pads.

Tim is disappointed in Bert You can tell from his face. JoshC is making a belt out of a scratching post. And a bodice out of an umbrella.

Oliver is using a dog bed. He’s covering muslin with two colors of pet bedding

Tanktop girl has too much going on.

Bryce is making a skirt out of wee-wee pads. Laura is making a mess.
Josh M wants a fifties feel Using aquarium supplies. Using clear rocks on the skirt And using dog toys for the top. Has already chosen the shoes. Is frightened because he has so much work.

Anya is filling tihngs in with leashes and Tim is overwhelmed. Kimberly is making a tire track? No. Becky is using leaves. Anya isn’t inspired by them.

Anthony ryan will have fabulosity (tm Tim) for his birdseed bodice. Fallene has to rush.

Designers want to go to Mood next time. Models come in for preliminary fittings. Bryce doesn’t like Bert’s attitude towards the challenge. Josh M only has a skirt. So he figures out what he has to do and what he can do

Laura’s skirt is much too short. She has to rethink it. Using corrugated cardboard. Bert thinks Olivier is sophistocated and has a great fashion set.

The Joshes have hit it off.

Julie feels like a freak. Becky thinks Bryce (his skirt) is very fluffy. Fallen’s dress is cute.

Anthony Ryan has an adorable accent. And doesn’t know if he’ll finish. Josh isn’t gluing like everyone else.

Room is a mess next morning. Anya isn’t close to having a garment. Tim loves Josh M.’s bodice. Hair and makeup. Oliver wants the bedding on his model’s eyebrows. Ryan glues birdseed on the garment on the model. Josh C made it pretty. Fallene tried to make it crazy. Bryce is terrible. Laura’s skirt is now made of garment.Anya glues leashes on her model.

Cecilia is worried that the materials are unstable.

Runway. Heidi looks very good. Guest is a squeaky voiced woman named Stacey Bendet Danielle(?) made a skirt and blouse out of dog toys and wee wee pads . Fallene’s dress is adorable. It’s made of dog beds and plastic seaweed. Anthony Ryan’s dress is covered in bird seed, with a collar of sunflower seeds. It’s cute. Bert’s dress of dog bed and bird cage netting is ugly and boring. Julie’s leash and dog food bag dress is very cute and interesting. Anya’s leash and rope toy dress is…well, her model is fierce and carrying it off. The blouse is amazing. Bryce’s wee wee pad and bedding It’s floofy. Oh, pretty – Kimberly’s dress of aquarium tubing and dog pillow is so pretty. So is Josh C’s umbrella and reptile cage lining dress. Viktor’s wee wee pad dress is just plain adorable. Cecilia dress of dog collars and hamster bedding is… blah. Oliviers bed and bedding dress is cute. He’s almost emotional. I love her eyebrows. Becky’s aquarium flower dress is cute and bright colored. Laura’s cat-pole cardboard and leash dress is cute,but stiff and I don’t know She used no fabric at all Just gasped at Josh M’s dress. Bright aquarum rocks, and reptile cage lining and it’s CUTE. He’s very confidant.

Bert is safe, but Heidi scolds Bert.

Josh, Josh, Olivier, Anthony, Bryce, Fallene remain.

Bryce talks about his dress and materials. The judges hate the tissue dresses and this is bad. Nina doesn’t like the balance. Too much volume. Heidi loves how people manipulate the materials, but Bryce didn’t. And no one knew who the girl was.

Anthony Ryan. He picked a non-textile. Heidi likes the strong, modern silhouette, and the seeds. Guest loves the dress and thinks it’s interesting. Michael thinks it’s chic and interesting. Nina thinks it’s beautiful. Simple and dramatic with a perfect belt. Well done.

Olivier. Nina loves it and the combinations of texture and the plastic belt. Calls it editorial. Michael loves the ombre and the silhouette and looks tailored. Heidi loves how he manipulated the materials. Guest loves it. Doesn’t like the eyebrows. Michael agrees.

Josh C. He used too much normal material from the umbrella, and the shape was too conventional, too. Not thinking out of the box. Nina thinks it’s just okay. Guest thinks he played it safe.

Josh M. he’s selling it Nina thinks it’s beautiful and colorful. Heidi loves it. But the make-up is too much. Guest loves the top. Too vampy with the accessories. He clearly believes more is more.

Fallene – hippy chic. Heidi thinks the silhouette is too simple and not-exciting. Fallene agrees. Nina thinks it looks dated,and poorly accessorized. And Fallene agrees. She can do better. Michael is bored.

Didn’t like. Josh C was boring. Guest thought it was ugly. Worst was Bryce. Fallene – boring and ugly.

Loved – Josh M. The loved the skirt and top. Loved the proportions. The styling killed it. Anthony Ryan – completely different than everything else. Looked modern. Just a tad too short. Nina prefers Oliviers – modern and chic but didn’t fit very well. Anthony and Olivier could have been in the same show. It’s very close between those too.

Olivier won. Promises to work harder. Anthony is in (and knows he had Heidi’s favorite look.) Josh M is in. Bryce is in. Josh C is out. No showmance for the Joshes. Fallene is in. Aww, Tim is being sweet.

Next week – STILTS!


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