Platinum Hit S1Ep9

Yes, I know I’m over a week late. I’m very sorry.

So, this episode was the final four – Nick, Jes, Sonyae and Scotty. Jewel comes in with Perez Hilton, of all people, and tells them to write a pop hook, any subject at all. Sonyae writes about looking for an exit, Jes says she can see through me, Nick is the best of the four people in a songwriting competition (seriously – that’s his hook) and Scotty wants the DJ to have his babies. The MALE DJ. Scotty, that’s not how it works.

And Sonyae wins, although what she wins I have no idea. They think Scotty is weird and Nick picked a weird topic. No more teams – they’re each given a pop track and a soundboard and told to write a song alone in their studios. They all love this – no more having to have someone else’s input, or, in Nick’s case, be the great collaborator.

They write and things are working and Kara comes in and SCREWS WITH THEIR HEADS. Seriously. She hits on their weak points, and asks them where the song is going – Nick is back with how women have hurt him, and Scotty has decided that he’s going to ask the DJ to play one more song before the world ends, instead of impregnating him, so they’re changing directions – but mostly she has them question everything they’ve ever done with their lives and makes them over think and rethink, and you know, just think.

I approve. Complacency is why Johnny went home. Complacency is a bad thing.

They finish their songs anyway, and all of them go to Santa Monica High School during a basketball game halftime to have the kids judge their songs, although the judges (regular three plus Taio Cruz) are also there. And – okay, the songs are all cute and fun and the kids seem to like dancing to them. Sonyae’s song about Exiting has all the kids pointing to the exit sign. They don’t seem to mind that Scotty’s response to the world ending is to request a dance song. And I can’t imagine they really pay attention to Jes or Nick’s lyrics. Then they vote using paper ballots.

Back on set, it turns out that Sonyae has won. Again. I’m not surprised and they’re not wrong. She can write well, and she knew what the kids want – and she even knew she’d get them pointing, which is very smart. The judges have criticism and praise for the other three, but in the end, send Nick home.

Nick is surprised,but leaves fairly graciously. And we are down to the finale with Scotty, Jes and Sonyae.


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