Project Runway S9Ep3

Heidi comes out in stilts. And there are models on stilts. The designers are to work in teams of two, picked from the button bag. Bert and Viktor. Viktor is not happy. Nor is Bert. Anthony is with Laura. Josh M with Julie. Danielle with Cecilia. Anya with Olivier. She’s happy. Kimberly with Becky. Kimberly is not inspired. Bryce and Fallene. Both of whom nearly went home.

Fashion show will be outside.

Teams confer.

Tim – think of Paris couture week. Fashion designs to come to life. MOOD! Finally! One day challenge.

Kimberly and Becky are working together well.

Models come in on their stilts.

Skirts can’t be too long or there will be falling. Bryce and Fallene have the same color hair. Doing dark ballerina.

Viktor wants sexy Victorian; Bert knows his fashion history.

Josh and Julie not working. Olivier and Anya are a dream team. Fallene doesn’t want all black. Viktor and Bert are not working. SWATCH!

Bryce and Fallene have tulle.

Bert and Viktor designed strapless bustier over very full skirt.

Cecelia is insulted that her sewing skills are challenged.

Josh and Julie are doing romantic matador.

Bert and Viktor have a farthingale.

Laura and Anthony are very, very red. They’re making an antebellum hoop skirt.

Olivier and Anya are cooperating. Josh thinks he and Julie could swap genders.

Cecilia and Danielle love chiffon.

Kimberly is weirded out that Becky stares a lot.

Fallene wants to add color to their outfit. Bryce isn’t allowing input.

Anthony and Laura’s crinoline isn’t working.

Kimberly and Becky are going Star Trek. Kimberly wants lame’. Becky does not.

Bryce gives a lecture on grainline. Fallene is self-taught.

Loves Josh and Julie’s pants.

Cecilia and Danielle. Using flowing sleeves and movement.

Viktor and Bert’s outfit is ghastly. And doesn’t work, just like them. They aren’t a team.

Anthony and Laura are RED.

Becky and Kimberly have divided and conquered.

Bryce’s guts say stop.

He’s less than thrilled with Anya and Olivier.

Viktor coined “bertzilla”

Bryce and Fallene only have a tutu.

Josh shows Julie how to make a quick ruche.

Danielle and Cecilia are behind and not happy.

Models. Putting on the stilt pants.

Viktor and Bert think it looks good.

Olivier and Anya’s bodice is a mess.

Fallene cut her bodice off-grain and it doesn’t work and they don’t have time and Fallene feels awful.


Breakfast and pep talks.

Bryce makes a fast new tube-top for a bodice.

Olivier is worried the bodice will fall apart.

First public runway ever for this show.

Time constraints and frustrations. Josh wants to bedazzle – Bert helps.

Fallene makes a headpiece so she has a contribution.

I love, btw, that Olivier clearly wants to win again.

Josh is better at make-up than Julie

Viktor is wearing short pants.

Danielle and Cecilia’s model has terrible hair.

Anya is exhilarated at the runway show. The others are nervous.

Fallene is feeling awful at her lack of contribution and her mistakes. Tim is lovely.

Kim Kardashian is a judge.

Josh and Julie Pants are amazing. Bedazzled and showy and appropriate, says Julie.

Viktor and Bert’s is big and dramatic, and Bert thinks Viktor dragged him down.

Bryce and Fallene hate their look. Model is walking awkwardly..

Kimberly and Becky’s model is wearing borrowed stilts and is walking awkwardly. I like the way the pants flow, and the top is cute.

I like Anya and Olivier’s look. It flows and is graceful – they needed more time.

Cecilia and Danielle’s looks matronly. And it’s not just the hair, which is awful.

Oh, I love Anthony and Laura’s drama. It’s gorgeous. Fabric is amazing.

Back home.

Anya and Olivier are safe. Anthony and Laura, Danielle and Cecilia, Kimberly and Becky – top three.

Joshua and Julie, Bert and Viktor, Bryce and Fallene – lowest scores.

Joshua points out that everyone on top have ready-to-wear; everyone on bottom were costumey. Nice self-awareness.

Heidi liked Anthony and Laura’s, including designer touches. Kim thought it was elegant and not costumey. Nina thought it was beautiful, but a little referential. Michael thinks it would still be fabulous if it were scaled down.

Danielle wanted a blouse, and Cecilia did the pants. Heidi liked the whole look except the hair. It’s chic and and elegant and the colors are gorgeous, but the HAIR. Nina thought it was too quiet. Michael thought they worked the chiffon perfectly.

Kimberly and Becky wanted something edgy and sharp. Heidi thinks it’s almost perfect. Michael thought they were kick-ass tailors. Nina loved the pants. Didn’t like the collar – looks circusy.

Lowest scores.

Michael thinks that Viktor and Bert’s looks like bad curtains and tablecloths. He hates it. Kim thinks it looks like curtains. Nina thinks it’s a bad costume. Bert says it’s all Viktor’s. Viktor owns the work, with him. The judges are not happy. Bert says Viktor didn’t sketch. It’s nasty.

Heidi says that Fallene and Bryce’s is a black swan. Kim says it shows no effort. Nina thinks the idea had promise, but there was nothing. Bryce agrees – it was half done. Michael loves Fallene’s headpiece. Bryce thinks both should go home – team effort. Then they both say Fallene.

Julie says she came up with the concept of “matador”, but Michael thinks it’s tacky and a costume. NIna thinks she has bizarre proportions. Heidi does think it was well made and sharp. Julie and Josh both choose Julie to go home.

Likes – Laura and Anthony – everyone loves the drama and the color and design. And beautiful, and could be on a woman without stilts.

Danielle and Cecilia. Kim likes it, Nina loves the jewelry. Michael is impressed with their sewing. As is Heidi.

Becky and Kimberly – impeccably tailored, gorgeous pants, good proportions and doesn’t look like two designers just stuck two elements together. Cohesive.

Didn’t like.

Julie and Josh – Can see Josh’s bedazzling. Julie and Josh so opposite. Was tacky. Too many details.

Bryce and Fallene – back swan. They only liked the hat. Didn’t go together. Nina thinks there was nothing. Best part was the hat.

Viktor and Bert – Viktor and Bert threw each other under the bus. They don’t believe Viktor. Ugly drapes, awful fabric.


Laura wins the challenge. Has immunity. Anthony is safe, and did a great job. Rest of top three teams are safe.

Josh and Julie are safe. Bert and Viktor chose the wrong fabric. Bert is safe. Bryce and Fallene were boring. Bryce is safe. Fallene is out. Viktor is safe.

Fallene is crying. But she is happy and proud that she made it this far.


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