Project Runway S9Ep4

They’ll miss Fallene, but Cecilia thinks she belongs there. Bryce has to bring it this challenge. Viktor wants to go to Mood – no paper dresses. He thinks he made a poor impression.

Designing for a client tonight. One knowledgeable about fashion. It’s Nina. They all gasp. Becky is terrified. They have to design a day to evening look – those are hard. Classic with an edge, lots of streamlined, clean, tailored silhouettes. Does not like pleats or loud colors or patterns. Prize would be cover of Marie Claire plus an ad on top of cabs.

30 minutes to sketch. Viktor thinks it will be a great experience. Kimberly thinks it will be the toughest to date. Bryce has a cowl neck top over a slip dress. Anya’s work is influenced by patterns and color. Julie is doing a coat dress.

Consultations – Anya likes her jumpsuit. Viktor – futuristic, dramatic. Bryce discovered that she hates cowls. She wants a plan B for Josh. Danielle needs to do pants and shirt. Nina likes Julie’s silhouette. Kimberly is showing a shift dress, but Nina wants her pants. Cecilia – jacket and dress. Fitted. Doesn’t want the jacket. It feels Dynasty. Should focus on the dress.

Tim that says – “not boring and not covered with gray garments.”

Danielle gets Kelly green, not olive. Anya gets a printed silk. Becky gets a splashy print silk. As does Anthony. Cecilia can’t afford her fabric. Can’t think, either.

Josh loves Anya’s fabric. Anya doesn’t want just be “safe”. Julie thought this was going to be a carnival cruise.

Anthony talks to Josh about how he’s using his fabric, and assumes Becky doesn’t know how to use it. Cecilia’s purple fabric is now gray under different lights. Why would Mood have color altering lights?Viktor is using muslin to drape.

Nina shows up. Anthony is happy with this. I don’t like what Nina is wearing. Danielle’s is too soft looking. Nina doesn’t like any of the alternatives. Danielle is feeling fine.

Julie needs to make her collar smaller. Wants to add more orange, take off details.

Nina says Anya’s fabric is a risk. And is there a plan B? No. Tim tells her to make a spectacular garment.

Josh isn’t using a bra. Nina likes Anthony’s fabric. And Becky’s. Bryce is old fashioned.

Nina is worried about Bert. Laura is Christmas green. Viktor needs a roundness. Cecilia’s fabrics are dull and sad. She also doesn’t have a plan B.

Kimberly redid the sketch. Nina doesn’t like the all blue. She should follow her gut. But there is no other choice.

Another reward – winning look will be in an editorial. Josh is dying.

Kimberly lost her mother and father. Anthony suggests Anya dye her fabric. She overdyes it black.

Anthony vidchats with his fiance. Anya joins them. Aww.

Models. Anthony wants bigger boobs on his model. Danielle’s chiffon blouse looks old to Bert. Cecilia hates her fabrics. She doesn’t have dyes – so how does Anya have any?

Julie doesn’t sew well.

Back at the house, they’re all tense. Anya needs to improve her time management.

Getting ready for the models again. Tim delivers his lines in the sewing room for the first time, and he’s worried. Anya fits her model – and will finish with collar and cuts. Becky is worried about Anya’s sewing skills.

Viktor is making a two-piece. Lined skirt. Kimberly is relieved. Cecilia doesn’t care, so she’s just going to finish her dress. Laura is sewing in high heels. Not smart.

They’re going for simple make-up and hair. Very Nina.

Julie’s coat dress is half made. Cecilia is helping her now. A hem is glued. Laura helps Anya.

Viktor doesn’t like that designers are helping each other. He thinks it’s almost like cheating. But those designers volunteered to help.


Oh. I forgot it was day-to-evening. Joanna Coles and Kerry Washington are the guests.

Josh – Cute. Bright orange with gray insert. Nina will not like the bright.

Bert made a boring black dress that would work for neither.

Olivier made pants, blouse and jacket and it’s unusual and very adorable and tailored.

Anthony Ryan made a drapy skirt and dark to light top. Boring.

Love Becky’s – interesting movement with the inserts, nice use of the print. Love the piping.

Kimberly has blue pants and an asymmetrical gold top. It works but it’s not Nina.

Cecilia’s dress has interesting details, but the color is ugly and the shape is basic.

Anya’s overdye worked, although I don’t like the red belt. Sleek and I think Nina would wear it.

Danielle’s green chiffon top is too green and too chiffon. The pants are pants.

Julie’s coat dress looks modern and interesting, with a pop of orange in the sleeves, but I don’t know.

Wow. Bryce isn’t floofy. That’s nice. But it’s also…plain. Just a short dress with an insert. And badly hemmed.

Laura with immunity did NOT play it safe. Green silk, interesting skirt with sheer horizontal lines, but there’s pleating… Nice dress, but not very Nina.

Viktor has a black two-piece – very tailored.

Danielle, Kimberly, Viktor, Anya, Julie and Cecilia are top or bottom. Rest are safe.

Viktor made a simple, one color outfit. Nina likes the two pieces. Michael likes the shoulders. Kerry thinks it’s very youthful. Joanna thinks it’s very day to evening and elegant.

Julie – only had one sketch. The reduced collar makes it look bad. Guest doesn’t understand it. Michael thinks it looks like a housecoat. Heidi doesn’t think it’s Nina. Doesn’t look clean. Julie likes it. Joanna doesn’t like it.

Cecilia – got the wrong fabrics. No one likes it. And it’s not a good daytime look. Nina hates it and thinks it’s sad. Could have dyed it.

Kimberly – Nina loves it – the styling and the fact that she altered it for Nina’s taste. Heidi loves it. Michael loves that its separates. Transformative. Gorgeous. And Joanna would wear it.

Anya dyed her print. Nina is amazed at the transformation from mustard. Heidi loves the jumpsuit. Heidi is impressed at her sewing skills. Joanna judge loves it. Kerry also loves it.

Danielle – doesn’t think her fabric is sheer enough. Michael says its pedestrian. Nina wanted a lovely blouse, but it’s ambitious. Kerry likes it but it’s not Nina. Joanna thinks it’s depressed. Not Nina.

Viktor is upset that Anya didn’t say that Laura helped.

Worst – Danielle didn’t listen. Was ordinary. Michael hated the blouse. Joanna would have Nina committed for wearing Cecilia’s dress. The design was a problem, the colors, the fabrics – sad. Bad attitude, too. Julie had a good idea, and it’s a mess. No one can wear it. Not good for day or evening and sloppy. Droat…

Best – Nina thought Viktor was sharp and clean. Michael thought it wasn’t boring, and Heidi agreed. Michael loved the cut of the jumpsuit. Nina loved her quick reaction. And Nina would would wear it. Not copy or replicate. Not safe, inspired. Joanna loved Kimberly’s top. Nina liked it.

Kimberly wins, and Nina is looking forward to wearing it. Kimberly has immunity. She deserves it. Viktor and Anya are in. Danielle is also in. Yeah, that’s right. Cecilia is in. Julie is out. And I think they’re right. Cecilia made a lot of mistakes, but Julie’s was just BAD.


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