Top Chef Just Desserts S2Ep1

Pastry chefs are a different species, and their minds work differently. However, they still need to use good ingredients well, and they still need to have balance in their dishes. And mixing in savory will always be plus for me.

We have fourteen pastry chefs meeting outside a soda shop, getting drinks. It’s not a big world, so a lot of people know each other by reputation or personally. Gail and Jimmy appear, and the quickfire is to take the basic soda shop staples and step them up, make them modern, and do it in teams of two. We get a banana split, a take on an egg cream (with actual EGGS. Yeah. um.), a cereal “breakfast” shake, an homage to Elvis, a sundae with pickled cherries, something with a micro cake, whatever that is…

The banana split and the Elvis homage lose, the cereal shake and the sundae are on top, with the sundae winning. I want to eat that sundae SO much.They get immunity.

The uniform are black chef’s coats with pink piping. Um. All button them the same way, too, instead of men and women button differently.

Elimination challenge has people picking books at random to get fairy tales to make teams. Goldilocks, Little Red Riding Hood. Jack and the Beanstalk. Hansel and Gretel. Three teams. There are four fairy tales, so three teams. The winners get to pick teams. Nelson is from Brazil and is lost, but he picks Goldilocks. His partner picks Little Red Riding Hood.

They need to make a showpiece and two plated ones inspired by their fairy tales. Team LRRH didn’t know the story and found it weird how it ends. Team JatB.brainstorm. Team GTB need to tell the story to Nelson. Rebecca wants to make rice pudding; Orlando isn’t thrilled but wants to be villain. TeamHG has to deal with the gingerbread house. Lina decided to be a cake. Melissa thinks a showpiece is chocolate and sugar,not a cake.

There are molds, and sugar being pulled, and people making desserts as well. Team Jack is making a whimsical beanstalk. Team LRR want sugar, not chocolate, and Chris and Orlando are already old rivals at this.

Melissa is annoyed at Lina. Beanstalk feels unprepared for the desserts. They’re done for the day.

Craig may be more ambitious than he could be. He’s doing the desserts while the two women take over the showpiece.

Rebecca is worried about the porridge for her plates (it’s better than rice…)

Beanstalk doesn’t have a showpiece; the others all do. Megan and Katzi break the pulled sugar.

Melissa and Lina just clash, and Melissa thinks it’s all going to be terrible for Team HG.

Megan and Katzi work desperately hard on their beanstalk. Craig isn’t sure about the desserts.

It’s a fairytale ball, with guests in costumes. The judges are also in costume.

Gail loves the Goldilocks showpiece. Judges – Hubert Keller. Dessert is “what bears like to eat” and “too hot, too cold and just right” with spicy cherries, sorbet and porridge.”

The beanstalk is very flawed and Jimmy sees it right away. Other judges is Danielle Perillo. Desserts – bergamot clouds, whipped lemon ricotta, sweet pea sorbet and spiced golden syrup; brown butter hazelnut cake, lemongrass stalk infused white chocolate cream and passion fruit. Get the first dessert, not sure of the second. It’s the cow, apparently.

Team LRRH has a sugar work Red Riding Hood, on a book and it’s pretty magnificent, actually. Desserts – Rose scented bombaloni, coconut tapioca and red berry gelee. Blackout sponge cake,cocoa nib nouguatine, poached cherries and micro basil. Clearly, the forest.

Team HG didn’t do a gingerbread house. Butterscotch brioche, smoked pineapple. Chocolate cloud, milk sherbet, hibiscus apple seltzer.

LRRH and Goldilocks are top two – the ones with the QF winners. LRRH showed a well done showpiece and delicious desserts. Goldilocks desserts were unique and told the story. The showpiece was striking. LRRH wins!

The two teams of three. Lina wanted a witch’s house, not child bait. Lina and Melissa tangle. They don’t like the desserts. The textures were bad, and didn’t tell the story.

Team Beanstalk – Craig admits to doing more than he could. Jimmy thinks they did a good job recovering. Gail didn’t think the desserts were balanced; Jimmy thinks they were one-dimensional.

The one side of the beanstalk was lovely. Craig lacks maturity.

The showpiece for HG was not done well. The cake was a bad idea. Melissa’s dessert was a disappointed. And the third member did not make more than a brioche and pineapple.

Lina is sent home. But she really led her team to disaster, so yeah.

Note – I’m going on a short vacation. I’ll do Project Runway when I get back.


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