Project Runway S9Ep5

So, this is a quick and dirty recap of last Thursday’s Project Runway. Number one, how drab was everything? A couple of racing stripes for one team, and an azure bit of chiffon (ugly, too) for another, but otherwise, gray, gray, black, gray and gray. So very dull.

No wonder the team conflicts took center stage – they were really the only things interesting about this episode. Cecilia chose leave before the foot race for leadership (and I did like that both she and Danielle got to wear this adorable skirt/legging combo) so Josh C came back and made us all forget he was straight.

It was a race, so of course, four of the five young men won – and the fifth tripped and hurt his knee. Poor Olivier. He tripped over his extra “i”. Josh M., Bryce, Viktor and Anthony Ryan, followed by the women and Bert who basically raced Heidi (in very high heels) to the finish line last.

And then they pick teams (no one wants Bert, so Anthony is stuck with him) and get to work designing clothes that will go with denim or suede product-placed sneakers designed by Heidi. And there had to be denim and/or suede as part of the outfits. Plus they had to have cohesive collections.

They change, go to Mood, Josh C returns and start drama – I mean sewing. Josh M. thinks Becky is dowdy, and wants her to shut up and sew, which Becky goes along with at first. Bert wants to go his own way, while Anthony and Laura go theirs. The other teams? Work well together and are ignored.

They only have eight hours to do this, which is completely unfair, and is guaranteed to produce bad workmanship. And so Heidi is disappointed when, two hours before deadline, nothing is as she wants it to be. So she gives them five more hours. They’re all excited they get to stay up to 4AM.

This is unfair on all these people.

But I’m out of sympathy for Josh M. He actually tells Becky to her face that her clothing is dowdy. And then wonders why she gets upset. And no one believes his apology – not even him.

So the runway show. Anthony has an ugly drapy romper thing, Laura has a pretty vest over an ugly tank and shorts, Bert has a pretty top over a pretty skirt that doesn’t look very sporty but is at least, well, pretty.

Bryce has a pretty gray mini-dress, Danielle has an azure tank over a skirt, Kimberly has a leather jacket (by Danielle) over a tank over shorts with an odd black suede band.

Viktor has a leather jacket over a gray dress, Josh C has holster t-shirt over pants, Olivier has a tank over a long gray skirt with a leather belt.

Josh M. has a tank top over shorts under a ripped vest. Anya had a maxi-dress. Becky had a yoked t-shirt over a skirt.

Team Josh M and Team Anthony argue on the runway. Nice.

So. Heidi declares two winners – Viktor and Josh M. Both will have immunity. Viktor’s dress will be sold on Amazon. So will Josh M’s…maxidress. The one designed by Anya and probably sewn by Becky. Yeah. That.

And bottom two are Danielle and Anthony, and Danielle goes home. However, Heidi wanted it to be Anthony.

Yeah, ugly clothes and ugly episode. NOT fun.


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