PR S9Ep6

Becky is now living with the other women because her roommate Cecilia went home, as did Danielle. Has a man left permanently yet? I don’t think so, given that Josh C is back. Bert has decided he won’t be an a-hole anymore. I like the self-awareness. I also like that he carried through.

They go to the Harlem School of Design, where they are to work with young (as in junior high school/high school age) art students. Viktor hates the idea; Anthony LOVES it. The designers and the art students paint pictures together. Some are abstract, some are literal – Josh C and his student paint a very cool wolf, while Viktor and his very talkative Skyy paint swirls. Bert’s young man made brightly colored geometric shapes that Bert liked a lot. Anthony and Kai did duo-self-portraits with heavy, impressionistic brush strokes.

The kids leave and the artists commune with their paintings in order to design before going to Mood. Olivier isn’t feeling it. Neither is Josh M, but he gets an idea. Anthony wants to replicate brush strokes. Bert wants to create a new silhouette for him.

Mood is full of drama because they need lots of yardage, and it’s expensive – and it’s Josh C’s first time there. He’s a bit overwhelmed, but he finds fake fur – Swatch doesn’t want him to use real fur. And even so, he spends only a little more than half the money they get, while the others spend as much as they can. This turns out to not be an issue at all. Olivier buys chiffon, which he’s never worked with before.

They get the rest of the day AND the whole next day to work. LUXURY! Josh M. paints neoprene to make a circle skirt look like a tree trunk. He also paints “carved initials” – his own and his late mother’s. Becky makes little stuffed cubes. Bert makes enormous jodhpurs and attaches stuffed shapes. Too literal, I think. Olivier is lost. Viktor makes a swirly dress. Laura makes a dress that looks like a flower, and burns the edges of the chiffon.

Someone asks Burt if he’s gay or straight, married or single. He’s gay and widowed, and we hear the story of how his lover’s death spiraled him into alcoholism. Anya makes a dress out of ugly curtain material. Bryce is working with orange.

The artists come in with the paintings, and to consult. Most of the kids love the dresses. Tim comes in to check things out, and he chides people for being too literal or not being avante-garde enough. Josh C decides to edit the fake fur out of his outfit.

Most of the models seem to like the clothes, even Bert’s in her enormous pants.

Runway Show. No Nina, replaced by another Marie Claire editor, plus Kenneth Cole. And so many of those dresses were not memorable. Kimberly has something gorgeous – a non-literal interpretation of a painting of a bird, with strength and pride. Becky has a dark denim dress with green stuffed cubes. It’s kinda cute. Viktor has a flowy, swirly blue and white dress that his kid LOVES. Bryce has an orange strait jacket (very, very long sleeves) over a blue skirt that’s actually, um, boring. Josh C has a high waisted leather skirt, a white blouse with a cutout in front and a leather…thing on top. Josh M has a neoprene painted skirt and an orangey top. Cute silhouette. Anthony Ryan has a pale beige sheer dress appliqued with brush strokes. Bert has huge jodhpurs with stuffed geometric shapes. Laura has a pretty gold prom dress with visible boning. Olivier has a swirl of dull blue and white chiffon with a complicated top. Anya has an African-inspired print that looks like curtains to me.

All the kids love the dresses.

The six to be judged are Bert, Anthony, Josh M & C, Laura and Olivier. They love Anthony, Josh M (who, when asked whose initials were on the skirt, just said him and his mother – no mention that she was gone, which I like. It came across as sweet, not pandering.) and Laura; they dislike Bert, Josh C and Olivier. Anthony wins; Josh C goes home again.

Usually by this point in the game, we’d know who the front-runners are. I have NO IDEA right now. I think this is a good thing.


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