Project Runway S9ep7

And the drama just continues. Josh (the one and only yet again) thinks he should have won last week, instead of…um, sharing the victory?

This week’s challenge, says Heidi, is to create fabric and a cohesive line, working in two teams of five. Because Josh won, he gets to choose first. He will not be the leader because there is no leader this time. He chooses Laura. Heidi gets out the button bag and the name that comes up is Anthony. Who also won last week. I wonder if there were any other buttons in that bag?

Well, Anthony chooses Anya. Laura chooses Kimberly, who is not happy. Anya chooses Viktor. Kimberly chooses a very unhappy Becky. Viktor chooses Olivier. Olivier chooses, out of Bert and Bryce, Bryce. This leaves Bert. Who most emphatically does not want to work with Josh, and the feeling is mutual.

So we have one team who hates each other and does not want to work together, and one team that is thrilled to death. This bodes well for drama, but not much else. They need to design the fabric, using product-placed computers, and then design a cohesive line where the fabric is prominent on three of them. Betsey Johnson comes in as inspiration.

They discuss themes as teams. Happy team decides very quickly on Rorshach-like design, which is Anthony’s suggestion, and they run with it. Unhappy team is not so…agreeable. Josh starts with circus, and heads (seriously) to Village People, and tries to name them. Finally, Becky suggest cogs and clocks and, for lack of anything better, they take it. And they get to work on design. Becky does a somewhat large pattern with cogs and gears; Josh does something with words like delay; Bert (who is trying to cooperate) makes these neat pocket watches (with actual color)), and I have no idea what the other two do.

Bert’s won’t print out, and he curses very mildly, and Josh gets very dramatic. How DARE Bert curse mildly about a printer not working. HORRORS! If Josh were wearing pearls, he’d clutch them. It’s ugly and unpleasant. But eventually Josh apologizes so it’s all right, and anyway, it’s because his mother died. Oh, and they name themselves Team “Nuts and Bolts”.

Okay, that’s not fair. His mom died before he could say good-bye, and it’s her birthday, as he tells his parents, and that is horrible and sad. But it’s not an excuse to act badly. Which I think his father thinks, too.

But also Laura takes Josh out to make the video to go along with their fashion show while the others go to mood to get the additional fabric they’ll need. Mostly, they wear shoes (Josh rocks a fierce pair of yellow pumps) and take some pictures of clocks.

Team “Chaos” (about as non-chaotic as I’ve ever seen) takes vids of the people of NY, and use Anya’s suggestion of a kaleidoscope effect, that works with the Rorshach theme. Anthony does some hand-painting as well as using their fabric.

Tim comes in to check, and sees that Team Chaos is a team in every sense of the word, while Team Nuts and Bolts needs a kumbaya moment, so he has them join hands. There’s also an odd moment where Laura complains about her team to Anya, which seems really off.

So, fashion show. I kinda ignored the background vids. Team Nuts and Bolts is first. And, um. Josh sends a weird jacket with pants made of the word fabric. Not pretty pants. The jacket had gear-like lapels and this open back. Becky has a jacket and a tank, plus a skirt made of the word fabric. It’s her third skirt and third fabric. It’s a very plain skirt, too. Kimberly has a bubble skirt that’s very short, and a tank, and none of the fabric because she hates it. Laura, also less than thrilled with the prints, has a blue jumpsuit that – well, I don’t like jumpsuits. It has a print belt, though. Bert has a one-shouldered dress out of the gear fabric. It’s simple and pretty but too long.

It’s not cohesive to me, and nothing is really good.

Then Team Chaos. Anya has an adorable little dress using two prints well, with little black sleeves. Bryce has an orange top with print shorts. Olivier has a beautifully tailored jacket over print pants. Anthony has an adorable skirt and top with painted dots. Viktor has a gorgeous gown with dots on the bodice. They all had a square back, and they had all the elements of a collection while everyone was clearly themselves. It was just lovely and totally cohesive.

Guess what? They won. The judges asked them who was the best. Everyone but Bryce said themselves; Bryce said “Anya.”

Nuts and Bolts gets criticized to death. The judges don’t like anything except, sort of, Bert’s dress and maybe Josh’s jacket.

Anya gets the win, which I put down to the fact that she used two prints and the better clothes – Olivier’s jacket and Viktor’s gown – didn’t use any. And Olivier’s pants weren’t great.

The final two are Josh and Becky, and Becky goes home.


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