Top Chef Just Desserts S2Ep4

I am never going to be a pastry chef. I just don’t think the same way they do. Not that there is anything wrong with the way they think, it’s just not me.

We wake up in the house and see a bunch of movie tickets and there is a note from Gail saying they’re going to see a film as a break from the show.

They get there, and Matthew, wise to how these shows work, gets stuff from the snack bar he knows he can use as ingredients for the inevitable Quickfire popcorn, soda, gummy bears. I have no idea. Everyone else just noshes.

But they walk into the theater and there are a bunch of other people, and it’s a real movie – it’s Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – not the Tim Burton remake with Johnny Depp, but the real thing. And it turns out pastry chefs love, love, LOVE this movie. Okay, I love it, too, but it’s apparently life changing for some of them – and they all dream of making that wonderland.

I have never dreamed of making a candy garden. I haven’t dreamed of GOING to a candy garden.

After the movie, Gail calls up four special people who are sitting in the audience, one of whom was sitting next to Orlando and amazed he knew the movie word for word. And the chefs all recognize them – the now-adult actors who played Charlie Bucket, Veruca Salt (the lady next to Orlando), Violet Beauregard (in a purple dress) and Mike Teavee.

Turns out that candy garden? Was a candy garden, at least in part – what they ate was in fact edible. Except that the wallpaper tasted like wallpaper.

And the challenge will be, indeed, to make Wonkaland. And the chefs are all excited. They gather around a conference table and get to work. There will not be a Quickfire because of this huge, huge challenge. They split up into a creative team and a working team for the general concept, although they also need to work on their own desserts.

Orlando takes charge of the unlimited chocolate, tempering it so it works properly.

And the Top Chef crew actually creates the background for their creations, complete with a mushroom, so the chefs can build on it.

Johnny comes in and tells them that this was also his favorite movie and fantasy, and also that two chefs will be eliminated. And, of course, no one is immune because no quickfire.

We get green doughnuts, a gummy bear, orange dirt, golden egg cupcakes with salty caramel dipping sauce, a honeycomb to squirt honey on cakes, carrot cake carrots dipped in crunchies and chcocolate and buried, a chocolate river with a chocolate milk fountain with chocolate cups. There was edible wallpaper (rather, fruit leather circles on a board) and peanut butter and jelly macaroons. There was bourbon candy bars and pecan crunchies, and whoopee pie sunflowers. There was multiple flavored profiteroles stuck in bushes.

It look wonderful. It was and wasn’t Wonkaland, and that’s just as it should have been – they brought originality to the garden. And the actors, the judges and the bunch of kids they brought in all loved it. Me? I felt faintly ill. So much SUGAR. But the carrot cakes looked really yummy and they also were fun.

This time, instead of calling top and bottom separately, they do a Project Runway, and bring both sets of three out at the same time. The three remaining chefs are all confused. Katzie wins with her honeybees; and both Craig and Melissa are sent home – Craig for his flop of a gummi bear, and Melissa because of her bad green doughnuts, and in spite of her delicious whoopee pie sunflowers. Craig needed to go, and Melissa deserved to.


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