Project Runway S9Ep8

Boobs. That’s the takeaway from tonight’s episode. Boobs.

The challenge is a fake-out. Top Nine assemble at the runway and Heidi walks out with gorgeous butterfly earrings and the button bag, and then says they weren’t going to be working with their modes this week. Instead, nine men walk onto the runway.

This is already bad enough, because many of these designers only do women’s clothes – except for what a man might design for himself. And then they’re “real” men, not models, so they’re physically other than model type. Anya, as the winner, chooses one of the thinner men, and the others choose as their names are drawn out of the button bag – leaving Olivier with a larger guy. And Olivier doesn’t design for larger men. Josh also was disturbed because they’re working on a budget and big people need more material.

But as it turns out, they weren’t designing for the men. They were to design for the men’s wives or girlfriends. Who also would be, you know. “Real.” They discuss designs with the men (they are given the women’s actual measurements so they don’t need to rely on the men), and it becomes clear that many of them are focused on a particular part of the body – boobs. I mean, they said that so often we considered a drinking game.

Olivier, btw? Doesn’t do boobs. Wants his models flat. He’s also not great with clients.

Anthony’s guy wants to replace a dress he lost. We, and Anthony, find that very sweet. Anya is designing a kimono of sorts.

They also take the men shopping with them at Mood, getting advice on colors and textiles. Or something.

Josh is also concerned because his lady has simple tastes and Josh just doesn’t do simple. Which we know.

The ladies show up, and make their wants known, even if it’s the OTHER dress Bert designed, or the color that Bryce picked (it should be pinker) or the whole thing (Olivier.) Eventually, all the clients go, and the designers get to pattern making and fabric cutting – and, in Bryce’s case, dying fabric even pinker. And Josh realizes he can’t bedazzle even a little bit. Which pains him to his soul.

Olivier is puzzled but makes a top and a pair of pants.

Next morning, at the fitting, we see that Viktor has made a totally adorable skirt, that Josh made a perfect little black dress, that Olivier’s pants are too tight. That Laura doesn’t like that Anthony and Bert did as their clients wanted. And there was discussion, with Tim (who also doesn’t get boobs) that Josh’s lady’s boobs were firm.

There is styling and finishing – Olivier has to finish his pants at the last minute.

Oh, and Bryce really, really misses his boyfriend.

Runway Show. Heidi’s outfit could not be shorter.

Laura’s dress is a lovely shade of green, but I don’t like the rest of it – green, flowy, one-shouldered.
Anthony’s dress is…too young for the lady, with a short skirt, and a sleeveless bodice with a tiny polka dot print.

Bert’s dress is short, tight, and shiny, and shows a lot of her cleavage. But it’s pretty and fits beautifully and is well-made. And they love it.

Josh has a totally elegant cocktail dress, with a floaty, flirty skirt, sheer lace shoulders and a lace-lined v-back. She looks terrific.

Bryce has a boxy, plain sheath dress with large pockets in an obnoxious shade of pink.

Kimberly has a black skirt and red top and her lady (and the lady’s husband) LOVES it and looks terrific.

Olivier’s pants and top just do not excite me.

Anya’s African-print black and white kimono inspired dress is gorgeous, except for the one sleeve. She could lose the sleeve.

Finally, Viktor has that utterly adorable skirt – grey with big pleats and a yellow band, and a teal-blue short-sleeved blouse with lace shoulders. Which colors I don’t think completely go, but she looks amazing.

Olivier, Kimberly and Laura are safe. I’m shocked about Olivier, given his edit.

Josh, Viktor and Anya are on top. The judges love that Josh edited, that Anya’s was runway ready and that Viktor totally got his lady.

Bert, Anthony and Bryce are on the bottom. Bert is well-made but boring. Anthony – well, they totally insulted the lovely couple in their critique. And Bryce was just BAD.

Josh wins (I think for editing and learning that less can be more). Bryce goes home.

And then none of that matters to the writer of THIS blog because we get a preview for next week. An indie rock group called the Sheepdogs (all male) get new clothing. So, finally a menswear challenge.

And who is the guest judge? Adam Lambert, looking gorgeous and smily and snarky and YES! ADAM doing Runway next week.

Just something I’ve wanted for two years.


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