Project Runway S9 Ep10

So, we’re down to three girls and four boys in the challenge. And we still have someone who can’t make a sleeve!

Last week’s was a disaster. That poor indie group, but we will regroup and make it better. For one thing, they’re using actual models again. Too bad Olivier didn’t live to see it.

They meet Heidi on the runway, but are sent to the workroom to talk with Tim and the Piperlime lady – the website that supplies the Wall. They are to create a look that refers to the “sophisticated seventies” (as opposed to the tacky ones) but reads as modern. They ask a bunch of questions and then are given time to sketch before taking their $100 and going to Mood.

Apparently, they get their Mood money in cash in little envelopes, and since Anya wasn’t carrying a purse and her outfit didn’t have pockets, she just stuck it into her bra. Where it fell out. She searches all over the store (while everyone else picks out various prints) and doesn’t find it. The best Tim can tell her is to borrow someone else’s change (not much, since $100 doesn’t go a long way) or use muslin.

The only one with change is Anthony Ryan, and he does give it to her. With that $11.50, she buys some yardage and notions. Later, all the other designers (except Viktor) donate extra pieces of material to help her out. Viktor knows it’s a competition. Since she was generous with them the last challenge, it does seem fitting.

We have pants and suits and maxi dresses and wild prints and Anya is dying muslin for the top of her “jumper” (this is a problem for me. It’s a jumpsuit. A jumper is a dress designed to be worn over a top. Or, in my circles, it’s a cocktail dress made modest by a long sleeved crew neck shell and a plain skirt underneath. Which look is getting as old as the formal suits it replaced. This is a one-piece garment with a top and pants, which makes it a jumpsuit.) She’s using techniques she’s never used before. Which is normal for her. This is just a fashion class for Anya.

The models are thrilled to be back to work and so there is hugging as well as fitting. And then Tim comes in with a surprise – a twist. What is the twist? Make a second look, this time absolutely one piece, with an additional $50. Anya pins her money to her top. Purse. Or pockets.

This will all be dresses or jumpsuits because that’s all there is in one piece outfits. More wild prints. Kimberly (who is wearing a gorgeous skirt herself) has to remake her belt because she sized it to her model’s natural waist and she wants it lower. She sews her model into her jumpsuit.

The Piperlime lady is one of the judges.

The show uses a psychodelic background before each designer’s entry. Kimberly is first – a very loose round midriff top over a pencil skirt (Tim talked her out of a mini-skirt. He was right, and Kim knew it.), then a gray halter-top jumpsuit with wide legs and a contrasting belt. I like both looks.

Anthony is much of a muchness – orange skirt, print sleeveless top and chevron print vest. It’s just wrong and ugly. His second is a maxi-tent given shape by the belt.

Burt’s first look references the disco era – a gauzy print over a gold lame top and black hot pants. The shorts are too short and maybe too black. His second is a Grecian inspired shift, ivory in front/gold in back, with a wide V. It’s simple and elegant, although the hem is not perfect.

Laura – no. Just no. Bright green neon print under a big chevron print top. Totally wrong. And the second look – the top of the jumpsuit is pale and the bottom – black pants with black chiffon over them? My husband’s elderly cousin (a lady of impeccable taste, I might add) wore a pair of pants like that at a formal wedding. Not seventies – well, Florence was in her seventies. Doesn’t count.

Josh. Pink neon tuxedo shirt, really ugly and poorly made high-waisted plaid pants. Nothing works, or works together. Maxi dress with a black top and a neon animal print skirt. Okay, I think it’s pretty.

Anya, who has the distinction of having her second look cost more than her first. Both are jumpsuits. The first has an interesting print pants with a dyed orange halter top, the other is all one print, with very wide pants. I don’t like jumpsuits anyway, but there’s nothing new here from Anya. Nice that she stepped up, and it’s interesting that she didn’t use any donated material, but it’s just Anya.

Viktor – yay! Gorgeous modern pants suit with a snake-skin tee underneath. It’s a safari suit,so clearly referencing the seventies, but also updated. Full of nice details that add to the effect. And he did an ombre wrap dress (both very seventies) in a current asymmetrical style that flowed and moved. I want Viktor to win it all now.

Kimberly is safe.

Piperlime lady is most concerned with how things will photograph – dull won’t work with her. Top three are Bert, Viktor and Anya (!). And Anya wins, but Burt’s second look, the dress, will also be used. Viktor was ROBBED. Burt was second, but Anya?

Bottom are Josh, Anthony and Laura, and they all deserve to be there. Josh needs to learn to edit – he should have learned that lesson when editing got him the win. Anthony goes home. Bye-bye, Anthony. You were sweet and you were a good leader, and I wish you well.


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