Project Runway S9 Finale

I know I’ve been remiss. I just finished the Jewish holiday season, which, for three weeks in a row, took over not just my Friday nights, but also my Wednesdays and Thursdays. I haven’t even watched last week’s episode of Project Runway, and I’m not sure I’m going to.

But I did watch the finale and…wow. Yeah. The ending didn’t surprise me, but it didn’t make me happy.

The four finalists – Anya, Josh, Kimberly and Viktor – were given an opportunity to redo their collections by going to Mood with $500. Some did well, some did poorly, and there were tears (Josh’s) and drama.

And then there were the fashion shows. And, wow. Four very different collections, which couldn’t have made it easy to judge.

Kimberly’s was not perfect, but she had some pretty pieces. I thought her own dress was actually the prettiest one, but she also had a gorgeous pink dress with a silver jacket.

Josh’s was, in a word, HIDEOUS. He had a couple nice pieces but the majority, in plastic and neoprene, was just ugly and he made an indescribably horrible pair of shorts.

Viktor’s was pretty and wearable for the most part, although the sheer braless tops were a problem. But oh, he had lovely prints and used them well, and had pretty silhouettes. I think many women would LOVE to own all those pieces.

Anya gave us flowy dresses with deep Vs and no sleeves in lovely prints. Ten of them. Okay, not that bad – she had shorts, and a bathing suit, and even a jumpsuit, and one dress had an interesting neckline. But, mostly they were the same.

Kimberly, with her sexy, workmanlike collection, was eliminated first. Viktor was next, mostly because he made those black chiffon outfits. Josh was praised for editing things down (well, yeah, but it was still a lot) and came in second. Which means Anya, who cannot sew or cut a hem, or sew a sleeve, and who apparently didn’t have a garment when Tim came to visit, won.

She presented ten nearly identical garments where the print did most of the work, demonstrated no sewing skills, made it that far because she got a lot of help and a far better collection (Viktor’s) came in third.

And the sad part is that I’m not even a little surprised. This has been telegraphed from the beginning. I’m more shocked that Josh came in second.


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