Betrayal: Comment to Xena and Juneau

I’m also posting this as a comment to this post attempting to explain the debacle.

This is uncomfortable for me. I don’t like calling people out in the first place, and Xena and Juneau have been very kind to me, even linking to my own small blog. I do thank them for that.

But this is something I cannot let go, in large part because I do not understand their point of view. If they did not have the disclaimers in front, saying that they love Adam Lambert, that he is their muse and their inspiration, and that they despised BfM, I’d would think exactly otherwise.

How can one love and be inspired by the man they describe in that post? A man who reneges on a contract? Who uses false arguments to rescind a contract that itself says it’s unrescindable? Who acts against a friend’s wishes (wait. That sounds familiar.)

The other problem is that, despite the fact that they claim to despise what Welsford did, they seem to believe that he acted entirely on the up and up, and that all of his claims are true – that Adam didn’t truly rescind the contract, and therefore that he had no right – or maybe RCA’s lawyers had no right – to rescind it.

Adam had a right to terminate this contract if Welsford did not fulfill his end of the bargain. And the contract was, indeed, rescinded. If he had not been able to offer proof IN THE FIRST PLACE, that would not have happened. (I don’t know why union pay even came up. It’s entirely irrelevant.) Monte is also irrelevant here, since they would have signed separate contracts.

I don’t know why it took Welsford two years to decide to try to release these songs, but it’s entirely too coincidental that he did so on the eve of Adam’s second album. I can speculate, but it’s all speculation. Perhaps he had a permission he didn’t have before. Perhaps he thought that Adam wouldn’t notice – Adam was certainly taken by surprise AGAIN.

They list a number of valid reasons for Adam to not want BfM release – what I listed above plus a possible contract conflict with RCA. THIS bugs.They themselves say that the argument that Adam wasn’t eligible for Idol is specious, and this contract in no way precludes another one for different songs. That being the case, why would it be a problem for this contract? Do they believe that once an artist signs with a label, that’s it?

Not only that, but Adam is certainly not the first or the last artist to be confronted with unauthorized albums of earlier materials. No one has lost a label over that.

As for Monte – no one forced him to say “buy the album.” He could have said nothing. He could have said “I am proud of these songs for what they were, but I do not stand with selling them against our will. I stand with my friend.” This does not violate any contract. It would not have stopped Welsford from trying to sell those albums at all. But instead, Monte encouraged people to buy them.

He’s also been quoted, by supporters and people who continue to support him, as saying that Adam would also get money from this. Which is tantamount to saying “buy these, you’ll help Adam” even as Adam said he minded.

The rift is true and obvious – Adam’s backing/promo/tour band has a new lineup, and Monte is not there. Either they are no longer friends or, as they say, it is plausible that he is not permitted to contact Monte because of the law suit. Which, of course, says that Monte is a part of the lawsuit because that’s the only reason the lawyers would do such a thing. In trying to exonerate Monte, they made him look guilty.


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11 Responses to Betrayal: Comment to Xena and Juneau

  1. Barbara kleinschmidt says:

    Excellent point of view! All of us who love and know Adam would have to agree…….

  2. @EtrnlGlamNation says:

    The way I read Monte’s involvement is this: This album is his ONE and ONLY chance to EVER make TRULY BIG BUCKS. He’ll never make the large strumming his guitar or (heaven forbid) singing. And most of the songs he writes are crap. But he did one smart thing in his life: He glommed on to an aspiring kid with an amazing voice. You’d think that Adam featuring him on all those TV shows as well as pimping him around the world would have given this guy a small dose of humility where Adam is concerned. Instead his ego is so big and jealousy so great that he wants THE BIG MONEY and realizes B4$ is his one ticket to REALLY BIG TIME MONEY. The dollar signs in his eyes are so large that he has lost sight of everything else. He knows now that Adam is iconic and destined to be one of the greatest stars the world has ever known.

    Shame on you, MP. You would have been much better served in the long run if you had respected Adam and his talent and his fandom. Sucks to be you.

  3. Excellent rebuttal to that moronic post. The very notion that they assume Monte and Adam are not allowed to speak with each other for legal reasons certainly indicates that the two of them are on separate sides of the lawsuit. Why on earth would they not be allowed to speak with each other if they were on the same side? Xena and Juneau should probably stop this shit stirring – they’re making themselves look worse with every post.

    • mamadeb says:

      The other question is, why now? Bfm failed, the lawsuit doesn’t seem to be affecting the rollout any more and Adam has remade his touring band. The Monte chapter is over.

  4. Lorismile1 says:


    People who back Monte hide behind the “legality” of the situation., which will be decided in court. This isn’t about legal rights for me. It’s about the moral aspect. Monte’s pimping of this when Adam wanted nothing to do with it, is what really bothers me. I don’t “blame” Monte for the songs or the album coming out. However, I do blame Monte for putting the knife in the back of someone who didn’t leave him in the dust when fame came calling.

  5. catewood says:

    “THIS” to the posts by The Spindleshay and mamadeb!

  6. Sydney says:

    I posted this at their blog defending the fact that the contract Adam signed was improperly formed.
    @ Barazi If you are a lawyer you are not well versed in copyright law. Under Federal Statute Adams vocals can not be a “work for hire”. You make yourself look stupid. There are at least two hurdles in which the Service Agreement failed as a contract in its formation. First, even a first year law student should know agency relationships and what employment means. Adam’s arrangement with Welsford fails as employment when you look at the facts. He was not on their payroll as a regular employee. They were not paying Social Security or did they have him on their books as a regular employee under the legal definition. The second hurdle is that a vocal recording can not be a work for hire according to Federal Statute. Only 9 things can be works for hire. Here is the list.
    (1) a contribution to a collective work
    (2) a part of a motion picture or other audiovisual work
    (3) a translation
    (4) a supplementary work
    (5) a compilation,
    (6) an instructional text
    (7) a test
    (8) answer material for a test
    (9) an atlas
    I suggest that you educate yourself on the issue so that you do not continue making a fool of yourself along with the writers of this blog.

  7. Sydney says:

    PS Juneau and Xena had a “lawyer” defend them and tell us what to think. I know a better lawyer and this is what she says.

  8. pat says:

    Hi Disco and everyone else. I was Bud on AO but I am actually Pat.
    I am glad I found you.
    I agree with everyone’s comments on here. Its sad because they present as though they really don’t understand………but thats impossible,isn’t it?
    I have to say,the ladies always seemed more than a bit on the self promotion bandwagon,to me.
    Monte rubbed me the wrong way in every interview he gave so perhaps his massive ego should not have been quite the surprise it was,to me.

    I wanted to say Happy Chanukah. Isn’t it lovely that Adam’s single is dropping on the first night of Chanukah?

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