Project Runway All Stars Episode One

This was amazing. Yes, I missed Heidi and Nina and Michael, and especially, Tim, but it was still good. The designers actually deserved the title All-stars – most of them are imaginative and talented. And I’m familiar with most of them.

First they show off garments that they feel reflect who they are now – and some are gorgeous, and some, not so much. Kenley is as fussy as ever, but Rami has discovered structure.

They don’t have to mutilate their own or other’s clothing, nor do they need to tear apart their lovely penthouse suite. Instead, they meet outside a 99cent store. They’re told they have a hundred dollars and that they can use whatever they can find, but it had to reflect, in some way, the garment they brought.

They grab washcloths and umbrellas and trashbags and scarves – anything with cloth – and streamers and Michael and April both grab mops. April doesn’t care, but Michael does because he knows how talented she is.

I like Michael.

And then they sew and design, and it feels – competent. They know what they’re doing because they’ve done this before. And not one of them has to hot glue things on muslin. YAY.

The mentor is Nina’s boss, the editor-in-chief of Marie Claire. Who reminds me of Tabatha. What she does is ask all of them if it will surprise Isaac Mizrahi. That was the main goal. She does love what Mondo is doing, and is confused by SweetPea.

Austin has a problem – at the last minute, he melted the clear plastic of his dress with his hot glue gun (it’s not really a material that can be sewn.) But it’s time to leave and he’ll solve it in the morning.

Which he does with a little patch, so it’s all fine. There’s surprisingly little flurry even. I’m impressed.

Runway show – I don’t like the fussiness about Austin’s waistline. Jana’s skirt and blouse look like clothing someone would wear. Jerrell took filmy scarves and made something lovely and flowy but not cheap. Elisa’s shorts and…something is just strange and disturbing. Rami made a structured and elegant high fashion dress using plaid plastic bags. Sweet Pea had a disastrous combination of washcloths. Mondo created an adorable little black dress with a cute hat. Kenley’s is fussy. Gordana’s streamer creation is just ugly. My notes for the last four just read “pretty”, so that’s where I’ll stay. In fact, most of the dresses were very pretty. Even the two mop dresses were attractive.

Top three are Mondo, Jerrell and Rami, and Rami wins. Deservedly. Bottom three are Elisa, Sweet Pea and Gordana, and Elisa goes home.


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