Project Runway All Stars Eps 3 and 4

Project Runway – two episodes that I actually DID see. Both were very weird.

Two weeks ago, they had to design for Miss Piggy – and they had to act as if they were dressing a real, living being instead of a puppet. Now, I adore the Muppets, and La Piggy is one of my favorites, and I practice willing suspension of disbelief ALL the time, as is appropriate for a science fiction and fantasy fan. However, I don’t think I could have done this with a straight face. I admire them all for doing so.

That said, they were designing cocktail dresses that had to both look good on a human model and on a felt pig. Yeah, that’s not easy.

But they mostly did it, with a relative minimum of drama, too. I do like this season for that.

Michael won with a sparkly, metallic dress that I actually did not like. Gordana lost (and was auf’d) for what looked, to me, like a floaty pink nighty. And I had no problem with that at all. Kenly made a weird pink camel print dress, Rami came out with polka dots and whimsy – I think he should have won. Mila channeled the sixties with black color blocking and made something pretty. Austin had the wrong pink, the wrong gray and very much the wrong bows on the hips. Jerell was ugly in pink, Mondo made a pretty dress but not one for a piggy puppet, Anthony made a really lovely black dress with sheer stripes, April made an awkward one, and Kara’s just confused me.

Last week, it was based on gelato flavors and they had to make the dresses in six hours. They didn’t even get to go to Mood – a mini-Mood was brought to them. Michael chose his flavor first, and then got to choose the next person, who then chose the next. Kara went last.

Michael won, AGAIN, with what looked like a pink satin robe (he had grapefruit.) No. April (blueberry) built a layered dress that just didn’t work and was sent home. Mondo, who had cantelope, made a caftan that looked like a cantelope. Actually flattering to the figure, but still. It was a caftan that looked like a cantelope. Kara, who had the delicious-sounding chocolate with cayenne pepper by default, made a dress with layered ruffles that left her model looking pregnant. Anthony’s green tea had a sheer skirt; Mila’s milk with sour cherry (also delicious sounding) was too literal for my tastes. Kenley had passion fruit, and made a cute little patterned dress that was…boring, really. Rami had kiwi, and his dress was overdone and weird. Austin’s Vanilla Madagascar creation looked like a bridal gown to me, and Jerell’s fruit of the forest dress was just ugly.

So Michal wins twice, a man wins for the fourth time and a woman goes home for the fourth time. Um.

Something feels wrong here.


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