NUMBER ONE! Congratulations, ADAM!

It’s official. Adam Lambert Snags First No. 1 Album on Billboard 200 Chart, as confirmed by this Sony Press Release.

Adam Lambert’s newest album, Trepassing, has debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. Also on the BB digital charts, the Canadian Soundscan chart, AND the Canadian digital chart.

His hard work and dedication has paid off with stunning reviews and an even more stunning album.

I am always proud to be his fan, but today is very, very special. Congratulations, Adam.

Especially since he has also made history. In the 60+ years that Billboard has been tracking sales, Adam is the first openly gay artist to achieve this. Other gay artist have topped this chart, but only before they officially came out. So he also deserves congratulations for his bravery.


About mamadeb

I'm a devoted fan of Adam Lambert, but also of cooking, knitting, science fiction and pretty anything pop culture. I'm @_mamadeb on Twitter.
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