Adam as Possible Idol Judge

Adam is dominating yet another entertainment news cycle today, as people predicted last night when This story broke. By which I mean, this has appeared worldwide on blogs and on both magazine and newspaper websites, as well as being talked about on radio stations. It’s actually, really, truly news, even if it’s only a rumor. And it is only a rumor because that one story, with its one unnamed source, is the only information we currently have and that’s not very solid.

Even so, it’s clearly something that has captured worldwide attention. And the results have been interested in and of themselves. One is that ADAM is the story – not that fact that J.Lo is probably leaving (that’s old news), or that the rest might also be replaced (that’s very new.) Another is that it’s being reported very positively – the assumption is that Adam will be very good as a judge and for the series as a whole. The closest thing I’ve seen to a negative in an article is the LA Times one, where they questioned Adam’s ability and decided immediately that he’d be great. I’ll go into that later. And I only know about two articles talking about OTHER potential replacements, one being Perez Hilton (who wants Kelly, Carrie or JHud), and the other being an E! Online article grouping all the rest together. None are mentioned in any other article in any way. It’s just Adam.

Adam himself has been asked about this rumor today, plus he issued a statement. IF they asked, he’d be honored and would “jump” on the offer to help others the way he was himself. And that’s all he can say to this, although he heard the rumor when we did. He also refused to say whether or not there’s been calls or emails about it.

Which is very, very interesting because the last time Adam was this evasive about something, there was a rumor he might perform with a certain legendary group. Which, in fact, he is right now.

My feed has a hypothesis, one I like so much I’m going to steal it. And then embellish it, mostly for the fun of it. I will emphasize – this is pure guesswork, and nothing more.

The original article says that Adam’s name has been floating around the Idol office for a month. That’s a very long time. If they didn’t want him, his name would have disappeared fairly soon. It’s also a long time to keep a secret. Maybe his people have been in talks but didn’t want to say anything until it was close to happening, or Adam’s been so focused on his album promo and his Queen rehearsals and performances that this wasn’t a priority with him. Or his people haven’t been involved yet at all.

So why did they release this information? Because, if it’s not just a rumor, it’s an official leak from a “trusted source” to a big media outlet. And, as others have noted, this isn’t just a vague statement – “Idol has put Adam on a short list” or “Idol is considering Adam as one of the possibilities.” It’s a long list of specific reasons why Adam would be right for this job, which does sound like he’s at least been discussed seriously. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be well-received by the viewing public.

So, my twitter feed has suggested, it’s a trial balloon. Let the information leak and see what happens in terms of public and media attention. Meanwhile, let Adam know what’s going on so he can respond – and possibly to know if he were willing to do it at this point. He gave a very well-thought out answer this morning, which tells me he was aware of the rumor/leak before going to the show – and he wants to do it. Which means this rumor is a go. (Of course, Nigel managed to not say anything at all when asked this question tonight.)

And then it hit the news cycle. Article after article, blog post after blog post, radio mention after radio mention, and all of it positive, all of it received well. So whatever else they may need to know about Adam doing that job, they know it will get positive attention – and Idol needs positive attention.
Let’s assume Adam will do a good job as a judge. This is not a stretch in the slightest. He proved to be an excellent mentor with his deep and broad musical knowledge and experience, and his ability to relate to and advise the contestants, most of whom remember him fondly. He’s also remembered well by the contestants of Project Runway, who consider him to be the best guest judge of his season – he knows fashion well, and could relate it to musical performance (the episode was clothing a music group) and was able to engage the contestants and ask relevant questions. He was also impressive when he mentored on “Majors and Minors” – he worked very well with those kids – and, well, he was cute and sweet on the Joey Zee show.

He’s honest but he’s also sweet – he makes sure to have a positive along with the negative, and gives advice on how to improve along with the criticism. He understands what honesty means, especially honest praise – and he also understands how a judge can guide a contestant, as Simon guided him. And since he genuinely knows and loves all music, his opinion would be respected. Plus he might actually research the theme of the week ahead of time, just so he’d know the songs the kids were singing. 🙂

Plus he’s funny, smart and well-spoken, with a real vocabulary. This already puts him ahead of other judges, as Michael Slezak said. And he’d have fun dressing up each week – two distinct outfits weekly. Not to mention being able to debut singles right there. And, well, nothing can beat being on television two nights a week for months – just ask the judges of The Voice.

I know people are worried it might hurt more than it helps him – and anything is possible. For example, it would tie him further to American Idol when he needs to cut loose. But let’s be honest – you can’t get more tied to Idol than being a contestant. Every article about him mentions American Idol – some even remember he didn’t win. And while acknowledging the stigma exists, Adam has always been grateful for the opportunities Idol gave him. He’s performed every year since his season, the show has used him as an example of a success or a “superstar”, and he’s even watched it every year when he has the chance. He took his boyfriend to the finale last year – their first time on a red carpet together. I don’t think anything could make the tie stronger. No one will escape the Idol stigma until Idol itself is dead.

The other, more serious, objection is that he’d be delayed in his Trespassing tour. And this is a real objection. However – he could probably schedule a late 2012 tour around any audition duties, and if you remember, the Glam Nation Tour didn’t begin until after the 2010 Idol season was over. It’s a two day, three hour a week gig, which will leave him plenty of time to plan and rehearse a tour. Even to do some shows in between episodes if he so chooses. It’s still a factor, but it can be handled.

This may well all come to nothing – it’s still not more than a rumor and there ARE other names in the hat – but the news cycle itself is a good thing and it makes him look very good. Not that he doesn’t look beautiful no matter what. 🙂


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2 Responses to Adam as Possible Idol Judge

  1. Barbara kleinschmidt says:

    Very well said as usual! Totally agree the only negative would be delaying his own music. That is something he alone has to consider. His ability shouldn’t even come into question. He would be a sweeter and kinder Simon. Tv presence can only be good exposure to millions of people!

  2. “I can’t think of a person better suited to be an AI judge. Adam is compassionate, without fawning. Adam is witty, without being sarcastic. He is incredibly knowledgeable about vocal technique AND performing. Adam is honest to a fault, without being harsh. He has tons of experience and is extremely articulate. Adam Lambert is actually tailor made for this position. Would he be up for it? Hard to say. He is promoting his brilliant new album, Trespassing, and fronting Queen. He could actually save this show! Adam is also very good looking, young, and very well liked and respected in the music industry! Brilliant choice! The clothes and hair styles alone would be so enticing! People would tune in just to see his fashion get-up for the night! He is larger than life, yet so accessible. Instead of “pitchy,” Adam could actually tell if notes were sharp or flat! lol”

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