2014 is Gonna be Major, says Adam Lambert

The twitter and blogverses (at least the ones in the Adam bubble) are filled with rumors about the coming year, and Adam isn’t helping much. That is, he’s clearly bursting with SOMETHING, dropping hints and talking about how happy he is right now, but he’s not giving us any FACTS. He’s giving us strange videos about lamps and candles. He’s following adorably enthusiastic singers from Brooklyn and favoriting pics of his godson. But giving us something, you know? Substantial? Nah.

Good thing he’s cute and can sing.

We do have a few crumbs and so, so, SO much speculation.

What do we know? We know he’s on two more episodes of Glee, including pole dancing and a couple of big duets. We don’t know anything more about his future there, but I’m not sure anyone does. They’re currently saying that Glee is moving to NY after graduation, but that implies nothing about the Elliott character. We do know that his run will be limited because he’s going to be VERY busy. Doing what? We don’t know.

He does say that there will be a new album this year, barring something really bad. Do we know when? No. But it seems fairly likely.

Does he have a label yet? Some people on twitter say yes, some people think he’s floundering in the wild. Adam says he’s in talks, or he said that last month. This month, he had a mysterious trip to NYC.  Lots of speculation as to why, but all we know is that he went to an off-Broadway musical and a bar in Brooklyn, and had to miss a friend’s tribute concert.  But maybe he had business there.

We also found out today that he’s doing a guest shot on RuPaul’s Drag Race this year. Which means he did that last year sometime and KEPT IT SECRET. He’s gotten so good at that.

Other than that? We have rumors, like his work on Glee has gotten him offers for voiceover work and maybe musicals on screen and stage. Nile Rodgers says they’ll collaborate again, but he pretty much loves collaborating with everyone and also loves Adam, so who knows.

We have rumors of a tour of some kind with Queen, but we don’t know when, we don’t know how extensive and, far more importantly, we don’t know Brian May’s health. I hope and pray he’s well. But it would be cool if they did a few big shows, right? But so far, no details are forthcoming.

Give us some crumbs, PLEASE. I’m glad you can surprise us now. It’s fun that way. But still. A crumb more definite than a view of your nightstand?


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I'm a devoted fan of Adam Lambert, but also of cooking, knitting, science fiction and pretty anything pop culture. I'm @_mamadeb on Twitter.
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