American Idol 2014 Boston/Austin Auditions Liveblog

Well, they rhyme.  That’s a good start.

I know it’s standard to timestamp liveblogs, and I’ll try but I also have to do SOMETHING about dinner as I do it.

7:58 I’m turning off my twitter notification for this part.

8:00 Pretty girl with a guitar in what looks like a phonebooth.  “Life Can Change…in a heartbeat” on screen. Mariel. 17. Singing Grenade by Bruno Mars.  Nice alto, warm. Odd to see instrument being played. Harry: you will be a nightmare  JLo: Great voice Keith: loved it.  Tears golden ticket in third.  “My name is Mariel Summers and I plan on being the next American Idol.” Screen text “you will decide. The Journey starts now.”

8:04 We’re in Boston. Jlo’s dress is making a moire pattern on screen. Harry wants to be honest, even if it makes someone cry.  Troy Beredon. He “has what it takes.” Loves to twerk. Judges give him a rhythm. “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Unexpected. Oh, Goodness. That HURT.  So off. At the Harry’s suggestion, he twerks to it. They all vote yes! But it was so BAD.

8:08 Sam Woolf, 17. Abandoned by Mom and Dad, and living with grandparents. Uncle is his “agent.” Has acoustic guitar. “Lego House.” Perfect WGWG, but nice voice.  Keith: perfect pitch. Really really good. JLo: difficult song. Opened up at the end. Enjoyed it. Harry: didn’t like the tattoo because he doesn’t want his daughter to get one. They vote yes. He really was good.

Note from Sam’s dad: “I’m SAMs dad he was nat abandoned by either of us his mom moved away from us when he was 13 and he has lived me me until a year ago and my parents helped me a great deal while I had some depression issues we are still father and son”

I apologize for getting it wrong.

So far, I’m enjoying the judges. They’re funny and smart, and I don’t feel weird tension. But it’s early days yet.

8:17 Package about the auditions and the buses. “The Chamber” – last stop before the judges. Phoneboothlike room. Package on the judges. Kinda wish, well. You know. Someone else was being profiled. But that’s okay.

8:20 Ethan Thompson, 23 “Please Don’t Pull Me Down.” Nice. Guitar. Girl in cat tank top. NICE jazzy voice. Jillian Jenson, 20. Guitar. Pretty voice. Keith liked her soul. JLo loved her look.  Harry loved it. All yes. Hugging Harry. All three make it.

Gonna use initials from now on.

8:23 Taylor Hilback 19 A capella  Jazz vocalist. “Before He Cheats.” She’s very good. Jlo liked it. KU thought she was limited. HCJr thinks her voice was grating. Jlo says yes. HCJr says no. KU also says no.  First no.

Package on judges saying no. Using the word “harsh” a lot. Tears. Crying rejects.

8:27 “Jersey Girl” Stephanie Hanvey, 16. Singing a capella. KU says her voice needs work but she has a way of performing. HCJr thinks she has power but her voice needs development. JLo thought it was emotionally lacking.  Commercial. Voting. KU: yes Jlo: yes HCJr: yes Interesting.

8:35 another JLo fan. Also another trilby hat.  Singing “If I was from Paris.” a capella. 15 yo. Jl0 is impressed. HCJr: not age appropriate song. KU wasn’t bothered by the song. Arguing over the lyrics  All three say yes. Didn’t catch her name. Oh, Morgan. Thank you, Ryan.

8:39 James Earl, 22 They’re calling him “cool.” Singing his own song. Not the voice I expected. A capella. He changed key. A LOT and randomly.  HCJr thought he was entertaining and cool. Voice wasn’t there. KU: do you do anything but sing? He makes a joke. Noes from both men. JLo was quiet. They loved him, though.

Bad singer, but they didn’t embarrass him, or make fun of him. It wasn’t difficult to watch. This is a big plus. No drama at all. Nice.

8:45 Jacqueline Verna, 18 Pretty voice. HCJr talks about pentatonics. Her voice didn’t do it for him. Jlo -come back next year. “Twelve notes, classic go-tos for r&b and gospel – five classic notes. The ones for the runs. I LOVE this.

Austin Percario, 17. With stage mother. Will be 18 by Hollywood week. Calls in Mom.  She’s nervous and excited. Singing Titanium. A capella. Trying to get those high notes. JLo thought he was great. KU: raspy cool voice. Interesting mix. All vote yes. I like him, yes.

8:51 Kaitlyn Jackson, 15 original song. She wrote a song about her grandfather who had a heart attack. Powerful voice, not a bad song given her age. I like it. HCJr: grandfather heard it. Vote is yes. Vote should be yes. Impressive. Very impressive.

8:57 still in Boston. Keith London 21 Guitar. Singing Roar. False start.  Good voice, his own arrangement. Jlo stops it. Likes it better now. (KP fans won’t be happy.) KU: I know who you are. HCJr isn’t as enamored. JLo and KU vote yes, but HCJr doesn’t think he’s good enough.

9:00 Sam Atherton, 23  Songwriter, guitar player. I don’t have a good feeling. Doesn’t practice anymore. Wants to sing three songs. Will sing original (worst) “first.” Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. HCJr doesn’t like the song. KU: no. HCJr: no. He’s angry. And thinks he has perfect pitch. OUCH.

9:04 all want to see JLo. JLo package. Boys joking about no one knowing them. HCJr is a Mensa member.  Game I’m not playing.

9:09 Ryan played football? Okay. Holding room is pretty empty now. Shanon Wilson, 24 a capella. Wow. Strong falsetto. Oh, yeah. Jlo waves golden ticket. Not even a vote. Boys flirting. It’s adorable.

Girl in cheerleader outfit.  Stephanie Petronelli, 22 Voice hoarse from singing (or shouting?) HCJr: can’t sustain without breathing properly. JLo disagrees. More soul than expected. KU agrees with JLo. Wanted to hear her sing longer. JLo says yes. HCJr says no – not good enough. KU: yes. I think I’m going to stick with HCJr. She hugs HCJr. Three other girls scream her out of the room.

9:20 Austin Jacob Watson (?) Austin package.

Durana Cree, 17 singing country a capella. HCJr: are you ready to be a small fish in a big pond. You need to bring it. JLo: want to see you in Hollywood. HCJr: no. KU: no. Crying.

Package of bad singers. Package of golden tickets. Promises to return.

9:24: the chamber. Someone who waited 8 years. Savion Wright, 21 ADHD Music helped. Guitar. Original song. Shaky voice. Nervous. Better when he relaxes. Much better. HCJr: intimidating. They tease him with “no”, but it’s totally yes. He’s good. YAY.

9:32 Boys pretend to talk on the phone to each other. MontagADe of contestants. Jerrica, Michael, Shelby (who just yodeled) Yeses to all three. Boy had guitar.

Madelyn Patterson, 22. Up to the Mountain. A capella. Lots of runs. Lots and lots of runs. HCJr offers to let her sing something else. Voting. Yeses from JLo and KU. HCJr not impressed by runs. I love HCJr.

9:43 Ukelele girl Viviana Villian, 19 Savannah Young, 17, Ben Boone, 22, Three yeses. These montages are HARD. I keep missing names. Lots of guitars. Guitars probably help.

Malcolm Allen, 21, playing air guitar. Singing R&B, using runs appropriately. Piano tattoo. Triple yes from JLo. Sending him through. KU: best singer today. Hmm.

9:51 More worship of JLo. Boy is crying and in love and…wow. Rolando Guererro, 2o. HOld it, don’t Drop it. KU: Sweet spirit. No. HCJr: no. JLo: Sorry. He’s happy he got to hug JLo.

Jokes about who the third guy is. They know Jlo and KU.

9:54 Harry fan shows up. “YOU KNOW WHO I AM!” Hugging. Playing dramatic music.  Munfarid Zaidi, 19 Smooth, jazzy voice. Nice. Hug again. Picked him up to cradle him. And Munfarid is singing! And singing WELL. HCJr carried him to the desk to get his ticket. Hysterical. This is the BEST. Then he picks up Keith because Keith made gold.

Huh. Usually, final audition is a heart tugger. This was just funny and sweet and good.


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  1. Scott Woolf says:

    I’m SAMs dad he was nat abandoned by either of us his mom moved away from us when he was 13 and he has lived me me until a year ago and my parents helped me a great deal while I had some depression issues we are still father and son

    Get it right


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