American Idol 2013: Austin/San Francisco Auditions

Baked ziti in the oven. Let’s do this.

8:00 Cold open “To Make You Feel My Love” – guy with guitar. Package of origins and professions. “It takes a nation to make an Idol.” Lots of signs. LOTS of signs. Signs that become the American Idol logo.

Jesse Roach, 27  Waiting in  The Chamber while the boys are late. Signed up by a neighbor lady. Guitar. Black guitar. She rocks. “Do You STill Love Me, Do Ya?” JLo: you could be an artist. KU: you have a soul. HCJr: Rasp that sounds right. Three yeses. I love a rocker chick.

8:06 Steven Curd, 18 Has guitar. Anna Melvin, 26 A capella Wrecking ball. Ryan Clark, 22. Sounds good. Anna was no.

Montage of reasons to audition. Two kids close friends. Quiandra and Jamiah. JamiahMalik, 16 is singing original with guitar. Quiandra Boston-Pearsall, 17 singing a capella. They love Jamiah. They love Quiandra.  One is yes, one is no.  Commercial.

8:13 Quiandra is going to Hollywood.

Megan Miller, 23 Singing “LastName” a capella. Nice country voice, but a little shouty. JLo loves the rasp. HCJr was waiting for her voice to blow out. She sings four-five days a week, so no problems. KU – if a voice takes effort to make, it takes effort to sing. Three yeses. HCJr loves her work effort.

Grace Field, 27. Piano player. Postgrad in music. Overwrought voice. HCJr – not sure it’s right for her. JLo – nervous and out of control vibrato. No.

Pretty guy with guitar. Spencer Lloyd, 19. Colton Dixon song. Nice pop voice. HCJr: only okay singer.  You’re sweet, and handsome. KU: you kept my attention. JLo liked his voice. KU: yes. HCJr: yes. JL0: yes.

8:27 Marlon Lindsey, 27 is going to be the next American Idol. Friesh from army. “Change is Gonna Come” a capella. Rich voice. Lots of runs. Wow from JLo.  Going to Hollywood.

Shirtless Guy in suspenders is planning on singing poorly to promote his career.  He’s imitating former judges. Making jokes to crickets. He’s rickrolling them. Rick Rowling, 28. They don’t want to hear any more. “You disrespected the process.”

8:30 Guy doing a good Obama imitation. Singing Fall Out Boy, TK Hash, 27 I really, really like his voice. And he has lots of energy. A capella. KU loved it. Tone, confidence, all of it. JLo: made us all perk up. HCJr: So likeable, yes from him. And the others.

Another spot the talent spot. Not playing.

8:37 Cowboy with guitar in The Chamber. Montage of The Chamber. I hope no one is claustrophobic. Guy is practicing. Two kids walk out.

Tristan Langley,15 with mom Nikki McKibbin, his mother. Former Idol, came in third first season. Wow. Singing rather well with guitar. There is a bit of roughness. JLo thinks it’s history. HCJr wouldn’t say yes if it weren’t for the story. KU: don’t choke too much or you’ll lose your voice. JLo: need to get in control. Yes. HCJr: no. KU: Yes.

8:42 montage of stories.

Montage of three. I hate these. Taylor Stearns, 17. Nice voice. Two yeses. More yeses. Also noes. Including Taylor.

8:47 LJ Hernandez, 23 “I’ll Be” OW OW OW OW (But he has charisma.) HCJr: no. JLo- voice wise, no. He took it very well. I like him.

8:51 John Fox, 20 from the start of the show.  “To Make You Feel My Love” I think I like him. He’s making the song his, and he has a good voice. Guitar. HCJr: surprised at his voice. KU: the guitar didn’t overpower his voice.  Yeses from all.

8:54 recap of the day in Austin. They’re happy. San Franscisco next.

8:59 San Francisco Looking for something they’ve never seen before.

Rachel Lee Rolleri 17 Guitar KU fan. “Stay” by Sugarland. Shouty, but mature voice. Judges like her. KU corrects her chording. JLo loves her voice. HCJr loves her understated confidence. She telegraphed that she flubbed. Don’t do that. Yeses all round.

9:06 Girl singing Whitney, with power. Didn’t catch her name.  Other girl, Remi Wolf, junior olympic skier. Very young boy with his own style. And he looks like his voice.  All going to Hollywood.

9:07 guys enters singing. Emanual Zidor, 24. A lot of vibrato. “I Believe”. He’s crying. He’s wanted to go on to AI since 7th grade. Teacher said no. They all said yes.

9:14 Samual Ramsey, 24 Used the word jazzy. HCJr doesn’t like the word. They all passed.

Kaitlyn Johnson, 15 They don’t believe she’s 15. “Something’s Got a Hold on Me.” Powerful, powerful voice. Very, um. Jazzlike.  HCJr: you’re not ready. No. JLo: talented. Still thinking. KU: Biiig voice. Loved it. Yes. JLo: decides yes.

9:19 Ronald James Read, 23, is going to save the world as a day job. “For You”. Wants a stool. Guitar. Not good. Overpowered by guitar and off.  He refuses to accept that the judges don’t think he has the power. HCJr tries to explain objective vs subjective. Cries. Will be back, like Candice.

He’s not Candice, though.

9:27 Hipster David Lunning, 26 original to guitar. Very country song. NICE roughness that fits the song. Sexy voice. JLo: interesting. Can hear him on a record. KU: do you do a lot of writing. Thinks he might be crushed by Hollywood Week, but he’s original. HCJr: different from Idol. JL0 yes. At least one guy said yes. He’s going through. They want melodic.

Okay, I had to reboot the computer, so I’m not live.  Sigh.

Twins auditioning together. Selena Moreno, 22.  “Try”. Lots of runs.  Sierra Moreno, 22 “1+1” Much prettier voice. Sweeter. And more control.  JLo: did a good job but didn’t flow. KU – Selena’s voice hit him differently. HCJr: one is a better singer. Commercial. HCJr: shouldn’t come in together. Three yeses to Selena. JLo yes, KU no to Sierra. HCJr: no to Sierra. I disagree. I liked Sierra better.

Montage of rejection.

I hate The Chamber.

Brianna Oakley, 17. Auditioned last year and made it to Hollywood Week. KU recognizes her. “Stay” by Sara Bareilles. A capella. Powerful voice. Judges are impressed. Reminds JLo of Jordin Sparks. HCJr: proud to sing, opened her mouth. Three yeses.

Guy singing “I’ve Got a Golden Ticket” Aranesa Turner, 20, sings “Pure Imagination” from Willy Wonka. But she’s lovely. She purrs through it. She’s through. So is Golden Ticket guy.

Gaddy Foster, 26 Muscular. Terrible voice. Three noes, but he’s sweet. JLo cries.

Guy with long hair meditating. Adam Roth, 28 from Sacramento. “Sound healer.” Barefoot in white. Also with guitar. “Hallelujah”, of course. Guitar. Soft, nice voice. Loses power, I think. KU: strange performance.  Baffling. JLo: felt forced. HCJr : no. JLo: yes. KU: hands ticket.

He’s not going to survive Hollywood, I think.

These judges are very playful. I like that.


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