American Idol 2013 Auditions: Detroit

Let’s do this.

8:00 Discussion of the Chamber. I’m so tired of the Chamber. Just saying. And why is Danny Gokey there? They’re doing it for Detroit. There are worse reasons.

Keith expects “Real life experience.” And there’s the musical history with the recent history.

8:03 Gushing over JLo. Carrie Lynn Roche, 24 “Radioactive” with guitar. And I love her voice. KU asks her to sing without guitar. She sings Etta James, and she’s terrific. Absolutely yes x3. KU talks about artistry. Fried bagels are a thing?  WHY?

8:06 Julian Miller, 18 gets through.

Paris brought a large group. Samantha Furtwengler, 18, Olivia Diamond, 22, Paris Primeau, 16 First use of theatrical. Paris is in.  Olivia is in. Samantha isn’t ready.

8:13 Everyone’s drumming. Although, not on drums.  Tuba player. Malaya Watson, 16. Nice tone to her voice. Really mature. KU and JLo loved it.  JLo thinks she was blessed. She goes through.

More Detroit talk.

8:17  Brian Watt, 29    “So Small”, Carrie Underwood with guitar. Nice voice, but a bit shouty. HCJr thought it was confidant, easy performance. Thinks he’s Superman. KU loved the guitar work. JLo thinks he’s capable of more emoting. He’s through. Not even bothering to vote.

8:20 Krystian D’avis 22 Saving All My Love For You. KU didn’t  think it was working. JLo doesn’t think she can hold her voice. Wants more than 30 people in a room. (Affected accent disappears.) KU thinks she needs more time. I hate her name. JLo says yes. KU says no. HCJr says yes. She’s through. KU is upset when people don’t listen and learn. I think we’re seeing what KU’s about here. He’s supporting HCJr but he wants the lessons to stick.

8:29 Gina Asciutto ,17 Was in a band from 12-16. Writes own music. Rolling in the Deep.  She needs control. Very shouty.  HCJr notices she does something with her tongue that bothers her. KU loves her voice. Could hear her personality, and likes how shapes her mouth. JLo liked that she sang it differently. Three yeses.

8:33 Joke contestant montage. No, no, no.

Melanie Porras, 19  loves music and her dad, who taught her guitar. “Fever” on guitar. JLo thought it was safe and asks for something else. Sings “Wanted”. Thin voice to me. But the judges love it. JLo can hear her recording records. KU thinks it’s cool she reversed things. HCJr thinks she has the seeds. Goes through.

8:41 HCJr sings for KU to judge while JLo takes a bathroom break.. It’s cute. He’s all giggly. Sings SSB badly. there’s even a graphic. Age 29*. 😉 Calls KU “beautiful”. KU signs his ankle. With phone number. Hee.

Liam Newberry, 18. The Way You Look Tonight, Sinatra. He has a gorgeous voice. Works beautifully for this song. Powerful baritone. JLo didn’t think it had enough swag. KU – no sexiness. HCJr – forget the musical theater. Sing it as you would sing to the person you love. Wants to do it right now. 3 noes.

8:47 Jade Lathan, 20.  Sings Amy Winehouse. Whistle in her voice. It sounds off. HCJr thinks she’s adorable (she IS). Yeses all around

Maybe they hear things I don’t?

KU playing for guy with golden ticket. LOVE  his voice.

8:54 Sarah Scherb, 19 Pretty voice. Three yeses. And HCJr jokes about how he travels.

Cindy Arterbridge, 15   “Loving You”  Adorable. And I like how she sings it. And she hits the high note. Unlike HCJr’s wife. Yes yes yes

Maurice Townsend, 26  Minister of music in his church. Has 4 kids. John Legend song. Adorable kids say their dad will be famous. He’s pretty great. Brings in kids. HCJr thinks HE should have recorded the song. JLo melts over the baby. He’s through. Son gives him the ticket. I think he’s going all the way.

9:05 Jennifer is late. Dressed like a schoolgirl.

Guy cut last year in Vegas. David Oliver Willis, 22. “Too Clear” with guitar. Good voice. KU already likes it, and remembers him. JLo beautiful tone and presence. HCJr: how far will you get without a guitar. KU: your voice isn’t enough. JLo: create those moments. Three yeses.

Never audition together.  Two 19 girls who speak at the same time. Twins.

Singing Beyonce “Listen” Rakita and Karlita Gulledge And they’re terrible. They were too shouty. No, no, no.

Game I’m not playing.

9:18 Blake Soles, 22 – no, no, no. Keep writing songs.

Brandy Neelly, 18 from a previous season, and she was very young if JLo remembers her. “I Wanna Make  You Feel Wanted” – powerful voice. KU loved it. JLo liked it, but thought it was nasal. HCJr thought it was gutteral, but enjoyed it. Yes, and yes. JLo on the fence. They joke about the song “Brandy” as she leaves.

9:22 Kid has a portrait of KU on his guitar. Looks like an Osmond. Ethan Harris, 20 “You’ll Think of Me” by KU. On guitar. Nice job. HCJr: sound the same when you sing and speak. JLo likes his tone. KU feels honored by someone singing his song. Dug him. Three yeses.

9:28 HCJr doing a “tour” of behind the scenes.

Leah Guerrero, 22 (Stay) Zach Day,19 Not great. Symphony Howlett, 24 She’s inconsistent.  Three yeses times three.

9:33 Ayla Stackhouse, 17 “Wings” by Little Mix Lovely girl. Mature voice. JLo: Star quality. KU: great choice of voice. Yes, Yes, yes HCJr: “smart audition.”

9:37 Eric Jordan, 27 They like him a lot. He filled the pauses and used more discipline. Three yeses.

9:43 Xavier Cavillo, 23 He isn’t good. Three noes. Begs for another chance.

Tony DelBarro, 29 He’s really bad. “Radioactive.”

I’ve been waiting for rejection, because it’s mostly been “yes” on this episode.

9:46 Ryan Nisbitt, 24 Biiiiig pompodour. Lost a lot of weight. “Arms of the Angel” Musical voice. He’s almost in Celine’s range. Jlo: sui generis. One of a kind. HCJr: unique voice. Needs to be given a chance on American Idol. Three yeses.

9:54 Marrielle Sellars. 19 Finally, an inspiring story for a final audition. Father pushed her into music, died Christmas 2008. Sings “Grenade” on guitar. She’s amazing. Absolutely amazing. KU gives her a third of the ticket. JLo gives her another, and HCJr gives her a whole one. They love her, as they should, and she’s in.


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