American Idol 2013 Hollywood or Home Round

Let’s see how this one goes.

Sorry about last week, but life got in the way. In short, Harry was awesome and there are a lot of singers out there, some with guitars.

And we’re heading for Hollywood.

Time for a twist.

212 finalists.

8:02 going to a hangar. The constestants don’t know they’re going to sing for survival, without even leaving the airport.

JLo is missing half her shirt. Cute leather skirt, though.

Some are going to sing right now, and there will be cuts made right now.

8:04 Johnny Newcomb, 17 from SLC. Has guitar. Pumped Up Kicks.  Kid in audience singing along. Just realized. They’re all going to hear each other for the first time here.

Conner Zwetsch, 20 from NC. She has guitar. The judges like her.

Ali Jane Henderson, 21 Atlanta.  Toxic

Caitlin Johnson, 16, Oregon. Choked a little.

Lots of tension in the hangar.

8:09 Adam Roth. Radioactive. On keyboard. He’s off key. JLo is his only advocate.

8:14 The acoustics must be terrible.

Tristen Langley, 16 (son of an Idol.)

Everyone is nervous. “Superstars don’t get knocked off their track.”

Morgan Deplitch from Boston. 15. She’s playing a keyboard and so, so, SO flat.

Stephanie Petronelli, Whipping post – she was good, I thought.

Richie LaFleur, 20. Judges thought he phoned it in. And tell the remaining constestants to step up. They can’t be mediocre.

Eric Wood, Austin, 28 Guitar. I like him. He’s bringing it. Keith loves it.

Alyssa Seiben,

Neco Starr, 22 Really bringing it. “Gorilla”.

Last after fifty – Khristian D’avis from Detroit. 23 Too, too many runs. “Flat and no flow.”

Those who didn’t sing – all are safe and free to go. So they now know the weakest singers.

52 waiting for decision.

Two groups. One will stay, one will go to the airport.

They go to the buses, not knowing.  Terrified contestants.

This is cruel.

Bus 1 goes to the airport. It’s really hard. I don’t like this at all. This was unnecessary.

Even the joy on bus 2 doesn’t make me feel better.

8:31 Using a theater they used for five finales. Families are watching. This is a capella day. So no instrumental crutches.

Majesty is first. Wait. I see guitars. But they said a capella. I’m confused.  UM. Pretty voice. Very sweet and clear.

Samantha Calmes. Music teacher. Soft, pretty voice. John Fox “Outsiders.” Brandy Neely, 18. Returnee. Stars on Heaven’s Boulevard.

Samantha goes home. Rest stay. Majesty is going to go very, very far.

8:36 Spencer Lloyd. Keyboard. Nice. “He knows who he is.” Staying.

Austin Wolfe, 17 Take It All. She’s imitating Adele.  Bria Anai, 16 Powerful voice. Selina Moreno. 22. She flubbed a word. Pressure is getting to her.

8:43 Selina makes it through the song. Austin, Jessica, Bria, Shannon. Staying. YAY. Love Jessica. But Selina is going home. I thought she was weak at her audition.

Sam Woolf, 17. He’s making the song. I’m liking it. So are the judges. Waiting on the World to Change.

Keri Lynn Roche, 24  Ayla Stackhouse, 17 CJ Harris, 22 who gets a pep talk from Ryan. Trouble. And is excellent. JLo stands to applaud. CJ, Sam and Keri Lynn stay.

Alex Preston, 20 I like him. Sydney Otterbridge, 15- mature voice. Jessie Roche, rocking it out. Brian Watt “superman”  Brian and Syndey going home.

8:58 Kenzie Hall, 17 She’s scatting now. Good idea. Quaid Edwards, 21 Nice.  But only Kenzie is moving on.

Ben Briley, 24,  Briston Macrony 15, Dexter Roberts, 22 Keith plays Ben’s guitar. All three go on.

9:03 Rachel Roleri, 17 Make Me an Angel. Keith sings along. Maurice Townsend, 26. Strong voice. Impossible. JLo sings. Casey Thrasher, 22 He Stopped Loving Her Today. All go through.

Greg Lovett, 18. Tiquila Wilson, 24 Emily Prinz 17 Malcolm Allen 21  All through.

9:10 Apparently the kids are asked why they want to be Idols.  And talking about clothes.

Manfaird Zaidi, who is very jazzy. And funny and cute. And I like him. The guy Harry cradled. Ethan Thompson, 23, Austin Percario,18 (sans Mom)  Munfarid is hugged by all when he makes it.

Caleb Johnson (returnee) Behind Blue Eyes, Stephanie Hannie, Kristin O’Conner. All through.

9:16 Emmanuel Zidor, 24 (supremely fierce) He stays.

9:21 Briana Oakly, Jesse Cline, 19 Go through.

Montage of nameless singers. (Someone has an out 0f tune guitar)

Keith London,21 If I Were a Boy (interesting choice. I like that.) Judges find it interesting, too. Guitar was also out of tune. Want a different, a capella song. Sings “Same Love.” The Mary Lambert part. Hmmm. He’s through.

9:30 Last line. Malaya Watson Powerful voice. Keyboard. Gina Asciuto, 17 Keyboard. Lots of keyboards. Savion Wright just recently lost brother.  So much emotion. “Breathing Underwater”.

9:33 104 were kept on. Tomorrow is group day. Groups of 3 and 4.

9:39 trying to find groups. Has to be 3 or 4. Not five. Each group will work with vocal coaches, first come, first served.  And we have the traditional group night/Hollywood Week colds.

Jessica is frustrated with bad voices and no harmony. Other groups dissolve and reform. Jessica is upset because her group mates might send her home.

One of her groupmates, who is sick and can’t sing, drops out of the competition. Poor Clark. The others try to find other groups.

Matthew finds a new group; Jessica not so much.

9:51 Morning of group day. Emmanuel and Carmen can’t find Tarrica, third member. They have a producer with them.

9:54 Final runthroughs – some are very messy. Poor Michael Orland. “Loud and Fierce” needs to sing, not just dance.

Jessica is with a group of teen age girls.  Another group has a sick member who will decide at the last minute.

Group round tomorrow.


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