American Idol 2014 Hollywood Week #1

Group round and final solos

8:00 Idol’s most infamous round. Group round is the hardest part of the competition.

Being judged as individuals, according to Michael Orland.

Tony, Serena, David. All returnees, veterans of Group Rounds. Trying hard on the harmonies. Nice job, I think. JLo: we’re going to cut half the contestants remaining. David and Serena go forward; Tony is not. Tony asks why. Harry says that he spent most of the performance looking down. Not a good thing. They respect Tony for asking and understanding.

8:07 “Backstreet Cowboys” Making plaid jokes. Singing “I Want it That Way” Casey, Dexter and Ben. Counry BSB. It’s clever. And they have the harmonies. Zero choreography. They’re very cute.  Smart. Standing ovation. Keith loved that they made it work.  All going forward. YES. Harry: They bought into it and sold it.

8:14 Neco, George, and a couple of others. Girls: Paula, Andrina, and others. MK singing Royals with Briana and another girl. Brandy, Emily, Kenzie all come through.

8:17 Spencer Lloyd picked two girls and a song he knew. He didn’t want to rehearse. Oh, he’s from Arkansas. Huh. And one girl misses a line. “Best I Ever Had.” It’s terrible. This is maybe bad strategy for Spencer. Or, not.

8:23 Megan and Spencer say. Alyssa goes home – the one who DIDN’T flub a line. Spencer’s strategy succeeded.

Madison goes home. Keith London goes home. Interesting given yesterday. Evan, Stephanie. Adam Roth. Tequila leaves the competition.

Harry has an announcement. “Dropping out of the judges panel.”

Caleb, Matthew, Tyler and CJ. They rock. Even if one forgot his words. Harry: “Caleb owned that performance.” Caleb and  CJ go forward. Tyler and Matthew go home. Matthew is upset.

8:35 Munfarid, Alli and Jena working without their fourth in case she doesn’t sing. Sikenya will sing, or try to. Munfarid defends her. She sings nicely, with judge encouragement. They respect troupers. Only Alli goes home.

8:40 Savion, John Fox. John Fox goes home. Savion is upset.

8:45 Jessica says she’s struggling because her voice fell apart. Nica, Stephanie, Cara. Stephanie’s mom is dancing. Decent harmonies. Fun. “Single Ladies” They looked out for each other. Stephanie goes home. Mom calls her awesome. How to mitigate loss? Embarrass your daughter. And now she’s nasty to the girls who went through. Jessica, if drama follows you, it’s you.

8:53 Group round wrapping up. Love’s Angels “Say My Name” Terrica, Carmen, Emmanuel.  Harry: “not a song you could SING. No melody.” “This was terrible, but one person has potential – Emmanuel.” He has the package. The others go home.

8:56 Loud and Fierce. Last group. Christina, Olivia, Queen, Malaya “Give Me One More Chance.” All going through.

77 remaining contestants sing one final solo next week. Final judgement.


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