American Idol 2014 Hollywood Week 2 Liveblog

Let’s get this started.

8:00 Harry tells the contestants to NOT say they’re sick. It’s not professional and if  you do it right, no one will notice. Suck it up and entertain.

Tonight they reveal the top 15 each

The judges will determine “yesterday’s” performance (did we see those solos? I don’t think so), also considering the auditions.

Oh, today is Green Mile. Contestants are sitting in a holding room.

First is Emily Pariz, 17. She sang a pretty ballad to her own keyboard.  Looks like they’re going to show the solos as each contestant is told if they’re staying. Powerful voice, using high notes appropriately. “Up on Heaven’s Boulevard” Lovely job.

Everyone has director’s chairs. Harry asks her heritage. Cuban. Going to top 15.

8:08 Spencer Lloyd. Shoo-in. Show his first day performance. He sang an original during the solo. It’s very earnest. HCJr compares it to a PSA. Despite not liking the song…commercial.

8:14 Yeah, he’s in the top 15 boys.

Gillian Jensen, who also sang an original song as a solo. Makes a speech about the point being to find someone with longevity. HCJr liked it. Pretty, scratchy voice. She’s wearing the same shoes as Emily as he walks to the chairs. HCJr sees it as one of the most difficult jobs he’s ever done, to choose this top 30. She’s in.

8:18 Madelyn Patterson (What is this top 48?) Sings a country song. Lots and lots of runs.  She doesn’t make it.

Lots of tearful goodbyes. More people let go. Michael Simian is cut. MBryant Crew. (Guessing. No chyrons) Sabrina Latini.

George Lovett, 24 I’m giving you all my love.” He’s really really good. He’s in the top 15.

8:28 Shelby Ann Miller. Conner Zwetsch sang an original that sounded like Sweet Home Alabama. Originals seemed to be a bad idea in general.

Sam Woolf – also original. Wrote it when his mom moved out a few years ago. There’s real feeling in this song. He’s showing something real. I like that. They think he could be the whole package, and he’s through. I like him.

8:33 People are counting. Girl I don’t recognize is a no. Another no for another girl.

Keri Lynn Roche, 24. She seems to have done her solo in a slip and boots. I like her voice so much. A lot of personality. And she’s cut. It was close, though.

8:40 Malaya Watson, 16 She’s singing her solo badly. HCJr stops her and makes her confer with the band to get the right key. MUCH better with that worked out. She makes it in.

8:43 Maurice Townsend, who sings Wrecking Ball and really, really well. Powerfully. Keith talks about having more than just a great voice. There’s something else. And he’s in. As he deserves.

I’m wondering what they’re going to do on Thursday if they’re doing the chairs and the solos today.

8:46 Randy walks in. He’s here for the amazing judges. HCJr and Keith “audition” Something Big “G”. They dance. It’s funny.

8:51 Bria Anai Johnson, 16 Singing right up by the judges. “Man’s World”. Lots of runs.  Made it into top 15 girls.

8:52 Jessica Meuse. Original song. Oh, dear. I like the power in the song. Taking Jesse Roche with her to the chairs. Can’t have two rocker chicks named Jessie.  And Jesse forgot her words.

We’re getting a sing-off.

9:02 Jessica rocks out “Simple Kind of Man”. Jesse sings “Do Ya.” really well. Girls are really nervous, of course. And the judges do NOT agree. Guys like Jessica; JLo likes Jesse. They’re very close, though. Jessica is going through. I think that’s the right choice.

9:06 Dexter “What do you bring that’s different?” “Real bad country.” He’s through.

9:09 Emmanuel Zidor being fierce. And he’s in, amid jokes about high heels.

9:16 Young man in the chair. I think it’s Matthew. Talking about how difficult it is. No, it’s a girl named MK.  I very much apologize. She’s not the typical American Idol. She sings really well. And she just came out as gay. And she’s still in! YAY! Judges are very positive.

9:20 Kristen O’Conner Lovely voice. In fact, gorgeous. As is she. And commercial.

9:27 She’s through, as she should be.

7 girls and 6 boys are now through

9:28 Jordan Brisbane Sings “Halo” for solo. He’s sixteen that day. He’s through. Happy Birthday.

Casey McQuillen is a no. Also Neca NeShae is gone. They’re sending good singers home.

Leah and Andrina go up together. Another sing-off. Andrina sings better than Leah in her solo. And Andrina is in/Leah is out. Sad piano music. No sing-off, though. So why do this?

9:40 Some guy singing with too many runs. Ah, Malcolm Allen. 26 people with 16 spots to go. “Time on My Hands” Doing really well. HCjr is wondering if he’s marketable. JLo says he’s memorable.  Keith sings along. He’s in. Not surprised.

9:45 Alex Preston Sings in his own style. Very indie. Kinda like the weather on Night Vale. He brought his guitar with him. He’s in.

9:53 Casey and CJ. Who are friends. And live maybe 45 minutes apart. Casey Thrasher sang a country song. CJ Harris sang one, too, and missed a word. Too similar to judge. Sing-off. CJ sings “Whipping Post” and he’s amazing.  Casey is…not as good with his country song. Although Keith likes it.

And tbc. They’re doing more eliminations tomorrow.


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