American Idol 2013 Hollywood Round Week 3 Liveblog

The end of Hollywood Week. Finally.

8:01 Back to CJ Harris and Casey Thrasher. Casey is going through. But CJ was so much better! Ah. He’s also staying. Fake out, huh?

Holding room is nearly empty.

7 more places left for the girls.

8:04 Marialle Somers. We began with her at the first of the audition rounds. She sang Wrecking Ball for her solo. Her dress is turning moire on my tv. She’s going through. And forgets to breathe for a moment.

8:10 spaces are dwindling. Jena sang an original for her solo. Her name is pronounced “Gina” and they make a gag of it being pronounced “Jenna”. She’s through and they call her a “sleeper”.

8:13 Caleb Johnson – a returnee. He’s a rocker.  “Radioactive” for solo.  I always love a rocker. Just a bias. HCJr thinks he’s playing a character, as if he’s auditioning for Rock of Ages.  And there’s a commercial and a game.

8:20 Caleb is through

Ethan sang Keith Urban at his audition. “I’m So In Love With You” solo. The judges weren’t impressed . Ethan is through.

8:24 Sarina gets a no. Other noes.

David Oliver comes on. He’s another returnee. But he’s going home. Again.

8:26 Majesty Rose walks in. She missed words during her solo. She’s through. They have high hopes for her.

8:31 Briston Mahoney His solo doesn’t work for me. Carries his guitar into the ballroom. Harry tells a story about not being ready. He’s 15. And he’s through.

8:33 Brandy and Briana are called at the same time. JLo dances to Brandy’s song. Briana sings with power. Both are returnees. Both are going through. Why bring them both in, then? And no sing-off, either.

8:41 Kenzie had a poor solo performance although she shone the rest of the week. She’s through.

8:43 Savion with his ukulele. He sang another original for a solo. And he’s thinking about his brother.  He’s cut but right now, it’s probably not the worst thing. He needs to be with his family right now

8:51 Down to the last four for the last two spots. Austin and Sandy for the last girl’s spot. Sandy sings Sam Cook powerfully. Austin sings Radioactive for her solo. Both have something extraordinary. Sandy gets cut. Austin is the last girl.

8:53 Last two boys for the last boy’s slot. Ben sang “Stars” for his solo. Niko had a hard time in Hollywood. He sang in the hangar. He was sick for his solo. He sang Halo, though, with full power. Ryan joins them in the elevator. They really wanted 16 to get through. And they can’t decide how to do the last slot. We get to vote now for the guy who gets through. Which means one won’t even know until tonight. This is not nice. Not happy.

I’m sure other decisions were as difficult. This is totally unfair. And totally planned.

Even though they called Adam and Chris “Idol’s elite” – I’m really not happy. They’re going to cut more on Tuesday before they even perform live. Idol: Now With Extra Cruelty.


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