American Idol 2014 15 Girls Perform Liveblog

So looking forward to tonight.

8:00 Montage of people put in the top 30. And that final “vote”. Neco and Ben waiting on that vote.

New stage, all lights and circles. 13 stools wait. Who knew that adding a thirteenth person on S8 would be a permanent thing?

This is “Rush Week”, which is a massacre cutting 31 to 13. I hate massacres.

The judges enter. JLo forgot a skirt.

8:04 Top 15 girls introduced.  And they’re going to cut 5 girls RIGHT NOW. I can’t tell you how much I hate this. (Also poor Neco and Ben have to wait until tomorrow. So cruel.)

What is HCJr looking for? “The next superstar.”

Introducing Randy as “Our Dawgfather.” Randy loves the look of the new judges.

Discussing workshop – wanted to give the kids more insight. Wanted to give them the best advantage for the show.  Tonight is the night. This is it.

Workshop package. Randy is excited that he gets to work with the contestant. They have vocal coaches, musical director (Rickey Minor), stylists, movement coaches. Also “nondemonination spiritual advisors.” That means generic Christian, so good luck those who aren’t.

Intros Adam Lambert and Chris Daughtry. Daughtry didn’t want to be on camera with Adam because it exposes his height. Song in background is “For Your Entertainment.”

Thanks Adam and Chris but doesn’t cut to them, so they’re not there.

Oh, goodness. They’re going to call up the ten singers, so they have to wait through the whole show until they know they’re cut. Does the cruelty not end?

8:10 Majesty is called up. Adam is her favorite idol. Chose to sing Happy, by Pharrell. Adam thinks it’s perfect for her. Tell her not to rush it, to make it easier. Michael Orland asks if she’d rather move.  She looks adorable. Stops playing guitar partway through. I like this performance. Jlo: you are ready for showtime. You have the confidence you need and you got the crowd on their feet. HCJr: we were hoping you would continue what you did before, and you have set the tone for the competition. KU: it’s about the right song, and ths was easy and breezy.

New phone numbers.

8:22 Kristen (the nurse) is next. “Turning Tables” by Adele. Randy asks her about stage presence. Chris had chills with her first note. Gives her advice on how to sing the song that she takes.  She…lost my attention. I’m not happy about that. Keith noticed she had bad nerves at first, and then got better.

They have to be complimentary. There are five girls who won’t sing. The ones who do sing HAVE to be good.

8:34 Briana is next. What does she need to work on? “She has a need to lighten up. Too professional.” Singing Warrior by Demi Lovato. Being coached in body language.  Singing from a stool. I like her warm, clear voice. She does need to put more emotion in the song, but she’s sounding lovely.

KU: loves the clarity of her voice. Reminds him of Irene Cara. She didn’t find the commitment until the end. JLo: you looked scared. Young Whitney Houston. Privileged voice. She needs to find more connection. HCJr: High notes aren’t triple axels – everyone applauds, but don’t over use it. You get applause, and it can be trap. I LOVE HIM.

8:44 Jena is next. Needs to learn how to work a microphone. “Paint it Black” by the Stones. Totally wrong song for her. Back with Chris. She needs to be confident.  It’s too big a song for her. Nice the audience is clapping along, though.  Jlo: you’re one of my favorites. HCJr: What is that song about? In one sentence. Jena: “Darkness. It’s one of my favorite.” The intensity was there but he didn’t know what she was singing about. KU: you’ve been one of my favorites. Likes how she holds a mic stand.

8:54 Bria is next. SOOO much personality. Lipstick thing is her thing. She wants to stand out. She wants a set style for herself. “Appropriate Rhianna.” Adam is in this, joking about her arm. Wrong Side of a Love Song.

Low key song. Her lipstick is glowing. She goes right for the glory notes. No real build up. Lovely voice, though. HCJr: it was too shouty. He gets booed. KU: You made it to the top ten is that you can sing. You may have overshot the runway. JLo: you have star written all over you.  HCJr: We all said the same thing (too big),he got booed, KU got nothing and JLo got applause.

9:05 Marrialle is next. Singing Roar. Adam thinks it’s cool. But he tells her to slow it down, to not rush it. She needs to take her time. And to stick to what she knows.  Singing in the audience. Or sitting on the edge of the stage. A tad rushed, still, but she’s good and getting the crowd with her. Lots of personality. And USING that stage. That’s perfect. I really love this girl. And a sweet smile at the end. Best so far. And she fell out of her shoes and did it well. KU: thinks she could have been better.  JLO: Let the song get away from her. HCJr: you need to sing in tune. And to sing in the pocket. Thinks the song was too big for her. Hmm. They gave her major pimpage before – she began the series and then her audition was shown in her city’s show. And now this. Interesting.

9:16 asking the final girls what is it like in the “pressure cooker”. Malaya says it’s nerve wracking but it’s all good.  Wow, what a gauntlet to run before coming on stage. Jessica is next. She’s singing Drink a Beer. Chris talks to her about using her guitar on stage. He thinks her voice is better than her guitar playing and without the guitar, you’re more engaged. Jokes about his hair.

She has her guitar anyway. I think she’s okay. Country rock is more my thing than country, but not much more. JLo: loves her voice but can tell she was nervous. Connects with her heart. Loves her country tone. HCjr: Fresh and exciting. Need to watch your intonation. And he wanted to feel her connection to the song and to the audience. KU: gonna root for a girl from Slapback AL. He wanted her to tell a story with her voice. Yes, country songs tell stories and that’s important. It’s a blessing that she’s here.

9:28 Emily is next. She’s singing “If I was From Paris.” Adam tells her to start the song more aggressive. Wants her to contrast with the chorus. Wants her to sing it like a rock star. She’s trying very hard. I shouldn’t feel that. But she is rocking it out, so that’s good.  I don’t know.  Hmm. HCjr is smiling. Just turned 18. He wants her to be interested in the story line – does she really want to sing that song? KU: He gets that she stood in front of the mirror to tap into her inner rock chick. True artistry is baring her soul. JLo: Loved the piano and the ballad. She did THIS very well. She thought she was relaxed and very good. Loves her.

9:40 MK is next.  High fives with Adam. Needs to stay connected to the song. Rickey tells her to BE the song. John Legend’s “All of Me.” I’m glad she met Adam.  I like how she’s styled. She’s a little nervous. She’s feeling the song, and that’s exactly right. Very tender. NICE.  Crowd loves her. YAY!

KU: Perfect song choice. Simplicity and transparency and vulnerablity. JLo: At the end of the day it’s about making people feel something. And that’s what you gave up there. HCjr: elegant, articulate singing. And you BELONG here. *tears* And, omg, her MOMS. So nice.

They’d been telling constestants all night to FEEL, to connect with their songs. She actually DID. And it SHOWED.

9:50 bringing out the guys for the vote for #30. Ben is staying. Bye, Neco.

Final girl is Malaya. OH, I feel SO bad for the other five girls. SO, so bad. All hyped up. Adam likes her walk. “Hard Times” by Ray Charles. Chris likes her voice. “It’s stupid.” Never lose those glasses. She has a good voice for this. She’s getting my attention. MK likes it. 🙂 So much power for a girl still with braces. JLo: no doubt that you are one of the big powerhouse singers. It’s epic. HCjr: He looks forward to watching her settle into a space. KU: You make glasses and braces look so cool. You have confidence. You were over the top but it is rush week. I can’t wait to hear what you do next.

Brings out the other girls for applause. Poor things.


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