American 2014 15 Boys Perform Liveblog

Let’s do this.

Time to bring on the boys. And to torture them like the girls were tortured last night. I really hope the cruelty stops after this week.

8:00 Recap of last night.

8:04 That set is so LOUD. So many lights, so much movement. My nerves are jangling just looking at it. JLo is so covered. Pretty, though.

Ryan asks KU how difficult it was to choose just ten. They were down to the wire in JLo’s palatial dressing room. JLo: everyone is different now – people sing all sorts of genres. HCJr: what should the guys have learned? They need to stay in their lanes, not get knocked out by the crowd and lights.

Montage of the male contestants.

8:09 Caleb is first. Which KU telegraphed so loudly that the guy next to him rubbed his shoulders. “Stay With Me” by The Faces.  He needs to keep his eyes open. Chris tells him to smile. Adam asks how he wants people to see him. “Subtle over the topness.”

I love a rocker. Just saying that now. He reminds me of a young Jack Black. He has so much energy. And he gets the song. KU and JLo are singing along. He’s got that theater in his hands. And he puts the glory note where it belongs.

KU: That was killer. YOu can’t learn to sing like that. Perfect song. JLo: real rock star ish. Real deal. She remembers his previous tryouts and he’s ready now. HCJr: great way to start the show. Congratulations.

I think I just got a glimpse of Allison.

8:20 CJ is next – one of the Alabama guys. Early musical influence was country soul. Hugs Adam. Adam suggests he wear a fedora. Chris thought the guitar was distracting and they take it away. I think Chris would take away all guitars. “Shelter” by Ray LaMontagne.

He’s using his guitar. No one listens to Chris and guitars. But he’s wearing the fedora! I love his voice. Nice job.

JLo: thinks his singing is a beautiful thing. HCJr: look for intonation – you can be sharp. I felt like you were going to shelter me. KU: I didn’t notice the sharpness. Great Alabama boy.

He had a root canal yesterday. Wow. Not in pain.

8:32 Emmanuel is next. His family is supportive.  “The Best of My Love” Hitting very high notes with the coaches.

Well, he’s definitely moving. That’s a plus. But he needs to turn around to face the people behind him. Even it that puts him opposite the judges. The voice is big.

HCJr: he’s fun. Happy, infectious energy. But he was a little out of control. Don’t forget to sing. KU: Agrees. HCJr calls him his girl. Adrenaline kicks in but makes you sing to high. Reign in the excitement. JLo adores him. He belongs on a stage. I do agree with her. She has him sing “I’m Going Down.” His a capella is still full of melisma.

He needs to deal with that lisp.

Was it fair he got to sing a second song, though?

8:42 Randy is proud of the boys. Sam is next. He’s been accepted into the Berklee College of Music. Singing “Babylon” by  David Grey. Working with Michael Orland – he shouldn’t look down or close his eyes.

He sounds nice, but he seems nervous, too. His cheeks are bright red.

KU: “the people like you.” His voice is money. Jlo: It’s no wonder everyone’s fallen in love with him. HCJr: Really good performance; great song choice. He needs to tweak things, though and he hopes Sam will gain small degrees of confidence.

8:53 George is next. Singing “Grenade” by Bruno Mars. Not worried that others have sung it. Wants to show the passion that that song has. Adam worked with him to build the dynamics to build more contrast. Give it more contrast. YES.

Nice, rich voice. And he did listen to Adam. He did let it build a little. And he does understand the song, which is a huge thing. But so much vibrato

Jlo: thought it was really good. Felt his energy. Wants him to control his runs if he does go on. Too many of them. Wow. Really advice from JLo. HCJr: too emotionally invested. It spun out of control and why his voice cracked. He’s heard him sing better. KU: song choice is crucial. His range is such that he needs to play to his strengths.

9:06 Interviewing remaining boys. It’s crazy they don’t know if they’re going to be called.

Dexter is next. That shirt is too tight. Got his first guitar at five. Singing “This Old Boy” by Craig Morgan. Singing for Randy and Michael. Chris tells him that song choice is all about the singer, and making it his own.

It’s very, very country. But they did make his hair better.

HCjr: a lot of good things about what he did. What’s going to set him apart after Idol? KU: says he sounds like he’s from Alabama (with US southern accent, which HCJr calls sexy.) JLo: he looks and feels like he was cool and easy.

9:19 Alex is next. He’s a guitar player. Started piano and violin at five. Plays 11 or 12 instruments. “Volcano” by Damian Rice. Movement coach wants him to do more eye contact. Chris tells him he still gets nervous.


He has a interesting, cool voice. Although I hope that break was on purpose. It fits the song, so that’s good.

KU: best song choice of the night. JLo: Agrees. Different than anything else, and he’s in his own lane. HCJr: gets the sense that music is like a religion to him. He “ended on the nine.” It’s not a common note to end on. Musician talk. 🙂 (But I think music is also Harry’s religion.)

9:29 Malcolm is next. Church singer. He’s going to work with Adam on stage presence. Randy calls him amazing. Anthony Hamilton’s…something. “You need to overcommit to everything, because if you believe it, they believe it.”

I think he was really good – got into it without losing the music.

JLo: your words hit me, and vocally, you’re amazing. But she didn’t get “goosies.” HCJr: you’re a good run singer, but don’t sing the same notes over and over. And he’s sharp. You need to focus to singing in tune. I suspect Harry has perfect pitch. KU: doesn’t get to speak – played off. Strip it down. You can make such choices.

9:40 Ben (guy voted in yesterday.) Has a family history of music in country. Singing Break of Day, and wants to go electric. He needs to not close his eyes. Chris thinks he’s a what you see is what you get kind of guy.

Using electric guitar. I think it’s good? I can’t judge country. I like his powerful voice. HCJr: loves the knot in his tie. Loves him. KU: loves his voice. First shredded solo on AI. JLo: some people come alive on stage,and you’re better now than in rehearsal.

9:50 Spencer is next. Totally not a surprise. Singing something. Having issues with using the guitar. Randy thinks he should use the guitar. “Ride the Horse Who Brought You Here.” Adam thinks he should ditch the guitar. His comfort zone with the mic is good, and it’s very rock and roll.

No guitar! And I like him for the first time. I still don’t get the name of the song. But it does rock. Which is very cool. “Love to Die” It’s not what I expected from him. NICE.

KU: may not be his best vocal, but it was good. JLo: you moved the crowd. You’re a star. HCJr: this was not good. This was not your strong suit. I disagree here. But I love a rocker.

They bring out the other five guys. Keith makes the point that they had two great mentors who DIDN’T win but they made the most of their opportunities. They didn’t say anything like that to the girls,did they?


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