American Idol 2014 Results Show

Getting ready for the massacre.

Ryan introduces the top 20 survivors.

Recap from last night.

WAIT. Where’s Ryan’s TIE?

There will be a singoff tonight.

1. Malaya.

2. Ben (Not surprised. People voted for him to stay before. They’ll keep voting.)

3. Emily

4. Alex

5. Jessica

6. Dexter

7. Caleb

8. Majesty


9. MK

10. Sam

(All white male top five. )

Five will sing and three will be picked.

First performer: CJ Harris.

Singing “Bring it Home to Me.” I love this. I feel the song, and it’s perfect for him. HCjr: thought it was average. Didn’t feel the magic. JLo: felt the specialness of his voice and soul. KU: he felt like he drifted in and out emotionally.

Second: Jena Irene

She has her keyboard. I didn’t catch the name of the song. She sounded very pretty. KU: liked how she sang raw and didn’t get flustered at applause.

Third: Spencer Lloyd  (Interesting that he’s just a wild card.)

Got his guitar back. Original song? Is this the song he sang in Hollywood? The one they thought sounded like a psa? JLo: isn’t sure that was the right song.

Interesting that only one judge gets to speak now.

Fourth – Bria Anai

She ran down and she’s out of breath. Not really a good thing.  “Man’s Man’s Man’s World” She definitely has personality. HCJr: It was all over the place. She over shot the mark.

Fifth: Kristin O’Conner

Singing a song I don’t know. Her voice is pretty. But I don’t know. Harry and Keith had a consulation. KU: good performance of that song. Once again, he mentions that adrenaline can raise the key of your voice.

First through – Jena.

Second – Kristin.

Third – CJ! Yay!




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