RuPaul’s Drag Race S6E1


Fourteen queens (and I have a sticky q key.) Lots of drama predicted for this year. As there is every year.

Adore Delano, 23 years old. She has green hair. And sounds very defensive.

Ben de la Creme comes in. 31. Very perky and positive.

Gia Gunn 23. Has a purse made of hulahoops, which I love. Calls De La motherly.

Laganja Extranja does a split drop right away. And knows Adore from the same club.

April Carrion, 24, has a parachute. Weird but glamorous. Gia thinks she’s butch.

Kelly Mantle, 37. Actor.

Vivacious walks in with an alien head. 40. “Mother has arrived.” Very New York. Calls herself “living art.”

There’s only seven but there’s she-mail already. Ru comes in. Counts to seven. They’re having two premiers. Seven more next week. One will leave each week. I like that we’ll get to know them.

Prize is cosmetics and $100K.

First photoshoot – “Take a Flying Leap into Season Six.”

Mike Ruiz is there to take pictures. “To prove you’re not the Biggest Loser, take a Quantum Leap and strike a pose in front of this giant TV” Basically, jump into a pile of foam rubber in front of a painting of a test signal.

Adore looked bad but had good face. De La had good body but bad face. She could be pretty. Gia not great.

Laganja did a great job second time.

Kelly just sort of jumped. But did better the second tie.

April was good both times.

Vivacious (and Ornacia) kinda floppped both times.

And now we see them as boys. Kelly and Vivacious have been in this for 17 and 21 years respectively.

Adore has only four gowns and everyone else has so many dresses. Feels insecure.

Laganja Extranja wins the falling contest. Ru is double parked and leads the queens outside. Shows a U-Haul.  Um. Ru-Haul.

It’s full of boxes to make a high fashion look. Laganja gets to choose. They have names of tv characters. Adore wants Golden Girls but gets Honey Boo Boo.

April is not happy with the crap in the Duck Dynasty box. Neither is Adore with her box.

Adore was on American Idol (Danny Noriega). “Looked like a lesbian Jonas Bro on Idol.” Doesn’t sew.


Vivacious (Game of Thrones) wants a baby dragon. Ru says it has to scream Vivacious.

Kelly’s idol was Carol Burnett.  Has Downton Abbey and wants to turn a flower into a corset.

April going to tailor the pants she has. Which Ru makes a point that they’re masculine.

Gia has Kardashians. Is still considering options.

Announces that the special guest judge is Adam Lambert!

No one wants to be the first queen home. And Adore glued her garment to her mannikin. Gia tried to help but, it’s really bad.

RuPaul comes out on the runway.  Michelle, Mike Ruiz, Santino and Adam Lambert.

Gia is wearing a black and white dress.

April wearing a brown dress. And thinks that Adam wants her.

LaGanja  (Dancing with Stars) Silver and black.

Kelly Mantle is Downton Abbey with a weird bodice.

Adore is a mess. And she’s scared.

Vivacious is Game of Thrones. She has a crow on her wrist.

Ben de La Creme looks like Michelle Visage. Being camp and fun.

Gia’s favorite word is “absolutely.”

Adam calls April gorgeous, and she returns the compliment.

Adam got boy from Laganja.

Michelle thinks that Kelly has bacon on her chest, Santino hates the material, Adam likes how feminine.

ADore is vamping as well as she can. Michelle thinks she’s cute. No one thinks she’s looking good.

Vivacious. Michelle thinks she’s totally NY. Mike says “Carol Channing+Edgar Allen Poe”.

De La admits it’s all glued together.

Michelle didn’t like Gia’s outfit. Adam didn’t like Gia.

Adam thought April was beautiful. RuPaul doesn’t like her hair, but Adam thought it was hot.

Laganja – Michelle hated it, but Santino liked it. Mike thought she was trying too hard.

Kelly – Mike didn’t like it. Michelle thought it was off. Mike thought there was something underneath.

Adore’s outfit was hideous. Adam thought she had the “It Thing”

Vivacious. They don’t like the hairline.

Dela -impressive outfit. Adam thought it was like a couture gown. Michelle thought her personality could get old fast.


Gia is safe. LaGanja is safe. April is safe. And Adam is grinning. DeLa WINS! (and deserves it.) Kelly Mantle up for elimination  Vivacious is up for elimination. NOT Adore, who is safe.

Vivacious is doing a far better job to Express Yourself.

They do the Carol Burnett ear tug when Kelly sashays away.

New queens next week, and then they merge the next week.


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