American Idol 2014 Top 13 Results

Before the show starts – CJ, Kristen and Malaya bottom three with Kristen going home.

We begin with a group number right out the gate, with the kids singing backstage. Which means girls putting on make-up with microphones. And they’re all wearing white.  Singing “Radioactive.”

And Ryan has his tie back.

Going to have a bit of a rant here. MK is wearing make-up, which she hasn’t before. But girls wear make-up, so she has to. Just like Adam got criticized for wearing it, and praised the time he left it off. I don’t like that sort of thing. It’s also about personal preference and style.

Judges greet their adoring public.

Recap of last night. Chatter in the car going back to the house and then dinner. Jessica got tweeted by Zach Myers, and Majesty got tweeted by Janelle Monae.

Judges save ends at top 6.

Malaya, Jena, Ben and Alex are called up. So two groups of four and one of five? Commentary by Randy. I’m ignoring that.

Ben is safe. Alex is safe. So is Jena.

Malaya in bottom three.

Keith’s favorite Harry Connick song is “Jenny From the Block.”

Candice Glover, who won last year, is singing.

And I’m gonna rant again. Because she is a beautiful woman with a gorgeous voice who deserved to win and she’s being treated like dirt by her label. Instead of the normal winner’s release time of November, which takes advantage of lingering fame plus the Christmas sales, her album is being released NOW with minimal publicity and no push from her single. No one is paying attention, so it debuted out of the top ten with sales of under 20K. This is by far the lowest sales of any Idol winner.

Yes, she had a bad season and ratings are dropping like a stone, but a proper release at the right time would have been so much better. I’m angry at the way they’re treating her. Interscope doesn’t care at all.

I hope the winner this year will do better than that. But with ratings this low, who knows?

Rant over. No more rants planned.

Harry wants to see Keith naked.

MK, Sam, Majesty and Dexter.  I thought all were good. I suspect if any of them are bottom three, it’s Dexter.

Dexter is safe. Majesty is safe. MK is bottom three. Sam is safe.

Stupid, homophobic Idol fans. I am angry and upset. She was LOVELY last night.

I wonder now. If Adam had said he was gay instead of not answering the question, how long would his talent have saved him.

Apparently, the thing this year is bringing new artists forward. Jake Bugg – brought in by Keith.

Wonder if they couldn’t get established non-Idol artists. He’s a cute wgwg singing country.

Jlo likes cookies.

Ryan does the five question thing. And also hasn’t seen Keith naked.

CJ, Kristen, Caleb, Jessica, Emily. Kristen is bottom three.

So, I got two out of three, and I totally didn’t expect one of the three.  I still think Kristen is going home.

If it’s MK, I will explode.

Interesting that all three are female, though.

No one would be saved at this point in the game.

MK IS SAFE. No explosions.

Kristen is going home. As I predicted.

Oh, right. Save song. As if. She’s singing “Turning Tables.” Judges are talking. Not unanimous. She is going home.

Boot song is Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson. Interesting choice.

Theme is “Home” next week.





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