American Idol 2014 Top Thirteen Performance

Last night, I was unable to watch Idol live due to real life commitments. In other news, my mother only had a TIA, is back to herself completely and went home after only one night in the hospital. 🙂

Recap of the season so far, to show where they came from.

Huh. Once again, Ryan is without a tie. I guess this will be his look this year.  But he still has a pocket square.

Top 13 emerge from back stage. Let’s see if they’re better without a massacre hanging over their heads.

I will always be amused that the surprise addition of Anoop in Season 8 has become graven in stone.

First theme is “This Is Me” – the one song that will define them as an artist and a person.

Package on how to vote. Huh. Each contestant will have their own number for the whole season – and you can vote from the beginning of the show. Even before they sing. Which makes the singing almost irrelevant. Hmm. Also extended to 10 pst the next day.

Dexter is first. His accent is hard for me. Playing electric guitar. I can’t judge country songs, and I never got the title of this song. KU: you need to make the song your own. JLo: this shows who you are as an artist, but you need to make it Dexter. HCjr: The ear monitor may be giving you a pitch issue. Wants to see his personality.

Malaya is singing “Runaway Baby” by Bruno Mars. It’s a mess. A fun mess, but a mess. JLo: not your best vocal performance and it went off the rails. She’s a contender, though. HCJr: agrees with contender. Thinks she’s passionate. She was nervous but she needs to sing in tune. It would be better now. KU: it’s what you can do from here forward. Figure out how to use your energy for the performance.

Kristen is singing Kelly Clarkson’s “Beautiful Disaster”. She doesn’t Kelly’s talent. Thin, squeaky voice, no power. Not good. HCjr: really strong pop singer. Didn’t feel the meaning of the song.

Ben is singing “Folsom Prison Blues,” by Johnny Cash. He has a shadow band. It’s very fast. And this song is about a killer? That’s who he is? But it’s fun.  KU: Loves Johnny Cash. Tempo was a little quick. You have a such good voice, but don’t sacrifice artistry for entertainment. JLo: likes the faster tempo. Made the song your own. HCjr: best performance of the night. Likes he used an earlier song.

CJ is singing “Radio” by Darius Rucker. I like it. Warm voice, and he’s feeling the lyrics. JLo: loves the uptempo feel. Mentions pitch problems. HCJr: wants to hear the “cry” in his voice, which the song didn’t showcase. KU:disagrees. Good song choice. We’ll hear more sides.

MK is singing not a ballad. “Satisfaction” by Allen Stone. Kinda jazzy. I love her, but idk. HCJr: enjoyed the different type of song. KU: loves the growth he’s seen in her. He can see her confidence growing and her voice is great. JLo: loved the unfamiliar song and she’s awesome.

Majesty is singing “Tightrope” by Janelle Morae. High energy song that suits her perfectly. Fun performance. KU: killer song choice. Just needs more confidence. JLo: there’s nobody like you.  Great performance. HCJr: what where you thinking at the end. “I can’t believe I’ve done this.” Wants to see more sides. That was terrific. Totally agree with the judges.

Jena is singing “The Scientist” by Coldplay.  I do like this song for her. I like how she ended it, too. She can do the big notes. Ending tender is nice. JLo: unique voice, powerhouse singer. Loved it. HCjr: felt that she felt the song. Makes interesting choices and that’s cool. Loves that her melodic choices drove the song. KU: was pitchy (oops) at the beginning but she leaned in and it worked.

KU drinks from HCjr’s cup while Ryan explains the song’s meaning.

Alex is singing Jason Mraz’s “A Beautiful Mess.” Nice to hear a down-tempo song. And works really well for him and his voice. I’m enjoying this. HCJr: enjoyed the tune. One technical thing – sing in tune. Was very inward, so he wasn’t sure it helped. KU: that introspection pulled him in. Jlo: agrees with KU.

Jessica is singing “Crow and the Butterfly” I really like this – it fits her well, and it shows off her voice.  I want to hear more. KU: very bold and cool song choice. Likes the edge and rasp in her voice. JLo: got goosies (sigh). Favorite of the night. Wants to see her more relaxed. HCjr: nice that she sang a different sort of song. Nice job.

Emily is singing “Glitter in the Air” by P!nk. This is NICE. She doesn’t have P!nk’s power, but she’s making it work. Jlo: tough song done beautifully. HCJr: you sang the melody and conveyed the emotions well. KU: Beautiful vocal performance top to bottom. Don’t forget the “yang” – the edge.

Sam is singing “Unwell” by Matchbox 20. Perfect WGWG song for him. (And he’s so going to win.) Enjoying it though. HCJr: he was too perfect. If it had been messed up, it would match the song. Good, not great. KU: Needed more energy. Captivating. Jlo: adorable. Sing perfectly. Need to come alive more on stage.

Caleb is singing “Pressure n Time” by Rival Suns. He’s rocking it. Did I just see Taylor Hicks? And that was so, so, so GOOD. KU:serious pipes. Great song. How to put a twist on your “retro” because you have the skills. JLo: so ready for the rock star life. Goods to back it up. HCJr: great to hear some rock and roll. You killed it.

Kristen, CJ, Malaya bottom 3. Kristen going home.


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