RuPaul’s Drag Race S6E2

Premiere part 2: The second seven. Special guest judge is Khloe Kardashian.

First seven have a party with champagne and cupcakes. They also write a lipstick message for the second seven on the mirror. Ru (in curlers and face mask) tells them to go to bed.

The party table is still intact when Bianca Del Rio, 37 arrives. She’s an insult comic.

Second is Trinity K Bonet, 22. “Closest we’ll come to Beyonce”

Third is Joslyn Fox, who is all legs and body.

Fourth is is Milk, 25. She’s dressed like a matador and I don’t get female from her.

Magnolia Crawford, 28. “World’s most glamorous trash queen.” Nose is contoured to a point.

Sixth is Courtney Act, 31 from Sydney. She’s from Australian Idol. Interesting. Also very feminine.

Seventh is Darienne Lake, 41 and a big girl. And she doesn’t lack confidence.

Mirror says “Beware, Bitchez.” She-mail comes to tell them there were seven before them.

They’re in shock that there’s already been an elimination.

Slumber party photoshoot – sensuous pose with the Pit Crew.

Bianca Del Rio is all kinds of awkward. She doesn’t do sexy. They try a pillow fight.

Trinity K. Bonet is a lot more playful.

Joslyn Fox is looking fun. And her skirt is very, very short. And she’s not wearing undies.

Courtney Act is very, very sexy.  And she gets into the pillow fight.

Magnolia Crawford doesn’t manage it.

Milk is … well. um.

Darienne Lake looked like she was having fun.

They’re dedragging. Milk likes Courtney, who likes Milk back (as boys.)

Trinity wins the first photoshoot. I don’t disagree.

“Best Life of the Party High Fashion Couture” #PartyLikeaDragQueen

Trinity gets to pick and then choose from big themed boxes. Trinity picks Princess Party.

Gives St. Patrick’s to Darienne, Joslyn gets Quinceanera. Magnolia gets Hoe Down. Courtney Act gets Republican, Bianca gets Luau, and Milk gets the Toga party.

Joslyn loves her box with colors and. Magnolia hates her box. It’s all ugly.

Ru asks Darienne her plans but she really doesn’t know. Trinity’s K means Kardashian. Playing with Princess Leia and Princess Kate. Courtney is going to show a lot of body.

Bianca says her wit is a “rolladex of hate.” She can sew. Magnolia says she got hideous fabric. Joslyn narrowed her fabrics to all of them to avoid being “too loud and too busy.” Calls Ru “Rusy Q”. Milk is big and scary. She’s going for  Xanadu jumpsuit, which she believes will be high fashion. But she’s doing pants.

They gasp with joy about Khloe. Who is Trinity’s idol.

Milk is wearing white pants and facial hair. Um. Bianca bids her goodbye.

Joslyn is very busy. Wants to be the “black horse” (meaning “dark horse.”)

Courtney is a household name in Australia.  Darienne was on a local commercial. And Milk is wearing a beard.

Trinity is being a space princess. Bianca is wearing a Hawaiian print dress. Darienne wearing disco couture. Magnolia is wearing a cowprint dress, with a bow. Joslyn’s is so colorful and busy. Courtney is very naked.  Milk has her beard. And she’s um.

Critique: Michelle asks Trinity to remove her collar. Bianca’s dress is gorgeous. Khloe thinks she has heavy eye makeup. Michelle loves Darienne’s face, but she’s boring. Too much ruching. Michelle thinks Magnolia’s nose is too contoured. And Magnolia thinks she’s not basic. Khloe gets “anger” from her. Joslyn flirts with Santino. Michelle thinks she’s too beautiful for all of that. Santino loves it. Michelle thinks her skirt is too long. Milk…Michelle asks if this is representative of who she is. Not glamorous. Santino thinks she looks great except the beard.

Khloe loved Trinity. Ru loved Bianca’s dress but she needed contouring. They hate Darienne’s ruching. Magnolia was not campy enough and too defensive. Joslyn – Michelle hated the outfit. Courtney was relying on her body. Michelle expected a lot more from her. Santino hoped Milk would make the look more feminine.

Trinity is safe. Bianca WINS a shopping spree. Milk is safe for not playing it safe. Courtney Act is safe. Magnolia is up for elimination. Joslyn is safe. So it’s Darienne and Magnolia.

Turn the Beat Around. Darienne owns the stage. Magnolia is stiff and weird. Darienne is staying, and rightfully so. Magnolia sashays away.

Next week, the twelve remaining queens meet.  And they seem to be in two teams…




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