American Idol 2014 Top 12 Perform

Tonight’s theme is Home.

Ryan taking selfies with the crowd.

Voting is open. They’ll show some results in the middle of the show.

Jena is first. “Suddenly I See” by KT Tunstall. It’s an upbeat song. Keith is taking notes. I like her energy, and how she ended the song. Really nice.

KU likes her stage presence. He likes that she changed it and moved. JLo – right there at the precipice of finding yourself. Makes every song her own. HCJr – enjoyed her choices in the melody. He wanted her to be on 2 and 4 instead of 1 and 3 -wanted more energy.  I honestly have no idea what Harry meant there.

Current rankings – CJ, Sam, Ben, MK, Malaya and Majesty in order.

Alex is next. “I Don’t Wanna Be” by Gavin DeGraw, whom he’s played with.  I love that Alex has his own sound. I’m really enjoying this.

Jlo: loves his suit. Wasn’t his best performance, that the arrangement didn’t suit the song. It overtook his voice. HCjr: likes that he ended on the nine. He’s good at being intimate, so it’s nice to see him step out of his normal box. He admires that he was different, but it overpowered him. KU: “instability” – you weren’t sure how to be in the arrangement. He lost breath control and pitch, due to nerves, due to lack of comfort.

Jessica is next. She misses cows. “White Flag” by Dido. She’s sung it for years. This is lovely.

HCJr: thought it was sharp and felt very off. Didn’t feel like she was present in the performance. KU: loves the way she sings and her musicality. You really need to believe it and mean it, pitch is less important. JLo: understands both arguments. Not coming off as comfortable. The sharp was distracting, and not enough conviction.

I like that the judges aren’t soft-pedaling, even if I disagree. They gave her constructive criticism.

Now  Dexter’s turn. “Lucky Man” by Montgomery Gentry. He’s enunciating better. That helps.

KU: that was the perfect song. Showed his vulnerable side. Well-done. JLo: You surprised us in a good way. HCJr: it’s about being honest. Best performance of the night.

Hi, Emily. Aww. A video from her boyfriend, who is in the Marines. “Let’s Get Loud” by Jennifer Lopez. That’s kinda risky. Jlo is singing along. Emily is feeling the song. But in all honesty, I’m looking for Allison Iraheta rn.

Jlo: Representing for all the Latin@s! It makes her happy. It was a pleasure for her. HCJr: thought it took courage. You have to match the intensity of the locomotive train, drive it. The production was too big. KU: LOVED IT. Be more confident. JLo demonstrates a hair whip with her massive bedhead.

Caleb is next. He’s singing Rush – “Working Man.” No guitar. He’s rocking it out as usual. Love my rockers.

HCJr: the most consistent performer. He’s too predictable. Wants turbulance and change. KU: one of the best singers he’s heard. You need to work without a band around him. Jlo: you will change things. Great job tonight.

Realtime results – Dexter, Jessica, Caleb, Jena, Alex, Emily in that order.

MK is next. She’s singing “Drops of Jupiter” by Train. And MK has four moms. Oy, she’s so very off. So nervous sounding. This is not a great song to start with, but she’s just not doing it.

KU: Loves the song and the song choice. Vocals are fine, but you’re not connected. And also sling the guitar behind you if you’re not playing it. JLo: nice song. Likes that she belted. HCJr: doesn’t feel like she wants to be here. Work on the things that are HARD.

CJ’s turn. “Waiting on the World to Change” by John Mayer. It’s a fine performance, but not special to me.

JLo: glad he chose a message song, and he looks great. HCJr: he sang sharp and it felt right. KU: all that’s missing is a way to make the song his own. Has to be more than a cover.

James Durbin is there, as well as the spiritual advisors.

Sam Woolf – “Just One” by Blind Pilot I’m enjoying this. Low key but strong.

HCJr: likes the lyrics and thought it was pleasant. There has to be emotional dynamics, and there’s one beat. Harry, he’s a KID. KU: You’ll be here next week, because you have a beautiful tone. JLo: you have to push outside your comfort zone.

Now for Malaya. “Take Me to King” by Tamela Mann. Going to play the piano. I have a hard time judging gospel. Not fond of religious music -ANYONE’s.  I miss Malaya’s energy. She’s shouting now. I don’t know.

KU: Jen got goosies. Doesn’t know the song but thought it was beautiful. JLo was with her from the beginning. HCJr: this felt focused. It took guts. He’s proud of her because she saw it through.

Ben’s next. “Turning Home” by David Nail. He has no friends or family there. Crowd is clapping. It’s a nice country song.

Jlo: problems with the piano at first, but you did at the end. HCJr: did not feel connected to him. Wasn’t great. KU: you have an incredible voice, but there was so much focus that he lost the story.

Ryan comes out with deviled eggs – Ben’s favorite.

Finally, Majesty. “Fix You” by Coldplay. She’s making it her own, which is very good. Hi, Allison. Sweet and pretty.

HCJr: you looked like you belonged on the stage. Was better to stay in the quiet mode. JLo: agrees. KU: we’ll see you next week.


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