American Idol 2014 Top 12 Results

Bottom three – CJ, MK and Alex. MK going home, unfortunately.

Group song begins outside. Singing Phillip Phillips’ “Home” recorded on their phones.

Judges have Gummi Bears. HCJr tosses all of his to the crowd by mistake.

Phillip Phillips and an Irish group called Kodaline to perform.

Harry was hired as a judge, not a mentor. He only has so long to help them. He knows they’re all incredibly talented. He doesn’t need to say that. He didn’t see that talent last night, though.

Emily, Sam, Jessica and Ben are called down.

Emily is bottom three.

Did not expect that. Huh. She was fun last night.

Phillip Phillips sang his latest single, “Raging Fire.” He still can’t sing melody.

Jena, Dexter, Majesty and Alex called next.

Dexter is safe. Majesty is safe. Jena is bottom three. Alex is safe.

Kodaline (Irish band) is playing. Okay. Maybe they’ll have Halo Circus (Allison Iraheta’s band) play one show.

Malaya, MK, CJ and Caleb are the final four.

Caleb is safe, CJ is safe, Malaya is safe. MK is bottom three again. This time, I expected it. And she didn’t sing well last night, so I’m okay with it.

Jena is safe. Emily is going home. OMG.

She’s singing for a save – “Heaven’s Boulevard” – but it’s way too early in the game for one. Judges aren’t even pretending. Her parents are so sad. And they don’t save her.




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