American Idol 2014 Top Eleven Perform

Just a note – I was cooking dinner and sliced a tiny sliver out of my left middle finger. Typing is fun. I’ve done it before. I’ll be fine.

Songs from the Cinema

The ones who survive this week will be on the tour, however the tour will be this year – only 20 cities. Adam’s doing almost as much with Queen.

I should post about that.

Jennifer is very pink.

Songs must either be written for the movies or popularized by them.

Jennifer wants to see them want to win.

Harry has a catchphrase. “You have to be in it to win it.” Shades of Randy.

First up is Sam. “Come Together” by the Beatles. Kris Allen sang this. I started late so I’m skipping the package.

No guitar. Not a bad choice for him. And he’s making it his own. Plus this wasn’t a Kris Allen moment, so it’s okay.

KU liked hearing that side of him, because it was new. He needs get looser. JLo wants him to realize that the girls like him. And he needs to show more personality, but a nice start to the show. HCjr thinks he’s along the way he’s going to be. That song needs vibe because of the nonsense lyrics.

Jessica is next. And she has extensions galore in her hair.  “The Sound of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkle. Not sung in competition on Idol again.

She slowed it waaaaaay down.  And it just does not sound good. I mean, it’s too slow for a slow song. It’s even more dirgelike.

Jlo: it should have been great, but it wasn’t. HCJr – band was off. If your lane is to just stand there and sing, then you’ll do that. KU: work on using the dynamics of the microphone.

CJ is next. “Can’t You See” by Marshall Tucker Band. He has a brand new guitar. I like his voice with this – rough and bluesy. He’s feeling it, too. I really loved it.

KU gave a standing ovation. HCJr: picked and sang his way back to the forefront of this competition. Very, very strong. KU: killer. Completely nailed it.  JLo: frontrunner, baby.

Dexter is next. “Sweet Home, Alabama” by Lynard Skynard.  And he rushed the lyric.  It’s a song I love, and he’s doing an okay job.

KU: loves the haircut (and he does look better.) Keep working on making the song individual. Jlo: all about personality. HCjr: you need to be bigger than that song.

Ben is up. He’s singing “Bennie and the Jets” by Elton John. Haley sang this season 10.  At the grand piano. He sounds like Elton. Very karaoke.

JLo: confused because he’s not very country this week. Good vocal performance. Not sure if it was who he is. HCJr: Elton really pounds the piano. It felt lackadaisical. Still waiting to hear the real Ben. KU: confused, like the others. He loved the easy authenticity and that’s gone now.

CJ in the lead in the vote.

Majesty is next. “Let it Be” by Idina Menzel. PRETTY dress.  She has a good voice for Disney songs. That’s a compliment. Also nicely arranged. Really good job. I love her stage presence.

HCJr: she sings everything, so she’s spreading herself stylistically thin. You have to be superb. That was strong. KU: That’s  BIG song. Most of it was really good. That song could have been written for her. JLo: could be a voice in one of those movies. She could do anything.

Caleb is next. “Skyfall” by Adele. Interesting choice. I think it really works, and I like it shows a different side for him.

KU: that was not predictable, but fully dependable. Great restrained performance. Jl0: what she’s been waiting for. Perfect song choice. HCJr: competition started tonight. That was fantastic.

I agree.

MK is up. “To Make You Feel My Love” by Garth Brooks. She started rough, and off pitch. She improves, but I don’t know. I just don’t know. Sung by Kris Allen on Idol.

She looks like P!nk now.

JLo: Loved it. Compares her to kd lang. HCJr: When you own it, you own it. Nail the runs. Harry’s music lesson : melissmas. Must be good. KU: showing who you can be. Really, really good.

Alex now. “Falling Slowly” by  Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová. Sung to tremendous effect by Kris Allen. Is this Kris Allen night? HCJr: pretty and well done. KU: loves that it was very fragile and very real. Loves his artistry. JLo: perfect.

Jena’s turn. “Decode” by Paramore. I do not know this song.  She sounds very pretty. KU: loves how she plays the piano. JLO: one of the best voices here. Best of the night.(NO – Majesty and Caleb.) HCJr: just as good as Paramore but very strong.

Malaya is last. “I Am Changing” by Jennifer Hudson. Suits her big voice. But it’s a dull song.

Jlo: perfect song. HCJr: most diverse group Idol has ever seen. (S7.) Going to be a pleasure to watch you grow. KU: played to your strengths. You may need to rein some things in.  Magnificent.

Okay. MK, Jessica and Ben. MK home.




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