American Idol 2014 Top Eleven Results

I’m typing with a huge bandage on my most important touch typing finger. This will be fun. And possibly painful.

Let’s see the twist on the group sing tonight. Ryan says tonight’s outcome may surprise a few people.

BTW. Ben, MK and Jess. Bye-bye Jess.

Harry is singing “tonight” (pretaped.) So, up and coming act and a judge. Doesn’t Lee DeWyse have a song out?

No group sing. Just the restaurant thing I ignore.

CJ, Caleb and Dexter. Caleb is safe. So are the other two. That’s one wrong.

Harry performs.

And Caleb scatted as Harry and was REALLY good.


MK, Ben, Majesty and Malaya. Malaya is safe. MK is safe. YAY! Both Majesty and Ben are bottom 3.

A boy in the bottom three. Wow.

Mali Music, who is a discovery by JLo. He’s nice to listen to.

JLo is performing next week. Of course. Keith’ll be the next week, and then the result show goes to 30 minutes.

Jessica, Sam, Alex and Jena.  Jessica is safe. Totally wrong tonight. Not upset. Alex is safe. SAM is bottom 3.

TWO boys in bottom 3. I’m AMAZED.

Sam is safe.  Majesty is safe. Ben is in danger. (I suspect he’s going home. I’d bet a save for either of the other two.)

Ben is going home. Just top ten on tour, then.

And to add to this season’s cruelty, boot song is Breakaway, sung by the person going home.  Which means they had to record this. That’s just not nice.

Billboard Top Ten next week.



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