RuPaul’s Drag Race S6E03

Happy Purim! I’m sorry this is so late – I had a busy week, between my wedding anniversary and a trip to the emergency room. I am fine, but my finger hurts.

The two groups meet. And there is instant tension. Bianca doesn’t like Laganja. Gia thinks Darienne is fat. Our two Idols meet, and Courtney asks Adore if she was season 1. Vivacious notices that both cliques are tight.

The girls meet as boys and Gia’s already throwing shade.

Spooky femail from Ru – “Stay away from the light.” Ru appears and tells them to pair up with a member of the other group.  They are to be two halves of a bathing beauty. First name is the top.

Courtney and Laganja, Adore and Milk, DeLa and Darienne, Gia and Jaslyn, , April and Trinity, Bianca and Vivacious. Adore and Milk win.

They are to make two teams of six to make two horror movie scenes, one 60s, one 80s. Adore and Milk are team captains. And the teams are the original split. Adore’s team gets the 80s scene.

Adore gives out the roles, and some are lost. And April is supposed to be butch.

Team Milk has the 60s scene. Darienne is okay to be a head in a box. Trinity is not happy with a big role, but won’t take help.

MOst of the team is very good. Trinity is not aware of the camera and faces away from it. Darienne’s head is excellent.

Adore’s team is not very good. April isn’t a good  lesbian, and Gia can’t get the lingo.  Adore misses her cue and her lines. It’s actually terrible. Like a team of Trinities.

The queens beat their faces for the runway. Vivacious talks about the old style drag, and the current feminine look. Trinity wants to be Beyonce, but Bianca thinks Beyonce is hard because in looks, she’s just pretty. No special tropes. Trinity doesn’t agree.

Lena Headey from Game of Thrones and Linda Blair are the guests.

Bianca – totally old Hollywood.

Courtne, very Aussie patriotic.

Jaslyn – Gold drapery disco.

Trinity – Orange and flounces.

Milk – is Pinochio and legs.

Darienne – floaty and silver, and graceful.

April – Has an umbrella with rain.

LaGanja – Has a very high hat. Peachy.

Gia – is a medusa, with a jump suit.

Adore – black sequin mermaid

DeLa is being playboy.

Vivacious is wearing giant black cones over red. I don’t know.

Team Milk’s screen test. It’s really good.

Team Adore’s screen test. Editing is a lovely thing. Still not as good as Team Milk.

Gia is surprised the 60s one was in black and white. Um.

Team Milk wins. Trinity is crying. Darienne wins the main challenge as she deserves.

Team Adore is up for judgement.

They loved April’s runway outfit, but thought her performance was bad.

They really liked LaGanja’s outfit, but she didn’t help April.

They liked Gia’s valley “virgin”.

Adore isn’t properly cinched. She didn’t think about her casting. And she let her charisma help her, but she needs to do the work.

Praise for DeLa’s scream.

They appreciate Vivacious’ look, but didn’t like her acting.

April was miscast. Shouldn’t Adore be accountable? LaGanja – she didn’t suck. Gia – wasn’t her best drag and her performance was flat. Adore was ill prepared, but good. She will be unstoppable. Dela was a star, and would have won the challenge on a different team. Vivacious’s look was dated and she didn’t bring it on as a talking head. She does stay true to who she is.

DeLa is safe. Vivacious is up for elimination. LaGanja is safe. Gia is safe. Adore is safe. April is up for elimination. Idk – it was Adore’s casting.

Lip syncing to “Shake it Up” Gia strips down first. Vivacious is… selling it. So is April.

April is staying. Vivacious is gone.  Yeah, that works since Vivacious has already been on the bottom.




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