RuPaul’s Drag Race S6E04

Gia strips herself down in the workroom, playing with her “boobs.” Bianca does not like her.

Ru’s Shemail – “Spring Awakening”, Kinky Boots, Wicked…Broadway musical  theme.

If you’re famous, every inch gets examined; if you’re a famous  drag queen, it’s even tougher.

Queens have to decide if an extreme close up is a biological woman (female) or a drag queen. (She-male.) Dela and Adore win.

“Most ambitious challenge in Drag Race history – “Shade: the Rusical”.

Adore didn’t do well at this last week.

Teams are mixed because Dela and Adore are from the same original group.

DeLa casts by strength. Trinity doesn’t want a challenge, but others are willing. Plus, Courtney and Adore are both talented singers. The Rusical will be the battle of the Idols.

Adore has to cast. April refuses to be a butch queen again. Adore is happy to be Evil Penny.

Milk doesn’t like Gia’s voice. Neither does Darienne.

Courtney is working on whistle tone. Trinity is…going to give it her best. She doesn’t sing live.

Have to work together while still standing out.

Ru reminds Adore that she needs to do her homework.

They are doing Tony Awards glamor for the runway.

Courtney was really bad when she sang- odd. Gia still has problems with colloquial English. She and Darienne need to be funny, and they aren’t.

Trinity can’t get the moves, and protests a lot.

When asked who Jaslyn will model herself as the “butch queen”, she says Bianca.

Adore is terrified in front of the playwright. Jaslyn has a “distinctive voice.” April can’t manage the singing.

Trinity is just not a team player.

Gia doesn’t know what a Tony is. Courtney got to the finals in drag. Adore was told to be more butch on Idol (by her mother.) Darienne wants to know if he was the first gay person on Idol. Um, no. And there hasn’t been a truly out gay contestant on American Idol until MK this year. (Adam was out in his life, but neither confirmed nor denied during the competition.)

Gia’s been doing kabuki since he was very small.

Guest hosts are Lucian Piane, who wrote the musical, and Sheryl Lee Ralph.

Act I is DeLa’s group. They really aren’t bad at all. DeLa’s great. And Courtney’s a wonderful singer.

ActII is Adore’s. And Adore can certainly sing. This isn’t bad, either. That was fun.

I’d give more of a nod to the first group, because of DeLa, but really both were fine given lack of experience in acting/singing.

Queens are introduced very quickly. No real time to see them.

Bianca, Milk, Laganja, Gia and Jaslyn are safe.

Trinity looks beautiful, but Michelle can’t understand her. Sheryl tells her to put a cork in her mouth to learn enunciation. “put a cork in each.’

Darienne – Michelle thought she was lost in the comedy queen.

DeLa – Sheryl thinks she had too much, so Dela removes a collar. Santino loved her performance.

Courtney – she is working it, and she can SING. Lucian thought she was a STAR, but she did miss cues.

Adore – Santino wanted a longer dress, Michelle wants her to cinch her waist. Sheryl thought she could be on Idol.

April’s shading off. She didn’t deliver the attitude of a big girl.

Lucian hated Trinity’s diction. Could it be her flippers (fake teeth.)

Sheryl thought that Darienne got lost.

Michelle was transported by Courtney. Lucian didn’t mind the off notes.

Dela -knew everything and worked it. And showed restraint.

Adore has a beautiful voice. Santino thought she was MVP.

April is beautiful and tried HARD. Did not embody the big girl role.

Prediction – DeLa will win; April and Trinity will lip sync for their lives.  I suspect April will stay.

Top -Courtney, DeLa and Adore. And COURTNEY wins. (So BAD at predictions am I.)

Darienne, Trinity and April on bottom.  And Darienne is safe. Got this right. 🙂

Trinity is killing it.

And Trinity is staying. As I think, after her performance, she should.


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