American Idol 2014 Top Ten Performance

Opening to #Selfie.

Huh. Jlo looks really nice tonight.

Tonight is Billboard Top Ten.

From 2011 until today, anything in any top ten.

Ryan talks about the earthquake on Monday. He was playing Pharrell’s Happy on the radio. Jlo was sleeping. HCJr was “doing the NeNe.”

Package on media training for the top ten Idols. They go to Ryan’s radio studio.

MK – “Fucking Perfect” (censored.) by P!nk. I like this look for her. It’s absolutely MK but also really good. And I think she’s doing a really good job. It’s so good to see her rock uptempo. And I think I just heard Allison in the background.

KU: compliments her looks, and says she recovered well from a band glitch. You need to own the stage. JLo : really loved that. But she needs to not let us see it was a mistake. HCJr: didn’t feel the song. And she was too much like P!nk.  I see busing going on.

Dexter – Cruise – Florida-Georgia Line. He’s fine.  Jlo: gotta keep the crowd with you. HCJr: not a great performance, and you sounded generic. MK could have sung it. KU: good song choice for you. But he sounded like the original.

Jena is doing Clarity by Zedd. She’s doing electronic music. Only the arrangement is with the band. I don’t know this song, but I love what she’s doing. Audience has glow sticks.

HCJr: this is your wheelhouse. I can see you living in that world, and I can see who you are now. “There’s not a whole lot to this tune.” KU disagrees, points out the massive intervals. KU: loves the song. Best performance of the night. JLO loved it, too.

Alex – The Story of My Life, One Direction The girls in the audience love it. It’s a lightweight song, but it’s enjoyable.

KU: you made it your own. Really good. JLo loved it. Reminded her of Buddy Holly. HCJr: He hit the bullseye on artistry. Really starting to understand who he is.

Malaya – When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars. Someone else playing the piano. Okay.   I like her singing sweet like this.

JLo: happy she didn’t change the lyrics. She had (sigh) goosies. HCJr: liked how sincere she was in interpreting the lyrics. Work with the music people and ask them to show you different chords and how to do runs with them. KU: just sing it the way it is. Well done. He’s also hearing more control in her voice.

Caleb is singing Lady Gaga’s Edge of Glory. He’s great as usual. Ohh. No mic stand. That’s a first for him.

HCJr: he likes that he chose a pop tune, and put his own spin. He’s had better performances but A for originality. KU teases him to giving an A+. But he also wants to hear soft and intimate. KU: killer tone. You deliver every week. Interesting song choice. Didn’t dig the halftone feel. (I do not know what this means.) He felt like it was lumbering. Voice is too big. Jlo: sounded great. Loved the half time, but didn’t quite believe him. Needed more connection.

CJ: Invisible by Hunter Hayes. Sweet song, although a tad preachy. And he sounds rather off to me.

KU: rooting for him. Nailed it in rehearsal but he loses his tune in performance. JLo: so much heart. HCJr doesn’t go to rehearsals. When it comes to “pitch, tune, intonation, singing sharp” – you can fix it. YOu have the ear and the talent. You can do it.

Jessica : “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People. She’s not singing clearly. But she’s nailing the tune, and it sounds fun.

JLo was happy with that performance. Felt really good. Right in her wheelhouse. HCJr: disagrees. Didn’t like the complacent smile – was she interpreting the lyrics? Wants her to emote on a different level. KU: likes that she made it her own.  Discussion of the lyrics.

Majesty is next. Wake Me Up by Avicii. That’s a very odd choice. She sounds scared.  I don’t think it was good.

HCJr: thought it was great. KU: making the song folk means the song doesn’t work.  JLo: Saw fear in the beginning. You can’t let it happen.

Sam: We Are Young by Fun.. Idk. He’s sixteen – this is actually too old for him. I don’t think it was bad, though. KU: good job, Sam. JLo: loved it. HCjr: most show self-assertion. Own it.

I’m not even going to try to guess. 🙂



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