American Idol 2014 Top Ten Results

Jennifer says she’s going to change for her performance. Because it’s pre-taped.

I’m ignoring the “supper club” portion.

Malaya, Dexter, Jessica.

Florida Georgia Line sent a video wishing Dexter luck. That was LOVELY.

Jessica is safe. Dexter is going to the stools. Malaya is safe.

JLo sings a highly repetitive song.

And she doesn’t say Allison’s last name. I’m going to assume that’s Allison’s choice.

And now JLo pretends to have changed her outfit and her hair.

Alex, Majesty and Caleb. I’m worried about Majesty. Caleb apologizes about a peanut allergy joke he made last night.

Ryan makes a One Direction joke before Alex goes to the couches.

I was right to worry about Majesty. 😦 Caleb is safe.

Harry brings in a group called “Royal Teeth”, who are from Louisiana.  Says they’re awesome.

Not my style of band, but they’re okay. The song isn’t doing anything for me.

Sam, Jena, MK and CJ. Last is between MK and CJ.

Hunter Hayes sent in a video to support CJ and thanking him for singing his song. 🙂

CJ is safe.  Jena is safe. So is Sam. MK is bottom three. I think she’s going home.

Majesty is safe.  I think MK knows, though. And it is her singing for her life.

They aren’t going to save her. Singing John Legend’s “All of You”

JLo looks so sad.  I think the judges are really talking it over.

I think it’s the right decision. She was never going to win. Her voice was limited and her growth didn’t happen. Sad, though.



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