RuPaul’s Drag Race S6Ep05

The girls recap last ep – who should have gone. LaGanja continues to complain that she was taken out of the center of attention when she saw her parents last week during the Untucked episode. Bianca isn’t having it.

Bianca and Laganja continue to argue.

Ru calls on the “basic” racers. I am not going to use the offensive term Ru uses for “email.” It’s derogatory term for transgender women, who have competed on this show, which kinda makes it worse.

It’s SNATCH GAME! Which doesn’t work if you don’t do impressions, like DeLa.

Jaslyn is doing someone from Real Housewives of NJ, I think. Laganja is doing Rachel Zoe, and intends to speak in her voice.  Bianca is doing Judge Judy. “She’s smart, she’s sensible and she’s a f’ing bitch.”

Adore is doing Anna Nicole Smith. She identifies with her strongly. And she’s very funny.

DeLa is doing Dame Maggie Smith. When asked how she’ll make Maggie Smith funny, she doesn’t know. She also can’t do an English accent. Ru asks her to be Alyssa Edwards from last season. Not impressed.

Ru is intrigued by Laganja’s headpiece. He has Rachel’s speech trope.

Milk is doing Julia Child. To make her funny, she’s going to be over the top. And she’s smart. She wants Ru to have low expectations.

Ru LOVES Judge Judy. She watches her every day. The heat is on. Bianca is scared.

Gia is going to do Selena, and also can’t say how she’ll be funny. Ru isn’t buying. Adore can’t figure out what’s funny about a murdered singer.

The runway challenge is “Night of a Thousand Rus”

Gia is thinking about changing while putting on her make-up for Selena.

Guests are Heather MacDonald and Gillian Jacob.

Bianca – Judge Judy. Adore – Anna Nicole Smith.  Milk- Julia Child (and gets the accent totally wrong.) Courtney- Fran Drescher  Laganja – Rachel Zoe Darienne – Paula Deen  Gia – Kim  Jaslyn – Real Housewife  Dela – Dame Maggie Smith  Trinity – Nicki Minaj

“Cher is so attached to social media that even her ___ has a Twitter account.” Heather said “wig.”

Bianca has a puppet of the bailiff.  “Old Nose.” Adore is perfectly blurry. “Hair”. Laganja: “Shoes.”  Bianca wants to know why she sounds like a robot.  DeLa – “songbird” and Maggie doesn’t understand the game. Trinity doesn’t understand Maggie’s speech. Dela is perfect. 🙂

“The City of San Francisco is so gay, their mounted police don’t ride horses. They ride ___.” Gillian says “bears.”

Julia Child (Milk) is awkward as hell. “Sausage trucks.” Gia – “Bentley” Bianca yells that beauty fades. Jaslyn says “prostitution horse” Trinity changed her wig. Like Chad did, although Chad played the game brilliantly.”

“That Chelsea Handler is so wrong. She’s launching a new vodka that’s flavored with ____” Heather (who works with Chelsea), says “Xanax.”

Anna Nicole Smith – “Vodka” Fran Dresher – “Alcohol” Kim Kardashian – “big black d**k” RHWNJ: “Cumin” (Comin) Dame Maggie – “Citrus”.

Bianca was great. So was Darienne, and Adore. I think the best was DeLa, though. She was PERFECT.

Courtney is excited to dress as Ru. DeLa talks about being fat and gay and losing her mom at thirteen – her biggest support. She learned from her drag character that she could bring to her boy self.

Bianca offers to lace Adore into her extra cincher, which Adore gratefully accepts. I like that she’s willing to accept help. I like that Bianca was willing to help.

Michele is dressed like Ru, appropriately.

Jaslyn is wearing a gorgeous black number.

Gia is wearing an actual RuPaul gown.

Darienne doing RuPaul as Eartha Kitt.

Laganja is a fembot.

Bianca is being a covergirl. Ru as she is now.

Adore “inspired by RuPaul” and showing off her cinched waist.

Trinity – Illusion of RuPaul.

Dela is also wearing a RuPaul Dress.

Courtney is “possessed by the spirit of RuPaul” – her Bob Mackey.

Milk is dressed as Ru in the workroom.

Courtney, Darienne, Jaslyn, Trinity – all safe.


Gia – she picked a celebrity without a big personality. A lot can be forgiven if funny.

Laganja – she was the chicken lady, not Rachel Zoe. She sunk back, and she knows.

Bianca – Brilliant as Judge Judy. She interacted. Was fabulous.

Adore – nothing RuPaul about the look. But her waist is great, and so was Anna Nicole.

DeLa  – the love the dress and Dame Maggie.

Milk – it wasn’t very surprising she wore pants. She doesn’t want to go glam because she’d stand out for the “wrong” reasons. She needs to show some vulnerability.

Tightest “snatch game” in history. Santino loved Judge Judy. But not the best Ru look.

Laganja – Santino – she gave the fembot look. Michele didn’t like her Rachel Zoe.

Adore – was really channeling Anna Nicole Smith. But her dress was wrong.

Dela – was perfect as Ru and Dame Maggie, but another old lady…

Gia – worst as Kim. Didn’t go for it.

Milk – made a poor Julia and she made a poor choice as boy-Ru.

Dela WINS. Richly deserved.

Bianca is safe. Adore is safe.

Milk is safe. Barely. By the seat of Ru’s pants. Gia and Laganja are up for elimination.

Song is “Head to Toe”

Gia takes off her dress. Laganja does a death drop. I can’t actually judge.

Laganja stays. Bye-bye, Gia. Who probably never got the joke of Ch-ch-chia pet. And who is bitter than Milk is still there.



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2 Responses to RuPaul’s Drag Race S6Ep05

  1. Laura JV says:

    I feel like Milk COULD be doing so well, if she put in a little more thought. Like, Julia Child could have been HILARIOUS — Julia was! And she had a very interesting life! — but Milk had nothing.

    Same problem last week, with the pregnant look — that seemed to me like an obvious Fanny Brice reference. WHY do the makeup she did with it, instead of going full-on Streisand? Why be unable to defend it when someone comes for you? THINK!

    • mamadeb says:

      I think that Courtney had it right. Milk doesn’t have the make-up skills to do Streisand. Plus, I think she relies on the initial shock of her appearance to carry the rest. Julia was a very funny lady with well-known shticks perfect for Snatch Game. Milk failed.

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