American Idol 2014 Top Nine Results

Half hour results show. Well, it’ll be fast.

And we start with the restaurant.

And there’s a shoe joke.  Which stopped being funny the first time Harry stole it.

I vaguely remember half hour result shows – season 6, right? Or 5?

Janelle Monae is performing.

Randy’s favorites were Caleb, Malaya and Jena. (I think Alex, not Malaya.) Cream is rising to the top. The others? Time to catch up.

Revealing who is safe via big screen.

1. Jena

2. Malaya

Revealing #3 after Janelle sings.

It’s a movie soundtrack. Rio2. Okay.

3. Alex

4. Jessica

5. Caleb (don’t look surprised, Caleb.)

6.  Dexter

So Sam, Majesty and CJ are bottom three. Not a shock at this point.


Ryan asks JLo if she thinks America got it right. Harry answers and says America is smart.

Did any of the bottom three sound better on playback? Jennifer says yes but won’t say who.

Majesty is singing for the save. Sam and CJ are safe. She says she knew it.

She sings “Happy.” And it’s not great, but very high energy. JLo looks very serious. Lots of consulting.

Still, they might use the save.

KU: by a narrow margin (two to one?), not unanimous and she’s going home.

Good-bye, Majesty. You were a frontrunner once.



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