RuPaul’s Drag Race S6Ep06

The pressure is getting toLaganja. Trinity, who’d told people during Untucked, tells the rest that she’s HIV positive and that she’s there to be an advocate.

I’ve seen a number of HIV reveals on runways and it’s dramatic and everything. I like that Trinity’s was behind the scenes – her message is still there for the audience, where it counts, but it’s not a factor in how she’s judged. Good for her.

I respect everyone who reveals their status, and I know that often it was purely emotional when they do reveal, so I’m not judging.

Darienne asks if any of the original six have won, and Courtney says she has. Darienne isn’t impressed.

Bianca is sure something’s gonna happen to her. The others all want an end to group competitions – Adore says she’s not a group person, but a Beyonce. “At least Beyonce’s dresses hit the floor.” Adore laughs.

Mail arrives. Lots of dance/hip hop puns.  The minichallenge is sponsored by the letter T – “All T, all Shade.” “The Library is Open!”

Bianca is funny. Adore really attacks Laganja. Trinity shades herself. Milk is nasty. Laganja is not funny. Darienne is clever. Most of the Adore jokes are about her being stupid. Adore takes it well. Darienne wins.

Main challenge – “Rap Ballad Royale” – write and perform their own rap to “Oh, No She Betta Don’t.” written for the occasion. Darienne chooses Laganja, Bianca, Adore and Courtney on her team.

Dela isn’t happ y to be not chosen. He’s with Milk, Trinity and Joslyn.

Adore does not like Laganja’s choreography.

Trinity is not great as a rapper. Dela tries to encourage her to enunciate, but Trinity doesn’t think that’s how you rap.

Adore thinks this is a great challenge. Darienne has no street cred and knows it. Wants help.

Trinity does the choreography for her group. Some of her girls “got no feet.”

Brings in rappers, Trina and Eve.

Dela’s feelings are hurt because Darienne chose strategic.

Bianca is funny. Adore loves her.

Adore is cute. And she’s not doing a great job – she forgets her lines.

Laganja forgets hers, too. Coaches tell her to take her time. Adore doesn’t think she’s great.

Darienne is MC Control Top. She’s totally out of her comfort zone. But she looks great.

We don’t see Courtney.

Dela misses her cue. And she’s also forgets.

Milk isn’t really good. And dances very awkwardly.

Trinity starts out with a disclaimer. And isn’t good.

We don’t see Joslyn.

Runway look is “Crazy, sexy cool.”

Milk maybe trying to serve glamour, but Courtney doesn’t think it’s going to work.

Bianca tells Trinity she’s very proud of her. Tells a story about a friend who didn’t talk about it, out of shame. Trinity talks about not letting HIV get in the way. Bianca admires her for that. And tells her “If you ever need a hateful bitch for anything, call on me. Even if it’s just for a joke.”

Adore thinks Bianca is secretly adorable.

Joslyn  is wearing chains and straps.

Dela is wearing Elizabeth Taylor with animal fur.

Trinity is Cher. Hippy chic.

Milk looking femme. Big bows.

Laganja is wearing lace and metal.

Darienne has a star-studded sheer dress.

Bianca is gorgeous in gold.

Adore looks like a boy. Pleather and lace. Really isn’t a good look.

Courtney comes out wrapped in quilt which she drops to reveal a bikini. But that’s a male body. I don’t care how tight her tuck is.

RuTangClan (Joslyn, Dela, Trinity, Milk)’s vid is first. Joslyn is very good. Trinity is very bad.  Milk isn’t great. Dela is fine.

Pantyho’s . Darienne is…better than I expected. Bianca is great. Adore is good. Courtney is great.

Courtney is resting on pretty. Don’t be a cliche. Courtney, Dela and Laganja are safe.

Joslyn’s look is busy. Her rap was great.

Trinity looks like Naomi Campbell. Rap look was perfect, and Trinity makes excuses for being off-rhythm.

Milk was off but she was unique. Didn’t like the rap look. They loved the pretty look but the rear look was bad.

Darienne – pretty but not spectacular dress. Hiphop threw her.

Bianca looks her prettiest. Hilarious yesterday, but reminded Santino of Urkel.

Adore’s skirt is too short. She wrapped really well with a great attitude.

They hated Joslyn’s look but she was great on the vid.

Trinity was bad on the video.

Milk is unique, different and off.

Darienne looked lovely but her delivery needed work.

Bianca look incredible and her hiphop was hilarious.

Adore’s look isn’t great but she slayed the video.

Bianca is safe. Adore WINS! Joslyn is safe.

Trinity is up for elimination. So is Milk. Darienne is safe.

Trinity is a great lip sync’r. We’ll see about Milk.

To “Whatta Man”

Milk is…Milk.  But Trinity is killing it. I’d say Milk is gone.

And so she is.


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