RuPaul’s Drag Race S6Ep07

Just a note – next Monday is the first night of Passover. The following is the last night of Passover. I’ll be offline both nights.

Trinity is sad she was in the bottom two again. They’re happy for Adore, and Joslyn wants her due. Dela jokes that she stayed out so she wouldn’t be on her feet so long. Courtney is miffed about Ru saying she just relies on “pretty.”

Bianca tells Trinity that maybe the judges are tired of her complaining about everything being new for her.

Down to eight queens.

Mail again. The jokes center around make-up and hair color. Minichallenge – make fruits and vegetables sexy and appealing. They need to decorate acrylic nails.

They model the nails with the produce. They also wear drag outfits from the neck down. Dela peels a banana. Courtney massages a squash with sparkly nails. Joslyn seeds a cantalope with pink nails. Adore plays with peanuts. Darienne shucks corn. Trinity plays with carrots. Laganja has sweet potatoes. Bianca plays with cucumber.  Lots of penis jokes.

Laganja wins.

RuPaul is launching her own makeup line – RuPaul’s Glamazon by ColorEvolution. Wants them to create 30 sec commercials,working in pairs. She’ll be casting.

Adore and Laganja – Mean Girls

Courtney and Joslyn – Hot Mamas

Bianca and Trinity – Glamorous Working Girls (Hookers to CEOs)

Dela and Darienne – Cougar demo

Interesting pairings – Adore and Laganja have been arguing; Bianca and Trinity dislike each other, and Darienne is unhappy with Dela (who likes Darienne.) Joslyn idolizes  Courtney.

Adore doesn’t like Laganja’s ideas.

Courtney and Joslyn get along until Courtney jokes that Joslyn would be a believable “after.”

Adore and Laganja are collecting their bitch props

Dela and Darienne – “they are cougars”, which Dela denies. They don’t seem to have their act together. Darienne thinks they’re opposites but Dela doesn’t agree. Ru wants them to respect the product and sell her make-up.

Trinity and Bianca. Trinity is a hooker; Dela is a CEO with four kids. Trinity does a bad line reading.  Ru wants a promise that Trinity can’t/won’t give.  Bianca knows Trinity has what it takes.

Shooting commercial. Adore and Laganja. Laganja knows Adore is funnier.  Which she is. The final shoot is…not great.

Courtney and Joslyn – playing housewives. They act fine. But they can’t figure out whose house it was.

Darienne and Dela – selling the makeup directly. EXcept they also have “plastic surgery.” They argue. It’s a tongue in cheek ad.

Bianca and Trinity – working girls. Bianca is just fine, and she’s encouraging Trinity. Trinity decides to channel her “inner Bianca.” And it WORKED.

Runway look is black and white. Joslyn and Courtney will be wearing similar outfits. And Courtney is treating Joslyn as second rate. Joslyn is hurt.

Trinity and Bianca are getting along – Bianca is actually a sweetheart. She’s proud of Trinity. And Trinity is learning from that. This is wonderful to see.

Guest hosts are Lanie Hazan and Leah Remini.

Laganja is wearing pants and gauze.

Adore is doing Cruella, and she’s wearing short skirt.

Bianca is wearing a ball gown with black and white hair. Gorgeous.

Trinity is LOVELY.  Pure elegance.

Dela is being an evil queen.

Darienne is also lovely.

Courtney is a waitress, apparently, with fish on a platter. And glittery hair.

Joslyn is naked with a tophat. Very different than Courtney.


Bianca and Trinity and they are truly great. Both of them.

Lanie loved both of them. There is an argument about Trinity but not about her.

Mean girls Laganja and Adore also do a great job. Sold the product. They don’t like Laganja’s look, but love Adore’s – as they should. Cinched waist, short skirt showing her legs. “I’m a real drag queen.”

Dela and Darienne’s cougars. “No renovation is finished without a fresh coat of paint.”  It’s…not good. It’s more about surgery and possibly drugs. Michelle wants to see more of Dela.

Courtney and Joslyn: it’s very funny. They love Courtney’s look. Not so much Joslyn.

They thought Laganja and Adore had the best commercial. Adore was the stronger.

Bianca and Trinity: They were the best on the runway. And they loved Trinity’s change.

Darienne and Dela were strange. Ugly faces for cosmetics. They didn’t like Dela’s outfit. And they don’t know the person under Dela’s costume.

They loved Courtney’s look, and hated that Joslyn looked the same as last time. Half the panel loved their commercial look and the others hated it. No one liked the commercial itself.

Adore’s going to win again. Bianca and Trinity will be safe, along with Laganja.  Courtney is also safe. Darienne is safe, barely. Dela, and Joslyn will lip sync, and I have no idea who’ll survive. These are my predictions.

Adore and Laganja both win.  So it’s in pairs. Bianca and Trinity are safe.

Courtney and Joslyn are safe. Wow.

Dela and Darienne will lip sync.

Darienne is great. Dela is stripping and being ladylike. They are both great.

Darienne is staying. So is DeLa! “By the power vested in me, by ME, shantey, you stay.”




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