RuPaul’s Drag Race S6Ep08

Different style of recap. I was ill yesterday, so I took written notes. I’ll summarize.

We begin right after the non-elimination. Dela is scared. Courtney tells her that she would have caused a riot if Dela had been eliminated, which doesn’t sit well with Darienne. I do not blame her.

In fact, Courtney is getting on my nerves. She clearly feels she’s the smartest, prettiest and most talented there, and while she is smart, pretty and talented, she’s also mean. Nor does she have the best body – that’s Joslyn. When she wears a bikini, I see a man.

She is aware that her help is patronizing, though.

Laganja is also annoying people, especially Bianca, but that’s nothing new.

The mail is very confusing. Turns out, the mini challenge is to put eyes on their chins, lie on their backs and lip sync. It’s very cute and funny, and Adore loses her eyes. Joslyn wins. Her prize is to choose order for the main challenge.

That challenge? Write and perform a stand-up routine.

We watch the queens prepare for the challenge. Joslyn is worried about the order. Courtney tells her what she should do, which Bianca calls shady.

Others are writing, talking to themselves and hiding under the table. People are calling her Bendele now, which I find adorable.

Bianca teases Adore about using her limited vocabulary; Adore laughs. Joslyn talks about making jokes when she waits tables, buy they aren’t funny.

Ru comes in to talk to them. Dela is worried about her lack of one liners, Bianca is worried about her style of humor and Trinity has never done stand-up before. Of course. Ru tells her she needs to unlock her block.

And then Ru tells them that the audience will be senior citizens. Adore, whose whose routine is full of F-bombs, is f**ked. I don’t know. These would be boomers, after all.

Bianca is snarky to Darienne, which prompts Adore to tell Bianca that she’s “evil nice. Helpful, sweet, truthful, bleep”

Bianca says that if Adore had said that the first day, they’d be best friends. Too bad she’s leaving today. Adore laughs.

Order is Darienne, Courtney, Adore, Dela, Laganja, Trinity, Joslyn, Bianca.

Darienne kills it, Courtney saves herself by singing, Adore dies, but offers to mow all their lawns. Dela isn’t funny. She’s even heckled. Laganja’s routine is about pot, and is deeply unfunny.

Trinity is terrific. Got them on their feet, gave a funny monologue. Wonderful and confident. Also, she looked beautiful.

Joslyn, on the other hand, was very weak. And Bianca was great. She read her audience perfectly. It is what she does, though.

Judges love Darienne, think Courtney should have had a funny song, Adore should stop coasting on charm (Adore cries. Wonders if she belongs there.) Dela has boring outfits, Laganja is too affected and amateurish. She cries. They’re all proud of Trinity, especially Ru. They wonder why Joslyn chose to go before the strongest comic? Bianca killed it.

The critiques went along the same lines. They thought Adore could be unstoppable, that Dela is intelligent, proud of Trinity and loved that Bianca made fun of herself before others.

Laganja and Joslyn are bottom two. They’re both fine at the lip sync to P!ink’s Stupid Girls. Laganja takes off her huge wig, but she has a short one. And at one point, both drop into a split at the same time without looking at each other. Laganja sashays away. Actually, she chasses away, showing her dance training. It was past her time.


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