American Idol 2014: Top 6 Perform

Passover is over. This is live. Finally.

Theme is Little Bit Country/Little Bit Rock and Roll. Contestants sing two songs. One for each genre.

Jena is first, singing “Barracuda” by Heart. No time for elaborate intros. Good.  And so is she. REALLY good.  She was amazing. LOVED IT.

KU: perfect song for your range. Killer performance.  Thinks she could release a bit more.

Jlo: What happens when you get on stage – are you just thinking about the song? Any added thing you can add will push you forward.

HCJr: was happy to hear her sing it. Try to think what you can do get an edge.

Some group called R5. Okay. No one I’ve heard of. Is this who Lyndsey was excited about?

Sam is singing “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons. This does not sound good. It’s just not his song, and Sam can’t sing out of his wheelhouse.

JLo: got goosies. She believed him with that song. We don’t want anyone to change.

HCJr: great song for you, perfect song choice.

KU: Good performance, with two Moments – a high note and a last night. There was a thing you tapped into.

And Sam is now 18, so no guardians.

CJ is singing “American Woman” by the Guess Who. Good choice. I’m enjoying this. He’s feeling it, and projecting to the audience.

HCJr: good song choice, but has to remind him about intonation. Pretty good, heard you do better.

KU: that song is all attitude. Not a good guy, and you’re wrestling with that.  Pull the emotion from a different place.

Jlo: you looked good and you pulled it off.

Alex is singing “Animal” by Neon Trees. And he didn’t make it coffee house. It’s very good. It’s still very much him.  And it was too short. I wanted more.

KU: felt like he wasn’t dominating in that song.

Jlo: did a good job, but there was a little bit something missing – a little bit contained.

HCjr: sensitive, thoughtful performer. You’re so good all the time that you may get a pass. It sounded like you couldn’t get your breath, or centered. But he sang a song with some tempo, for the first time. And he needed that.

Caleb sings “Sting Me” by Black Crowes. Normal Caleb. Fun, rocking it, but normal Caleb.

Jlo: that was some real rock’n’roll. He dropped his mic and picked it up and never lost a beat. Created a moment.

HCJr: perfect song choice, great performance. Impossible to beat.

KU: His recovery was  spectacular.

Jessica is singing “Somebody to Love” by Jefferson Airplane I think it fits her. But they made her too pretty.

HCjr: you delivered a strong rhythmic performance. You didn’t have to dance on stage, just to make it part of you.

KU: wants to see more release. But it was strong performance. Seems to be a disconnect from the vocals and her express.

Jlo: you have to just feel when you’re on stage. You have a powerful voice and your body has to match.

Country time now

Sam is going first this time.  “You’re Still the One” by Shania Twain. OMG, he moved.  But he’s singing to no one. Again.

KU: one of his favorite songs. You need to relax more.

JLo: you’re so cute it’s crazy. Good song for you, sung well.

HCjr: you have found the people and now it’s time to stop singing it so perfectly. It was ALL the same volume. You need to connect to lyrics.

Caleb is next.

But he’s upstaged by Grumpy Cat.  Um.

He’s singing “Undo It” by Carrie Underwood. Where is Allison? I only see two of the bg singers. But it’s fun and cool to hear. Sounds rock, not country, but he’s owning it.

Caleb’s birthday today. He’s 23.

JLo: did a great job with this song, but the magic was earlier tonight.

HCJr: didn’t happen as much, but that happens. Extremely strong performance.

KU: thought it was great. I can’t wait to hear what country song you do later.

Alex is singing next. “Always on My Mind” by Willie Nelson. It’s very sweet. He does have a nice twang.  Alex should actually open his mouth, though. He does seem to FEEL the song, and I like that it was just his guitar. NICE.

HCJr: it’s a good night. He feels very lucky to have heard that. Changed it around a little. Alex is an artist.

KU: really strong style – I always know it’s you. He loves that song, it’s magnificent and brilliant. Heartbreaking. He would have liked a little more of that.

Jlo: it’s hard to hit bullseye every time, but that was  beautiful. And it was the perfect balance of Alex and a well-loved song.

Jena is singing “So Small”, also by Carrie Underwood

I don’t know if I like this. She’s swallowing her words.

KU: you’re everything an Idol is supposed to be.

JLo: vocals were so strong that the band went away, and got goosies.

HCJr: this song has so many ornaments the way Carrie sings, that I didn’t think it got the the meaning of the song beneath it.

CJ is singing “Whatever it is” by Zac Brown Band. There’s his voice and emotion in his wheelhouse.

JLo: didn’t hit the mark.

HCJr: find things in whatever song you pick will KILL. Assuming you’re still here next week. You can’t get by with these songs.

KU: you have to choose these songs carefully.

CJ dedicates the song to a young girl who just passed away.

Jessica is singing “Jolene” by Dolly Parton.  This has been a bad luck song.

HCjr: you delivered in a strong and convincing way.

KU: strong vocal and good performance but hated the arrangement.

Jlo: felt that she really had a connection to the song. Strong vocal.

I have no idea, but I think they were unhappy with CJ.



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