American Idol 2014: Top 5 Perform

America’s Choice tonight.

Celebrity crushes :

Caleb: Rose McGowan

Jena: Harry Styles

Sam: Ariana Grande

Jessica: Jensen Ackles

Alex: Zooey Deschanel (who is there.)

Jason Mraz is the mentor this week.

Alex is singing “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood

Jason tells him to raise his microphone to force him to move and look up.

He doesn’t raise the mic. Probably because it would block his face from the camera. It’s pouring rain and cold in NYC right now, so this song is making me colder. It’s also pretty and he sings it well. As usual.

KU – how was it working with Jason? Jason’s Alex’s idol, so it was cool. KU thinks Alex should soar more with his vocals.

JLo – you were beaming about Jason. It’s an easy song for Alex. He should have made it more exciting. Think about the entertainment factor.

HCJr: A+ for remembering all those words. He sounds similar to the lead singer of the original band. Could hear Alex on the radio. Strong opening.

Caleb is singing Aerosmith’s “Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.”  Jason wants to see Caleb open up and tell the story. And move his arm.

SO MANY CANDLES. AND STRINGS.  He started a little shaky, but he’s getting into the slower tempo and powering through it. Very emotional. I think he did a decent job.

JLo: challenging song for him, but he did a great job. He didn’t take it in a Stephen Tyler direction, but made it a ballad, which she liked.

HCJr: Caleb needs to make more eye contact with the audience – he looked too much into the camera. Strong but could have been stronger.

KU: great song for him. He has to let the feelings drive the ability, instead of keeping them in the background.

Group performance. “Best Day of My Live” – Jena, Sam and Alex

Jessica’s turn. “Human” by Christina Perry. Jason showed her different ways to hold her guitar, and gave advice on microphone use.

She sounds off to me, not that I know the song. I do like the spare arrangement. Although –  more strings?

HCJr: his favorite part of the performance that she truly listens.

KU: really good song for her. He liked that she showed some fragility.

JLo: You got a great dramatic moment.

Sam is singing Ed Sheeran’s “Sing.” Viewer wants to know the hardest part of the show for him. He misses his friends and his dog. And Ariana Grande (Sam’s celebrity crush) shows up. Woo.

Jason wants to know if Sam practices in front of a mirror. And he should not play the guitar during the bridge.

The background singers are REALLY good.

KU: tough song. You did as good a job as you could.

JLo: he was more relaxed than usual, and you were funky. For Sam. (Which is not at all.)

HCJr: he was defusing the funk, but it was good to see he was doing something different.

Jena is singing “My Body” by Young the Giant.  She’s worried about movement. Jason wants her to lead with her heart.  Plus there was weird flirting.

Don’t do a fake accent, Jena. I don’t know this song. She’s energetic.

Jlo likes her signatures.

HCJr thinks those little things will help her. She moves the most of the contestants.

Caleb and Jessica sing Beast of Burden. I love how they’re making eye contact. They’re cute together, although this is the least sexy this song has ever been sung.

Alex is singing “Say Something” by A Great Big World. This is Alex, sitting with a guitar in hand. He finally looks comfortable. And here are the strings again. Is that Allison in the background? I liked that a lot. It was pretty and gentle and worked.

HCJr: He liked that Alex struggled with the emotion and didn’t give in. Beautiful performance. Performance of the night.

KU: perfect song.

Jlo: you also looked amazing. Really beautiful job.

Jena is going to sing “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse (submitted by video.)  Horns now. Oh but I like what she does to this with her voice. Really good.

KU: your vocals are killer and the song was good for you.

JLO: the song was not right for you.

HCjr: right in the middle, not best or or worst. What do you want to be want to known as. “Jena”. Nice job.  Harry just said absolutely nothing.

Sam is singing “How to Save a Life” by the Fray.  Usual Sam performance.

Jlo has goosies.

HCJr noticed pitch issues. All one volume. There was a break in his voice at the end, and it was better.

KU: you have to open up.

Jess is singing “Summertime Sadness” by Lana Del Rey. What a weird choice. And, wow. She just looked just like Mellie Grant from Scandal. I think she was okay, but I can’t actually tell.

HCJr: Perfect song for you – America must care for you. Natural fit for you. Perfect marriage of voice and song.

KU: loves the song. Was in her lower register that worked. Lean in to the song a bit more.

JLo: You need to dig in.

And Caleb is singing “Still of the Night” by Whitesnake. Oh, yeah. This is Caleb’s wheelhouse, and he OWNS that wheelhouse. So, truly great.

KU: loves those “tender ballads.”

JLo: loves when the band performs with Caleb. The energy matches up. It’s sickening.

HCJr: didn’t know Cole Porter could sing like that. Really couldn’t do that better.

Keith is singing tomorrow.





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