American Idol 2014 Top 5 Results

Ryan tweeted that something unprecedented was going to happen tonight. We shall see.

Ryan says there’s a game changer tonight

This is amusing because Ryan and JLo are supposed to be at an award show across town that’s happening at the same time.  They are definitely dressed for it.

Keith is going to perform.

Harry talks about how hard the top 5 have worked, and how they’ve progressed from  unknown to young professionals and he’s very proud of them.

Keith sang well.

And I do believe he sang live. Because he’s wearing the same shirt now. Unlike his fellow judges.

But it’s twenty minutes and we know NOTHING. This is stupid.

Two options – Can decide if the person with the lowest number goes home, or all stay and two go home next week.

Ballot must be unanimous – Yes to keep group together, no to go home tonight.

This is still stupid.

And the answer has to be yes because they’re dragging it out. But it’s not unanimous after all, and Sam is going HOME.

FINALLY. And good for the ones who voted no! Proud of them.

Sam sings out with “I’m Never Changing Who I Am”, which is true and why he’s gone.

Next week – love songs. Which is all of them.




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